EastEnders Revealed is a factual entertainment programme that looks back at the storylines, characters and stars of EastEnders.


It first aired in December 1998 as part of the new BBC digital channel (BBC Choice) line-up and last aired to date in March 2012. EastEnders Revealed was the only BBC Choice programme to last the entire life of the channel, and was carried over to its replacement BBC Three where it continued until 2012. It has been presented by Gail Porter, Harriet Saxton, Jayne Middlemiss, Edith Bowman, Colin Murray, Melanie Sykes and Tracy-Ann Oberman.

The episodes are 30 or 60 minutes in length and, on occasions, have been broadcast on the BBC's flagship channel, BBC One. This is usually after a major storyline has been taking place in EastEnders, for example when Leslie Grantham (Den Watts) returned to the show in 2003, when Wendy Richard left and when Barbara Windsor) left.

List of Episodes

Title Characters featured Original broadcast date
Grant Mitchell Revealed Grant Mitchell 25 October 1999
Ricky Butcher Revealed Ricky Butcher 20 April 2000
Frank Butcher Revealed Frank Butcher 2 November 2000
Sharon Watts Revealed Sharon Watts 19 July 2001
Dot to Dot Dot Cotton 20 August 2001
Slaters Revealed Slater family 10 October 2001
Truemans Revealed Trueman family 12 November 2001
Mel Revealed Melanie Owen 3 December 2001
The Jacksons Revealed Jackson family 14 January 2002
Being Peggy Mitchell Peggy Mitchell 11 February 2002
Trouble Man: A Steve Owen Special Steve Owen 1 March 2002
The Fowlers Fowler family 1 April 2002
Mel Leaving Special Melanie Owen 12 April 2002
Angie And Me Angie Watts 22 April 2002
Through Kat's Eyes Kat Slater 9 September 2002
Jamie Mitchell Jamie Mitchell 10 October 2002
And Sparks Will Fly Trevor Morgan 4 November 2002
A Year in the Life of Sam Mitchell Sam Mitchell 17 January 2003
Mark Fowler's Story Mark Fowler 15 February 2003
Laura Beale Unwrapped Laura Beale 18 February 2003
Being Barry Evans Barry Evans 17 March 2003
The Coming of Age of Sonia Jackson Sonia Fowler 6 May 2003
Walford's Brat Pack Vicki Fowler, Gus Smith, Spencer Moon, Kelly Taylor, Zoe Slater and Martin Fowler 20 June 2003
The Dr. Trueman Show Anthony Trueman 11 July 2003
Dirty Den Returns Den Watts 26 September 2003
The Life and Crimes of Martin Fowler Martin Fowler 14 October 2003
In Bed with Garry Hobbs Garry Hobbs 18 November 2003
Lean, Mean, Deadly Janine Janine Butcher 1 January 2004
Alfie's Story Alfie Moon 2 February 2004
Blood Feud: The Watts vs. The Mitchells Watts and Mitchell families 12 February 2004
The Real Billy Mitchell Billy Mitchell 20 February 2004
The Rise and Fall of Janine Butcher Janine Butcher 26 February 2004
Natalie Evans Natalie Evans 22 March 2004
Squaring up to the Ferreiras Ferreira Family 26 March 2004
The Growing Pains of Spencer Moon Spencer Moon 4 May 2004
Sonia and Martin - Love Conquers All Martin Fowler and Sonia Fowler 11 June 2004
Kelly Taylor - Working Girl Kelly Taylor 1 July 2004
The Real Paul Trueman Paul Trueman 23 July 2004
Sam Mitchell - Happy Ever After? Sam Mitchell 16 September 2004
The One and Only Dot Cotton Dot Cotton 30 September 2004
Andy Hunter - Hunter's Prey Andy Hunter 9 December 2004
Little Mo's Big Story Little Mo Mitchell 26 December 2004
Ian Beale - The Real Deal? Ian Beale 3 February 2005
The New Moons Alfie Moon, Spencer Moon and Nana Moon 17 February 2005
The Growing Pains of Zoe Slater Zoe Slater 17 March 2005
The Curse of the Queen Vic The Queen Victoria public house 31 March 2005
The Make-up of Kat Moon Kat Slater 27 May 2005
Meet the Millers Miller family 31 May 2005
Growing up in Walford Walford's youths 14 June 2005
Jim & Dot - When Opposites Attract Jim Branning and Dot Cotton 16 August 2005
Chrissie Watts: Victim or Villain? Chrissie Watts 22 September 2005
The Duchess Returns Peggy Mitchell 4 October 2005
Goodbye Pauline Pauline Fowler 1 January 2007
The Secret Mitchell Danielle Jones 3 April 2009
The Sins of Archie Mitchell Archie Mitchell 26 December 2009
Whitney's Story Whitney Dean 22 March 2011
The Murder Heather Trott and Ben Mitchell 22 March 2012

