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Denise Celeste Fox (previously Turner, Wicks and Johnson) is the daughter of Emerald Fox, sister of Daphne and Kim Fox, mother of Chelsea, Libby and Raymond, as well as being the grandmother of Jordan Atkins. She is also the ex-wife of Owen Turner, Kevin Wicks and Lucas Johnson. She is the civil partner of Jack Branning and stepmother to his children, Penny, Amy and Ricky.

Denise's father is not identified, but she has a father-daughter relationship with Patrick Trueman, whom she had once believed to be him.


2006: Arrival and Owen's abuse[]

Moving to Walford, Denise has a fierce encounter with Kevin Wicks; however, an attraction develops, and they begin dating. Denise's former husband, Owen Turner, an alcoholic, tries to reunite with their daughter, Libby Fox and he later kidnaps her. He tries to drown himself and Libby, but she recovers, and Owen is arrested. Denise, who never knew her father but knew he played in a band called "The Five Hectors", thinks that Patrick Trueman maybe her father as he was in the band but a DNA test proves that he is not. The band also consisted of Aubrey Valentine, Cedric Lucas, Dwight and Earl. The identity of Denise's father is never discovered, but Aubrey also eliminates himself.

2006-2008: Family issues[]

When Kevin's former wife, Shirley Carter, arrives in Walford, she causes problems for Denise and Kevin. Shirley reveals Kevin's secret that he is not Deano and Carly's biological father. After Shirley tells everyone this, Kevin flees. Upset, Denise threatens to move away but stays when Kevin returns and proposes marriage. In 2007 they marry and she becomes Denise Wicks. Shirley unsuccessfully tries to ruin the wedding, and Denise deals with various problems, including Chelsea and Dean's imprisonment for framing Sean Slater, Kevin's attempts to conceal the crime, and a feud with her boss at the post office, Zainab Masood. Kevin starts selling cars for Phil Mitchell but discovers they are cut-and-shuts; he tries to destroy the vehicles but dies in an accident. Denise and Carly leave Walford after the funeral, seeking the right place to scatter Kevin's ashes.

Denise returns but is angry to discover her daughter Chelsea is using drugs and in contact with her father, former drug addict Lucas Johnson. Denise is initially hostile, but she warms to him when she sees he has changed and they eventually reunite.

2009-2010: Dark side of Lucas[]

Denise proposes to Lucas, but he is married to Trina. Trina attempts to seduce Lucas, but he accidentally kills her. Denise helps Jordan come to terms with his mother's death, with them believing it to be an overdose. With Trina dead, Denise and Lucas can marry, though further complications arise when Owen is released from prison. He desperately tries to show Denise that she cannot trust Lucas, but they marry regardless and she becomes Denise Johnson. Lucas kills Owen on their wedding day, and his body is discovered eight months later. Lucas confesses to Denise, claiming self-defence. At first, she agrees to protect him but convinces him to go to the police. However, he instead drives her to a canal. When she refuses to submit to God, he strangles her. He murders a prostitute, Gemma, and identifies her as Denise; her family believe she committed suicide. Lucas keeps Denise prisoner in the house next door, but she escapes after a few weeks, and Lucas is arrested, later sentenced to life imprisonment. Chelsea, needing a fresh start, moves to Spain with Owen's mother, Liz Turner and Libby joins them for a holiday before returning to university. Denise is heartbroken to see her girls leave but is distracted by her sister, Kim Fox, arriving and saying that she has left her boyfriend, Dexter Mulholland, and asks to move in with them.

2010-2011: B&B and finding the truth surrounding Kevin's death[]

Kim and Denise later buy the house next door and transform it into a bed and breakfast. Denise talks to Zainab, who helps her move on by destroying memories of Lucas. Denise starts dating Yusef Khan, Zainab's former husband, but ends it after realising he is still in love with Zainab. On Christmas Day 2011, Denise opens a present containing a broken toy car and a USB stick with a recording of Phil talking about his part in Kevin's death. Horrified, Denise calls Phil a murderer and tries to get him arrested but fails to do so.

