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Dot's Story was a one off special that aired on 2 January 2003.


This episode followed Dot Branning to Wales to visit the family she stayed with during World War II. Through a series of flashbacks, we see Dot being evacuated, and her experiences of evacuation. Her guardians Gwen and Will featured in the episode.


  • Dot Branning - June Brown
  • Little Dot - Tallulah Pitt-Brown
  • Young Will - Dafydd Emyr
  • Young Gwen - Eve Myles
  • Ewan - Rhys Parry Jones
  • Gwen - Gwenllian Davies
  • Jenny Morgan - Ruth Jones
  • Dot's Mum - Claire Thurgood
  • Train Guard - Huw Llyr
  • Policeman - Ioan Evans
  • Taxi Driver - Jake Abraham
  • Dancing Lad - Kenny Thompson


  • Gwen and Will have a dog named Blue.