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EastEnders: E20 Series 3 follows new characters: Ava Bourne and Donnie Lester, who were both on their way to a care home when they were involved in a car accident; and Faith Olubumni, Mercy's sister, who has returned from Nigeria. Only Faith appears in the EastEnders series and other characters from EastEnders appear in minor roles during the E20 series.

Main characters[]

Note: The EastEnders characters who 'cameo' in the spin-off are also included as main characters.

Ranking Character Played by Number of Episodes
1 Ava Bourne Sophie Colquhoun 15
Donnie Lester Samuell Benta
Faith Olubunmi Modupe Adeyeye
2 Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb Ricky Norwood 8
3 Grace Olubunmi Ellen Thomas 7
4 Zainab Masood Nina Wadia 6
5 Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks 3
6 Dot Branning June Brown 2
Jack Branning Scott Maslen
7 Tamwar Masood Himesh Patel 1
Kim Fox Tameka Empson
Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra
Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Anthony Moon Matt Lapinskas
Sol Levi Tosin Cole
Naz Mehmet Emaa Hussein

Doof Doof Count[]

Please note: We have calculated the doof-doofs based on which character(s)/face(s) appeared at the end of an episode in frame.

Character Solo Group Total
Donnie Lester 6 2 8
Ava Bourne 3 4 7
Riley Lester 1 0 1
Richard Vance 0 2 2
Non character 1 0 1


# Episode No. in Series Date Director Writer Doof Doof Length
23 1 21 September 2011 John Howlett Corey Montague-Sholay Ava Bourne 11m 27s
24 2 22 September 2011 John Howlett Charlie G. Hawkins and Himesh Patel Ava Bourne, Donnie Lester 10m 1s
25 3 23 September 2011 John Howlett Emer Kenny Donnie Lester 7m 19s
26 4 27 September 2011 John Howlett Wemmy Ogunyankin Non character (police car drives Ava Bourne, Donnie Lester and Faith Olubunmi away) 9m 46s
27 5 29 September 2011 John Howlett Laura Turner Donnie Lester 10m 52s
28 6 30 September 2011 John Howlett Alex Oates Donnie Lester 11m 5s
29 7 4 October 2011 John Howlett Sandra Townsend Ava Bourne, Richard Vance 12m 14s
30 8 6 October 2011 John Howlett Florence Vincent Donnie Lester 11m 12s
31 9 7 October 2011 John Howlett Tosin Badmus Ava Bourne 8m 57s
32 10 11 October 2011 John Howlett Nessah Muthy Ava Bourne, Richard Vance 11m 10s
33 11 13 October 2011 John Howlett Arinze Kene Donnie Lester 10m 29s
34 12 14 October 2011 John Howlett Senem Boyaci Ava Bourne 10m 59s
35 13 18 October 2011 John Howlett E20 Writers' Team Ava Bourne, Donnie Lester 7m 39s
36 14 20 October 2011 John Howlett E20 Writers' Team Riley Lester 8m 37s
37 15 21 October 2011 John Howlett Meral Duzgun and Evan Parker Donnie Lester 8m 52s

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