Yusef starts a fire at the bed and breakfast, damaging it so severely that Denise, Kim and Patrick are forced to move out. The insurance company refuse to pay out as it was arson, so Patrick gives Denise and Kim the Minute Mart, but Zainab gives them Yusef's money so they can rebuild the bed and breakfast.

2012-2013: Sisterhood with Kim[]

When the B&B opens, Denise is angry that Kim flirts with the customers, leaving all the work to her. They have an argument, and Denise quits but returns on the condition that Kim puts in more effort. When Zainab's brother-in-law, AJ Ahmed arrives in Walford, he attempts to con Denise but fails. The two later have drinks, but AJ leaves. Denise attends Christian Clarke's stag party, where a man gives her unwanted attention. She has sex with Fatboy when he defends her from an overly-persistent interest and allows him to walk her home. The next day, Denise is embarrassed and tells Fatboy it was a mistake. However, it is revealed she has feelings for Fatboy, and after she welcomes him into her home, they have sex again. Denise agrees to pursue a secret relationship with Fatboy. When Fatboy tries to encourage her to make their relationship public, Denise calls it off, telling Fatboy she will treasure the memory of their time together. After a lonely Christmas, Kim and Zainab decide to set up a date for her. However, this fails, and when Kim's boyfriend, Ray Dixon, comforts her, they share a kiss. Ray tells Kim about it but says Denise made the first move, so Kim slaps Denise and says she is dead to her. Denise and Kim reconcile until Ray ends his relationship with Kim. Kim blames Denise, so Denise stays with Ian Beale. When Ray tells Kim the truth, Denise and Kim reconcile, and Denise moves back in with Kim.

2013-2015: Relationship with Ian Beale and Lucy's murder[]

When Denise and Ian get locked in the Minute Mart's storage cupboard and share a kiss, it leads to a relationship. This becomes public, thanks to Ian's daughter, Lucy. Denise helps Ian open a restaurant and supports him when Carl White threatens and blackmails him. Denise moves in with Ian and his children, and they are then joined by Cindy Williams, daughter of Ian's dead former wife. Denise begins to feel part of the family and supports Ian when he intends to testify that he saw Max Branning tampering with the brakes of Carl's car. However, Ian fails to do this and Denise is devastated to learn that Ian intended to lie to frame Max on Carl's orders. The return of Ian's former wife, Jane Beale, causes Denise to have doubts about their relationship. She accepts Ian's marriage proposal, and during their engagement party, she shares a kiss with Fatboy. They come to their senses when Cora Cross catches them. Fatboy's girlfriend, Poppy Meadow, learns of the kiss and posts a letter to Ian, before leaving Walford but Lucy reads it and challenges Denise. For the sake of her father's mental health, Lucy agrees to keep it a secret. Denise and Ian drift apart due to his busy lifestyle. After visiting Libby in Oxford, she plans to leave Ian. However, when Lucy is murdered, Denise feels forced to stay and support him. Denise is sidelined by Ian and decides to leave, confiding in Patrick that she feels trapped. However, worried that she will look like a bad person, Denise changes her mind and returns but still feels ostracised. She does not attend Lucy's funeral after seeing Ian and Jane comforting one another. Under advice from Libby, Denise tells Ian she can no longer be with him, but he begs her to stay. Denise agrees to abide when Ian admits he has taken her for granted and encourages her to go with Libby to Spain to celebrate Chelsea's birthday.

On Denise's return, things are much better between her and Ian, and he arranges for them to visit Libby in Oxford for a weekend. As she is about to leave, Patrick tries to stop her but fails and leaves a message, asking her to call him as soon as possible. However, she learns that Patrick has had a stroke and they return to Walford. When he leaves the hospital, he stays with Ian and Denise. Denise knows that Ian had sex with prostitute Rainie Cross on the night Lucy died. Feeling betrayed, Denise locks herself in the Minute Mart. On returning home, she discovers that Cindy has returned and that Ian has delivered her newborn daughter, Beth. She tells Ian that she forgives him but leaves him the next day, taking Patrick back to live in his own house, declaring that Ian isn't the man she loved. Going into Patrick's house, Denise is devastated to find that the house has been broken into. Denise struggles to care for Patrick alone, despite support from Shabnam Masood. She considers that Denise has been stealing alcohol from the shop but does not report it if Denise returns the value. Patrick is devastated to learn that he may lose his allotment, so Denise goes there, intending to maintain it, only to dig up Lucy's phone and purse. Although hesitant, she returns them to the Beales.

