EE Kalfie

EastEnders: Kalfie was a video streaming album featuring 14 EastEnders episodes dedicated to the characters Kat and Alfie Moon played by actors Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie.

The album remains available on Amazon Prime. Viewers have the opportunity to buy the album in full or buy individual episodes at a lower price.


# No. Date
1241622nd November 2002
2254126th June 2003
3262214th November 2003
4264625th December 2003 - Part One
5264725th December 2003 - Part Two
6273525th May 2004
73069/307025th December 2005
8407421st September 2010
9419618th April 2011
10475022nd November 2013
1149048th August 2014
1250637th May 2015
13521725th January 2016
14419515th April 2011

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