Related Documentaries

Since 1 December 2006, a new breed of behind-the-scenes programmes have been broadcast on BBC Three, and on BBC Red Button]] following the closure of BBC Three. These are all documentaries related to current storylines in EastEnders, in a similar format to EastEnders Revealed, though not using the EastEnders Revealed name. The include clips from the series and interviews with the show's cast and crew as well as TV critics such as Sharon Marshall. Documentaries have included:

Title Short description Original broadcast date
EastEnders Unveiled: A Weddings Special Taking a look at the past weddings of Walford. 1 December 2006
EastEnders Sweethearts: The Story of Martin and Sonia' Following the departure of Martin and Sonia Fowler. 2 February 2007
EastEnders Scandals: The Wicks Family Coinciding with Kevin Wicks's return to Walford. 9 March 2007
EastEnders Feuds: The Beales vs. The Mitchells Examining the feud between Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell and going behind the scenes of episodes broadcast on 1721 May 2007. 18 May 2007
EastEnders Vixens: The Rise and Fall of Stella Following the death of Stella Crawford and looking at the various female characters in EastEnders past and present. 20 July 2007
EastEnders Affairs: Max and Stacey Looking at the relationship between characters Stacey Slater, her fiancé Bradley Branning and his father Max Branning. 1 November 2007
EastEnders Christmas Fall Outs Looking back at Christmas episodes and going behind the scenes of 2007's Christmas episodes. 26 December 2007
EastEnders Ricky and Bianca Constructed in aid of the return to EastEnders by Ricky Butcher and Bianca Jackson, looking back on the relationship of the two characters. 4 April 2008
EastEnders: Whodunnits Showing infamous whodunnit storylines such as the murder of Reg Cox, following the whodunnit of Max Branning being run over by an unknown assailant. 31 October 2008
EastEnders: Comebacks Celebrating the return of Nick Cotton. 31 December 2008
EastEnders: The Return of Sam Mitchell In conjunction with the return of character Sam Mitchell. 11 September 2009
EastEnders: The Two Faces of Lucas Looks at the character of Lucas Johnson, as well as other characters who have had a "turning point" in their storyline. 26 November 2009
EastEnders: The Greatest Cliffhangers A three-part series on BBC Three, featuring 100 cliffhangers from the first 3918 episodes to find out which character had the most endings. It aired as part of the show's 25th anniversary celebrations. The first part aired on The character turned out to be Phil Mitchell. 26 January, 2 and 16 February 2010.
'EastEnders Live: The Aftermath A special show hosted by George Lamb after the show's first live episode on the 25th anniversary. 19 February 2010
EastEnders: Christian and Syed Following the reveal of Syed Masood's affair with Christian Clarke and the departure of his wife Amira. 26 April 2010
EastEnders: The Murders of Lucas Johnson Looked at the story of Lucas Johnson and other character deaths from EastEnders history. 30 July 2010
Peggy Mitchell - Queen of the Vic Looked at ten moments from Peggy Mitchell's time in the show. 10 September 2010
EastEnders: Kat and Alfie's Return Followed the return of Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace as Alfie and Kat Moon. It looked at their history as well as Kat's family, the Slaters, and also went behind the scenes of the fire at The Queen Victoria. 24 September 2010
EastEnders: The Greatest Weddings A two-part documentary counting down the top 50 weddings from EastEnders history. This episode aired following the screen wedding of Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning. 11 and 12 November 2010
EastEnders: Farewell Stacey Documenting the story of Stacey Slater following her departure. 28 December 2010
EastEnders: Greatest Exits Discussing the ways characters leave the series, ending with the five best. This episode was broadcast following the departure of Ronnie Branning. 7 July 2011
EastEnders: The New Moons Followed the storyline involving Michael Moon and Eddie Moon following Eddie's departure. It also looked at the arrivals of the new members of the Moon family, and the other fathers that have been on the Square. 6 October 2011
EastEnders: Farewell Pat Following Pat Evans departure this programme looks back at Pat's greatest moments and celebrates her 25 years on the Square. 2 January 2012
EastEnders: 30 Years of Cliffhangers The first part aired on An updated three-part series on BBC Three, airing as part of the show's 30th anniversary celebrations. 27 January 2015, 5-12 February 2015.
EastEnders: Backstage Live A special show hosted by Zoë Ball, Ore Oduba, and Joe Swash after the full live episode which ended EastEnders Live Week. 20 February 2015
Stacey Branning - On the Edge Followed the development of Stacey's postpartum psychosis storyline. The 13-minute documentary was first broadcast on BBC iPlayer following the episode in which Stacey climbs onto the roof of The Queen Victoria. 11 January 2016
Peggy Mitchell: Last Orders Broadcast on BBC Red Button following the episode in which Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) dies. 17 May 2016


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