On New Year's Eve, a pregnant Kim surprises Denise and accuses Ian of ruining Denise's life. The next day, Kim finds bruises on Patrick's arms and realises Denise had beaten him and confronts her. At the pub, Denise gets drunk, and after hearing of Emma Summerhayes's death, drunkenly slurs that Lucy's killer would be jailed if Emma had done her job correctly. In anger of Denise's disrespectfulness, Ian says that despite what Kim said, Denise has been ruining her own life. On arriving home, she tells Kim she cannot be Patrick's carer anymore. After an argument with Denise in The Queen Victoria public house, Kim goes into labour and gives birth to a daughter named Pearl. Although she disowns Denise, they eventually reconcile the next day. After Pearl's christening, she tells Denise that her husband doesn't exist and she made him up because of fear of being alone. However, Kim's confessions to Shirley, Kat Moon, Linda Carter and Patrick reveal that her husband does exist, but she left him when she found out that he was a criminal. Eventually, when her husband Vincent Hubbard tracks her down in Walford, Kim works up the courage to tell Denise the truth about him and explains her experience when she went to tell him she was pregnant. Denise and Patrick soon become wary of Vincent's intentions.

2016: Returns of Lucas and Jordan Johnson[]

Denise is visited by the police, saying someone in their custody has given her address as theirs. Eventually, she realises that it is Jordan. She discovers that Jordan stole from Chelsea and Libby advises Denise to stay away from him. Denise visits Lucas in prison, and he tells her that he thinks about her, asking her to find Jordan. Despite her family begging her not to, Denise sends Jordan a message online. He does not reply but visits and tells her to leave him alone. However, when Kim hits Jordan, he allows Denise to clean the wound. The rest of the family poorly receives Jordan, but Denise defends him after he pushes her in frustration, he leaves when Patrick says he is just like Lucas. The police visit Denise and tell her that Jordan was attacked by a gang but discharged himself from the hospital. She tracks him down and learns that Jordan's girlfriend died from a drug overdose. Denise brings Jordan and his son, JJ Johnson, home and although Patrick comes around to the idea, Kim believes it will bring Lucas back into Denise's life. Denise revisits Lucas, and he wants Jordan to visit too. He does, and Denise agrees to help Lucas get a job in the prison kitchens, but Lucas asks Jordan to help him in his plan for him to escape from prison.

When Jordan tells Denise, she refuses to help and alerts Libby to call the police, after which Jordan reveals to them the truth about Lucas' plan before he is arrested. Denise vows to look after JJ until Jordan is released, but Patrick secretly calls social services. Social worker Hilary Taylor tells Denise that JJ's mother, Amelle, is alive. Amelle visits Denise and JJ, but he refuses to come out from under the table. Denise learns JJ is called Jamie and she talks to him; he says Jordan told him that Amelle left because she found him "hard work" and he is only hiding because he is scared of putting Amelle off him. Denise persuades him to see his mother, and when Hilary talks about increased contact, Denise decides JJ should live with Amelle. Denise finds out Libby is pregnant and attempts to stop a termination but fails; distressed, Denise turns to drink and has a one-night stand with an equally drunk Phil, but Phil has no memory of this.

2017-2018: Relationship with Kush and pregnancy with Raymond[]

