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This page outlines the Rules for Editors and Administrators.

Please keep an eye on this page as although the rules don't necessarily change, more may be added at any time.

Rules for Editors


Users are not permitted to edit this Wiki without a registered account, this is to combat vandalism.


Please do NOT insert false/remove information on these Articles. Admins check these articles when they are edited if we find any type of False Information then you will be BLOCKED  and a message posted on your wall.

  • The length of time for a blocked is at the blocking Administrator's discretion to how long they deem fit.
  • You can appeal to have your account unblocked on your message wall but will have to wait for all Admins to vote.

If you would like to inserting false information about EastEnders use the bellow site instead, this site is especially designed for this very purpose. https://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/EastEnders

Images or Videos

Any Images or Video that you uploaded must be EastEnders related or have an editorial use and must not be inappropriate for example Nude images of celebrities (Tasteful Charity Calendar Images are excluded from this).

Naming Images/Videos

Images/ Videos must be named appropriately:

  • Must not contain generic file names like Image01.jpg or Image.png.
  • Must contain spaces so text is next e.g Turpin Road.jpg not TurpinRoad.jpg 
  • If possible name the people in the image.
  • If possible not contain spelling mistakes.
  • If year is known give it at the end in brackets e.g) Tanya and Max Branning (2001)


Wrong File Names:
Red X Cross.png
Reason: Correct File Names:
Green Tick.png
  Image0001.jpg Not descriptive Tanya and Max Branning (2001)
Bridgestreet.png            No spaces  Bridge Street.png
12Feb2001.jpg         Naming Format  Episode 2069 (12 February 2001).jpg

Have you any more questions or are the rules not clear contact an Admin for assistance.


If you need help with anything on this wiki
please contact

Wiki Manager:



Benny | Kelvin | EEArchive | Anna

Clarkybob97| Henryjacobs | Helloyoungchaps| J.a.c.o.b46


EastEnders Wikia Bot

We can also be reached by eastenders.wikia@gmail.com

EE Wiki Computer.png

Suggestions to Admins

Purposed changes

  • Any major site changes that affect all users must be discussed with all Administrators and then as vote will be cast.
  • Although users will be allowed to give their views on the subject, the final decision is left down to the Administrators.
  • If the majority of Admins agree then the request will be granted but its a tie between the decision will then the purposed change will not go ahead and may be reviewed in the future.
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