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E20 cast, Series 3
Faith Olubunmi, Donnie Lester & Ava Bourne

EastEnders E20 Series 3 Synopsis to be added

Main Characters

Guest Cast




Title Written by Original air date
Episode 1 Corey Montague-Sholay 21 September 2011
Deadly newcomers arrive at Albert Square- and cause mayhem and danger. As they interact with the main characters of EE, the gang learn the importance of keeping alive and standing up for themselves.
Episode 2 Charlie G. Hawkins and Himesh Patel 22 September 2011
Life continues for the E20 gang, as they try to find their feet in Walford- And soon deal with important issues, that could prevent their future. Elsewhere in Albert Square, a familler face returns and clashes with Donnie.
Episode 3 Emer Kenny 23 September 2011
Donnie faces the toughest challenge of his life, and almost commits suicide. Meanwhile, Faith has a row with resident Stacey, and some other residents of Albert Square, gather together to bring down the E20 group.
Episode 4 Wemmy Ogunyankin 27 September 2011
Fatboy and friends want to join Donnie's gang- Do they have what it takes? He soon questions his friendship. The residents of Walford reel from recent events.
Episode 5 Laura Turner 29 September 2011
Friends and family come forward after a series of sad events. Another new face arrives, and causes more mayhem and grief.
Episode 6 Alex Oates 30 September 2011
Donnie holds a party in a deserted house, which soon spirals out of control and Billy meets his match from hell.
Episode 7 Sandra Townsend 4 October 2011
With madness flying across Albert Square, thanks to Donnie and the gang, one resident looks to the future. Elsewhere, Janine is troubled by her past.
Episode 8 Florence Vincent 6 October 2011
Ava and Faith decide to cause a little-bit more chaos in Walford- but get into serious trouble. Meanwhile, Kim and Dot see trouble unfold and decide to take further actions.
Episode 9 Tosin Badmus 7 October 2011
Secrets of Donnie's dad is revealed and it looks like he'll be making a return. Meanwhile, the police of Walford try to get rid of the troublesome gang.
Episode 10 Nessah Muthy 11 October 2011
Another shock murder is committed and Jack decides to help a friend in need of innocence.
Episode 11 Arinze Kene 13 October 2011
Phil has a row with an old enemy and the E20 gang reel from the events of the committed murder.
Episode 12 Senem Boyaci 14 October 2011
People of Walford are shocked at recent events and Kim, Fatboy, Janine, Zainab and a few others team up to save Albert Square- from itself, the E20 gang stage an robbery and two newcomers ruin the lives of Jack and Dot- but don't intend to mean it.
Episode 13 E20 team 18 October 2011
Almost every-one in Walford fall out with the people, they love most. Donnie and Ava steal money from the Pub, police arrive to arrest the culprits of the recent murder and Janine is mortified of the recent news and events.
Episode 14 E20 team 20 October 2011
Donnie's dad arrives and shakes the life out of everyone, it looks like Walford will never be the same again, and a murderer is revealed.
Episode 15 Meral Duzgun and Evan Parker 21 October 2011

Supplement clips

Title Written by Original air date
Good People Go War 1 April 2013
Dad's Let You Down 2 April 2013
Most Wanted 3 April 2013
Greater, Greatest 4 April 2013
Rich Boy 5 April 2013
E20 In Detention 6 April 2013
Shocking Discoveries 4 October 2013
Health Problems 31 October 2013
Far From It 1 November 2013
TV Rots Your Brain 30 November 2013
Hold On to your Hats 24 December 2013
Must Get You Back 25 December 2013
Fish and Chips 26 December 2013
Jealously 27 December 2013
Gotta Go 28 December 2013
Annoying Siblings 29 December 2013
Returning 30 December 2013
Family 31 December 2013
Hungry 1 January 2014
Outta' Sight 2 January 2014
New Gang 6 January 2014
Close to Home 23 January 2014
Rap Battle 24 January 2014
Dun-Day 25 January 2014
Caught 30 January 2014
End-Of-Year 31 December 2014

Series Trailers

E20 Series 3 Trailer

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