EastEnders Sheet Music Front (1985)

Original theme extract

The EastEnders theme (original titled: E8) was composed by Simon May. He originally began composing the EastEnders theme during his first piano lesson, when he was just seven years old with his piano teacher Anne.

The original tune sounded quite different, the theme was created by accident by pressing the wrong piano key. After the BBC commissioned Simon to the music it only took him one hour to write the theme in full and was he paid £100. Although Simon wrote the EastEnders theme he had to shared half the royalties with Leslie Osborne.

He created a short version and a long version of the theme, the longer version was used for the EastEnders Omnibus version.

It really annoys Simon when the end title is playing and the music is spoken over by the continuity announcer. As Well as the theme he also is responsible for creating the Duff Duffs' music.


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