Denise befriends Carmel Kazemi and has a brief fling with her son, Kush Kazemi. Denise ends it, saying she does not want to ruin her friendship with Carmel. When Denise faints, she researches her symptoms and initially fears that she has cancer but discovers that she is pregnant. Kush learns about Denise's pregnancy and believing he is the father, goes with Denise to her appointment. Denise knows she is eighteen to nineteen weeks pregnant, meaning Phil is the father. Denise tells her family but refuses to name the father. Denise tells Carmel that she has decided to have the baby and put it up for adoption. Kim finds out about Denise's plans and tries to talk her out of it whilst Patrick agrees to support her. Kim tells Denise that she and Vincent will adopt her baby, but Denise declines their offer. Shirley suspects that her former boyfriend, Buster Briggs, is the father but Denise admits that Phil is the father. Unbeknownst to Denise and Shirley, Phil's wife, Sharon Mitchell, overhears this. Denise is later taken to the hospital to be induced. Kim and their mother, Emerald Fox, also go to the hospital. Kim and Emerald are angry when they learn that Denise is putting her son up for adoption, but Denise refuses to change her mind and says an emotional farewell to her son alone. Sharon tells Phil the truth about his son, and he goes to the hospital, demanding to see him but then agrees to the adoption. Libby, Emerald and Carmel come to accept Denise's decision, but Kim is against it, calling her selfish and saying Denise is dead to her. Denise is injured in a bus crash but rejects Kim when she tries to support her.

After a check-up at the hospital, Denise admits to Mick Carter that Kim was right and that she should never have given up her son for adoption, though he reassures her that it is the best decision she has made for him. Denise soon realises that Kim still sees her as a mother figure since Emerald abandoned them as children and thinks that if Denise can give up her son, then she can leave Kim, so Denise tells to consider herself abandoned. Denise later goes to Emerald's farewell party where Emerald criticises Kim's parenting; Denise stands up for Kim and Kim admits that she is thankful for her sister, to which Emerald replies that they are not sisters and that Denise was brought to her as a baby. Emerald then leaves and Kim and Denise hug. Denise confronts schoolboy Keegan Baker after he vandalises the garden in the square. After continuously insulting Denise, she hits him in the face. Using witnesses to his advantage, Keegan reports Denise to the police, and she is consequently fined £250.

Denise later learns that her son's potential adoptive parents have named him Raymond and she signs the adoption forms. While she is adamant that she will not change her mind after that, she continues to struggle with her decision and angrily tears up a newly arrived letter from Raymond's adoptive parents without reading it. Kim then wrongly believes that Ian is Raymond's biological father and confronts him, causing Denise to break down and admit to her that Phil is the father, shocking Kim, and she begs Kim not to tell anyone. With Kim's help, Denise finds the letter from Raymond's parents in the recycling bin, informing her that he is happy with them, which comforts and reassures her. Denise and Kush start a relationship, but when Denise talks to a reporter, criticising the community and the Minute Mart, she quits her job after they decide to send her on a course. Denise struggles financially and is unable to buy food, taking food from bins. She ends her relationship with Kush because she does not want to admit her problems. Carmel later confronts her over this, but Denise slaps her when she remarks Raymond, ending their friendship. Denise eventually claims for Universal Credit but is stunned that she will not receive money for ten weeks as she left her job voluntarily, but is given a referral to a food bank. Denise goes to the food bank when she sees Cora, who works there. Cora persuades Denise to get some food and explains that when she first used the food bank, she was abusive, but it saved her life. Denise gives her food to the children of a young mother, Candice, who has no voucher. On the day of her final exam, Denise faints, but she is delighted later in the year when she passes her GCSE exam with high marks. Kush and Denise decide to try dating again, but when Kush asks Denise to move in with him, she declines, feeling that things are moving too fast for them. When Kush suffers a heart attack shortly afterwards, Denise regrets rejecting him and spontaneously proposes to him in the hospital; he accepts. Denise discovers that Kim is pregnant, but Kim suffers a miscarriage and continues to lie that about her "pregnancy". Kim later cracks up and tells Denise and Carmel that she is not pregnant and is lying and they support her. For her birthday, Kim asks Denise to do a DNA test, and she agrees. When the results come, Denise finds a card for her by Kim, which says they are not sisters, but Kim explains she has not seen the results and got cards for both outcomes. Denise and Kim agree not to find out, but Kim gives in and fools Denise that the results say they are not sisters, but is delighted when Kim states they are.

