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E20 cast, Series 1
Back row:Fatboy & Mercy Olubunmi
Front row: Zsa Zsa Carter & Leon Small

EastEnders E20 is based around four teenagers who are very different. these consists of troubled teenager Zsa Zsa who comes to Walford to forget her past. Boxer Leon Small whose life has fallen apart following the death of his mother. Mercy Obhiavan. a cristian who has been living with her grandmother for years and also Mercys loveable friend Fatboy whose past remains a secret.

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Title Written by Original air date
Episode 1 Alex Oates 8 January 2010
Zsa Zsa returns to Walford but her angry stepfather is hot on her trail. Fatboy and Mercy are entered into a christian project but thanks to Fatboys strange ideas. Mercy discovers her role in the church could be ending. There is a spark between Zsa Zsa and Leon Small
Episode 2 Emer Kelly 9 January 2010
In an attempt to get rid of her unwanted house guests. Zsa plans to evict them but her plan backfires when she locks herself out of the flat. With no money and no other option. The gang turn to there worst enemy for help
Episode 3 Florence Vincent 11 January 2010
The gang challenge themselves to raise some money for food. they must each raise £20 by the end of the day and anyone who doesn't will be forced to leave the flat. Who will stay and who will go
Episode 4 Kashman Harris 13 January 2010
Leons boxings career is halted when a face from the past arrives threatening life as the gang know it. Mercy is holding a terrible secret from Fatboy
Episode 5 Abigail Pahnke 14 January 2010
The gangs time on Albert Square could be near to ending. Mercy makes a shocking confession when she and Fatboy have a showdown
Episode 6 Muge Ahmet 16 January 2010
Zsa and Leon get stuck looking after Heather Trotts baby son. George. and an unlikely bond is formed. Fatboy and Mercy have trouble with some dodgy computers
Episode 7 Charlie Weedom 17 January 2010
When Zsa Zsa sets out to find her father. she is left heartbroken when she discovers the truth. Leon and Zsa Zsa grow closer as they bond over their families. Mercy and Fatboys project is left in ruins
Episode 8 Matt Williamson 20 January 2010
Mercy is furious when Fatboy sets out to discover the identity of her new boyfriend. Leon and Zsa Zsas relationship could be over before its even started when Zsa Zsa makes a tough decision about her future in Albert Square
Episode 9 Nicole Lecky 21 January 2010
Leon and Mercy are getting tired of Fatboy and Zsa Zsa behaviour. Leon issues Zsa Zsa an ultimatum. Fatboy struggles to keep Mercys big secret to himself leading to a shocking showdown between the gang
Episode 10 Dionne Farrell 22 January 2010
Zsa Zsa is getting tired of her housemates and plots to get rid of them for good. Leons big boxing match is approaching and Fatboy decides to give him some support. Mercy gets in between Zsa Zsa and Leons feud.
Episode 11 Joyce Lee and Nadia Gasper 24 January 2010
Mercy disappears when Zsa Zsa sets out to help her through her pregnancy. Can Fatboy and Leon find her.
Episode 12 William Hunt 25 January 2010

Leon's big boxing match arrives and Zsa Zsa must make the biggest decision of her life. Fatboy plans a party but when the party gets out of control. the police are called

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E20 Series 1 Trailer


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