Leon's father, Malcolm, leaves the police station and calls his son but Leon ignores it as he has boxing practice. Mercy and Fatboy go the café to work on the website project, and then the chip shop where Fatboy accuses Ian Beale of racism because he does not serve the food they want. Malcolm turns up at Leon's practice, and Leon asks him to leave, but he says he will only go when Leon gives him his money back. Leon does not know about any money but takes his father back to the flat. Leon picks up the jar of leftover money the gang collected but refuses to give it to his father. Malcolm punches Leon in the stomach and takes the money. Zsa Zsa goes to see Leon at practice but finding him gone, returns to the flat where a man is waiting outside. Ian, the owner of the flat, brings the man inside. Leon and Zsa Zsa hide in a cupboard where they overhear Ian saying the man can move in next week. Ian moves a chair, putting it in front of the cupboard doors and trapping Leon and Zsa Zsa inside.


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