2019 to present: Relationship and marriage to Jack Branning[]

In 2019 Denise started dating Jack Branning and were very happy together until Denise found out her son she had adopted was left an orphan after his adoptive parents and sister were killed in a car accident. This led Denise to visit him in hospital and became attached to him. Raymond's grandmother, Ellie Nixon became suspicious of this after Denise claimed to be a friend of Raymond's mother, Lydia Dawkins. She tried to keep this whole situation a secret from Jack and especially from Phil Mitchell. However, Jack found out and so did Phil. When Phil discovered his son was left parentless, he becomes set on getting him back. He asks Ritchie Scott to sort out the paperwork for Denise to adopt him back but she isn't happy. Denise doesn't want to confuse Raymond and have his life turned around again but after Jack tells her to go for it she does. Jack tells Denise they should break up as he doesn't think having a third Mitchell baby under his roof is a good idea so Denise moves back in with Patrick with Raymond. In November 2020, Kim Fox returns and discovers Raymond is back under Denise's care and is confused and pushes Denise to get back with Jack because they're so good together. Jack and Denise reunite in January 2021 following the return of serial killer and ex-husband, Lucas Johnson. He returns with their daughter, Chelsea, who is planning to get her dad locked up again and take him for everything. However, when a drug plan goes wrong, Chelsea is left fearing when Denise is kidnapped and Jack believes Lucas has kidnapped her again but it turns out to actually be Chelsea's ex-boyfriend, Caleb Malone, who is in charge of the drug plan. When Chelsea and Lucas plan to carry out their mission after Lucas helped find Denise, Chelsea is left scared when Lucas tells her that he put the drugs in her bag to teach her a lesson about being truthful and is relieved when she has her bags checked and realises Lucas only told her that to make her understand how dangerous it is to carry out these plans. When it's Lucas' turn to get checked he hands himself in and shows the police the drugs and is arrested. Chelsea visits him before he cuts ties with everyone and they make up and promise to love each other.

In March 2021, after everything that had happened, Jack proposes to Denise and the couple get engaged. He told her he never wants to lose her again and wants her and Raymond to move in and for them to be a family. Through Chelsea's relationship with murderer, Gray Atkins, Denise tells Chelsea she's moving too fast with him and should slow down but when Chelsea sees Gray's violent outbursts, she dumps him and he sets his sights on Whitney Dean again. However, when Whitney witnesses his violent outbursts she too dumps him and he goes running back to Chelsea, who revealed a few days earlier that she is pregnant with his child. The pair get on again and Gray drunkenly proposes to Chelsea who tells him no. When Denise finds out about her pregnancy she is overjoyed about being a nana but has other things on her mind. She found out from Phil that Kim's husband, Vincent Hubbard, was killed in 2018 by Aidan Maguire. Phil tells her to keep this hidden from Kim as if Aidan ever found out she knew, he would kill everyone close to her. Meanwhile, after Chelsea rejects Gray's proposal he tells Chelsea to get out and raises his voice. As she goes to leave, she falls over in pain clutching her stomach. When she is rushed to hospital, fearing she has had a miscarriage she is given the all clear and Chelsea admires Gray's generosity of being there for her. The couple grow closer again after this and Chelsea tells Gray that she will marry him and be a family.

In November 2021, Chelsea wants to get married on Christmas Day which happens to be the same day that Jack and Denise are getting married. Denise is annoyed because of how fast they are moving and wants that day to herself but Chelsea ignores her and books it anyway. Chelsea eventually wants to make amends with her mum and they plan to have a double wedding. On 25 December 2021, Denise married Jack. Chelsea also went ahead with her wedding to Gray but found out about him murdering his late wife, Chantelle Atkins, from Whitney. Chelsea tried to leave but was unsuccessful and got into a heated argument with Gray. Her waters broke (at twenty four weeks) and Denise's grandson, Jordan Atkins, was born.

After the Fox family report Phil to the police for his involvement with Vincent's death, he decides to kidnap Raymond and run away with him and when Denise decides to call the police, Sharon Watts tells her about the possibility of them both losing Raymond due neither of them having legal custody of him. Despite this, Denise decides to call the police anyway and Phil is arrested, with Raymond being returned back to her.

After finding out that Gray murdered Chantelle, Tina Carter and Kush, Denise supports Chelsea; however when Chelsea decides to have Jordan adopted, Denise is devastated and manages to persuade Chelsea to not go through with the adoption after they have a heart-to-heart. When Phil's sister and Jack's ex Sam Mitchell returns, Denise is angered when she threatens to take her and Jack's son Ricky away from them to Spain (despite dumping Ricky on Jack years prior to this), if they do not help her scare off Jonah Tyler. In order to repair her relationship with Ricky, Jack allows Sam to move into 27 Albert Square. However, Sam causes mischief when she finds out about the money Phil gave Denise to purchase Fox & Hair and her involvement in knowing about Vincent's death, and tries to blackmail Denise into giving her £50,000 in order to buy Ruby's. Despite throwing Sam out of the house, Denise reluctantly agrees to pay back the money. When Denise sees a video of Jack and Sam kissing, she is initially furious with both Sam and Jack, however she eventually forgives Jack and they reconcile.

Jack begins to neglect Denise in early 2023 after becoming increasingly stressed due the the ongoing family issues involving Amy's self-harming, which begun in 2022, and Ricky getting Lily Slater pregnant. Because of Jack's negligence, Denise decides to kiss Ravi Gulati after he gives her attention and listens to her issues. When she tells him that them kissing was a mistake and that she loves Jack, Rani is angry, and subsequently flirts and gets with with Chelsea in order to make Denise jealous. When Jack doesn't make an effort on Valentine's Day, until Amy forces him to, Denise is left feeling hurt. After hearing Jack and Sam laughing about this, Denise decides to go with Ravi to a hotel, but she cannot sleep with him due to her guilty conscience, and rejects him once again, which causes Ravi to continuously harass Denise. When Callum Highway is investigating a case, he stumbles across video footage of both Denise and Ravi meeting together at the hotel, and realises what is happening. He warns her to end her affair with Ravi, and Denise finds out about Jack and Callum working together to bring down Ravi. After accidentally telling Ravi, he then blackmails Denise, threatens to tell Jack about their affair unless Denise tells him about the case. When Denise ignores him, Ravi starts flirting with Chelsea again and Denise tries to warn him off. Ravi further tells Denise that he will continue to be in a relationship with Chelsea unless Denise gives him the evidence about the case.

When Kim is given Denise's phone, Ravi sends more threatening texts about their affair. Shocked after seeing the texts, Kim crashes into The Argee Bhajee with Denzel Danes in the car. After she recovers, Denise is forced to tell Kim the truth and she agrees to keep their affair a secret, however after Ravi's son Davinder Gulati overhears Denise and Ravi talking about the affair, he tells Denzel, who tells a worried Amy. This causes Amy to drink and she refuses to go to school, which causes Denise to ask Amy about what's going on. When Amy reveals that she knows about Denise and Ravi, Denise admits to the affair which causes Jack to throw Denise and Raymond out. In order to help with Amy's ongoing anxiety and self-harm, as well as Ricky's problems, Jack allows Denise to stay close with the two, but finds it difficult to fully forgive her, although he eventually does and Denise moves back in.

Denise and Kim visit Lola Pearce on 31 May 2023 to say goodbye to Lola before she dies from her terminal brain tumor and on 1 June 2023 Denise and Jack see George Knight in the Square and Jack recognises him, Jack tells Denise that George is an ex professional boxer, Jack also tells Denise that he once seen George beat a man within an inch of his life. On 27 June 2023 Denise attends Lola's funeral. Denise is busy sorting out paper work before family therapy, Jack reminds Denise why they are in therapy in the first place. Denise nearly misses the therapy appointment after an argument with Kim, Denise later goes to apologise to Kim and Howie tells her about her panic attacks. Denise is late home after seeing Kim, angering Jack he tells her to sleep on the sofa. Denise tells Jack she is sorry for what happened with Ravi but she is sick of being sorry for everything else and will not apologise for seeing her sister, Jack then walks off.

The next day Kim has her court hearing, Jack attempts to apologise to Denise for kicking off the night before and then asks if he can go to court with Denise. Denise accepts Jack's apology and the two go to the salon with Kim, Jay, Ben, Callum, Billy and Honey where they celebrate what would have been Lola's twenty seventh birthday. Denise unveils a chair with Lola's name, Jack is later angry when he realises Denise has taken £500 from his account. Jack accuses Denise of using it for a weekend with Ravi and the two argue again with Denise telling him she needs it for Kim's therapy, Denise then tells Jack not to come to the court later. At the court Denzel defends Kim, telling the court that Kim has already been punished enough and that he doesn't want her to go to prison. The lawyer working against Kim then proceeds to show a CCTV recording of Kim and Denzel's crash, the video causes Kim to have a panic attack. However, the court think Kim is faking it due to her having no medical history of panic attacks and they have Kim arrested. Jack and Denise finally fully reconcile when Jack has a conversation with Patrick and Jack then helps Denise visit Kim in prison, when Kim is released from prison Denise frequently visits to support her.

When Whitney and Zack start looking at houses to move out and Ravi finds out they can't afford it he secretly gives Zack a deposit, when Denise discovers that Ravi is moving in with Chelsea Denise disapproves and secretly steals Ravi's laptop and watches footage of Ravi killing Ranveer Gulati. However, Ravi catches her and destroys a laptop and pins her against a wall but Denise manages to escape and runs over to Chelsea's house and tells Jack, Chelsea and Suki that Ravi killed Ranveer. Ravi then turns up and denies Denise's accusation however to Ravi surprise Chelsea believe him and dumps him and kicks him out of the house. Suki also believes Denise but pretends with Ravi that she doesn't and later visits Denise and asks to know everything. Chelsea goes to see Denise and tells her that her and Ravi are over and she is going to see to see Libby for a few days but warns Denise to stay away from the Ravi and the Panesar's due to then being dangerous, Ravi later sees Chelsea and attempts to reconcile but Chelsea refuses to talk to him. Denise and Suki later report Ravi to the police for killing Ranveer but the police refuse to arrest him due to lack of evidence, Denise and Suki later plan to record Ravi confessing to Ranveer's murder. However, Ravi overhears them. The next day Suki attempts to record a confession from Ravi, however during their conversation Suki receives a phone call from Kheerat. Ravi then tells Suki that he has had his contacts in prison break Kheerat's leg and if Suki carries on then he will have Kheerat killed, when Suki informs Denise of the Ravi's threat Denise cancels their plan.

When Denise returns from a holiday she is furious with Jack when it's revealed that Sam is living in their house and it's also revealed that Jack didn't tell Denise that her estranged former son-in-law Dean has returned. Jack later asks Sam to move out and him and Denise get back on track, however they later argue again and Denise and Jack break up, Jack later has sex with Stacey. The next day Denise meets Jack in an attempt to save their marriage, however Jack admits to his one-night-stand but tells Denise that it was a random woman that he met in the Vic. Denise agrees to give their marriage one more chance for the kids but tell Jack that nothing is fixed yet, Denise later discovers that it was Stacey that Jack slept with after she sees him return a necklace to her that she'd accidentally left at Jack's. Denise attempts to leave Jack but Amy self-harms again and a furious Jack demands that Denise stay with him for Amy's sake.

On Christmas day 2023 Denise attends Sharon and Keanu's wedding with Jack, Bernadette tells Phil that Keanu was behind Albie's kidnap, Phil interrupts the wedding and tells Sharon about Keanu being behind Albie's kidnap. Sharon then punches Keanu and tells him that Albie is Phil's son leaving both men shocked. Later that night at the Vic Sharon, Stacey, Suki, Kathy, Denise and Linda meet up for a drink in the Vic, Suki tells Stacey, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Kathy about her conflict with Nish and Eve. One of them insists that Suki calls Nish and informs him to come and talk with her at the Vic and that he won’t do anything because they’d all be there to protect Suki, she then agrees with the idea and calls Nish. It doesn’t take long for him to arrive. When Nish gets there, he is greeted by the six women but asks them to go away and let him and Suki talk in private. They decline and say that they need to be there for Suki. Suki then expresses her true feelings to Nish and that their marriage is over and that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Nish refuses to come to terms and Stacey imperatively tells Nish that he needs to understand that Suki doesn’t want him anymore. Nish pleads with Suki to give him another chance and that he’ll make her happy. Suki turns around stating that she can’t bare to look at him. Suddenly, Nish fiercely grabs Suki and attempts to take her away but the women defend Suki and all pull on him to get her off, Nish swings his arms and hits Linda in the face, giving her a thick lip, she then goes to make a call. The remaining women still try to save Suki but all panic as Nish punches them all off, Kathy grabs onto Nish but yet again he powerfully pushes her off. At this moment, Denise realises that they’re out of options and grabs a glass bottle and charges at Nish, smashing it on his head, saving Suki and sending him unconscious. Linda puts the phone down and walks back in, shocked to see Nish, Suki worriedly looks at Nish although Kathy is confused to Suki’s reaction. Stacey goes down to Nish’s body to check him over but her hands get covered in blood. Denise shakes and panics as she looks at a so-thought dead Nish. Sharon then goes down to Nish, checks his pulse - “He’s dead” the women all believe him to be dead but they are quickly interrupted by Keanu walking in. Keanu then demands to see Albie but Sharon makes it clear that Albie isn't his son and threatens to call the police on Keanu, Keanu in a fit of rage begins to strangle Sharon. The women try to get Keanu off of her but can't, Linda then picks up a meat fork and stabs Keanu in the back killing him. Sharon, Denise, Stacey, Suki, Kathy and Linda are all left in shock and debate what to do with Keanu's body. Stacey and Kathy want to call the police and ambulance but the rest of the women want to get rid of Keanu's body, The women then hide Keanu's body underneath the floor board of the recently burned down café. The women then call an ambulance for Nish and he is rushed to hospital and put in an induced coma, the women blame Nish's attack on Keanu when interviewed by the police however the women's stories are inconsistent as they fail to mention Keanu finding out that Albie is not his son and Kathy accidentally tells them that Suki has been cheating on Nish with Eve. Even though the women didn't agree to mention that, Tom remembers that while drunk he saw Sharon going into the café and tells Kathy that he thinks that she is hiding something and goes to have a look in the café. When Tom refuses to drop his suspicions the six women suggest to Kathy that she reports him to the police for setting fire to the café. The women become panicked when they see a group of builders attempting to enter the café, Suki later discovers that Vinny called them. Suki then tells the builders that theirs been a mistake and that she'll pay them for the inconvenience. Denise is later due to go out for a meal with Jack, Amy and Ricky but misses the date after Suki arranges a meeting with the six women and they decide they need to move Keanu's body. Suki then receives a call that Nish is awake, Denise is relieved that he is alive but the others are worried if he might remember everything. Denise then meets the six women in barrell store and they discover that Sharon has fled The country, they decide they need to move Keanu's body from the café because of builders attempting to get in, Linda then starts drinking again. The next day the women sneak into the café and an argument starts when Linda freaks out about having to move Keanu's body, Denise grabs Linda and Stacey attempts to separate the scuffle but accidentally pushes Denise into the hole under the floor boards of to Keanu's body. The women help Denise out of the hole and then come up with the idea that instead of moving Keanu's body then pour concerte into the hole sealing the hole and hiding Keanu's body, The women then successfully hide Keanu's body but are unaware that when Denise fell her necklace fell on to Keanu's body and was buried in the cement. Denise realises her necklace is gone the next day and begs the other women to help her destroy the concrete and get the necklace back, however the women refuse to help her.

Denise and Jack attend couples therapy and afterwards Jack runs into Stacey on the Square and she asks how it went, Jack says that it went horribly as Denise wouldn't open up. Jack once again tells Stacey that he thinks Denise is hiding something.

Nish later breaks in to Stacey house and accuses her of trying to attack him on Christmas day, Stacey insists it was Keanu but Nish tells her that he remembers that Keanu wasn't there. Nish then corners Stacey and she grabs a knife to defend herself, Jack then enters the house and orders Nish to leave, Stacey and Jack then share a kiss but both pull away away a guilty Jack leaves. When Denise continues to be distant with Jack, Jack and Stacey sleep together after a court hearing where Lily and Ricky are given full parental custody of Charli. When Jack returns home Denise believes that Jack has been investigating Keanu's death, Denise takes Jack's phone and almost discovers flirty texts between Stacey and Jack. Denise later visits Lucas in prison, Denise asks for advice on how Lucas can live with himself after his murders, