Mercy, Zsa Zsa and Leon are in the hospital, where it is revealed Mercy had a miscarriage. Zsa Zsa suddenly leaves, and when Fatboy and Benjamin arrive, Mercy asks to be left with Benjamin, so Leon and Fatboy go to look for Zsa Zsa. They find she has packed her bags and left the flat, so Leon continues to look. Benjamin tells Mercy it has worked out for the best, but then apologises and says not to worry about the website. Mercy returns to the flat where Fatboy looks after her. Zsa Zsa is on a bus when Leon forces it to stop. Zsa Zsa tells him to leave her alone after getting off the bus. Leon says he wants her to stay as he has feelings for her, but she says she means nothing more to him than Lucy Beale does, and he uses people. He says if she comes to his boxing match, he will know how she feels.


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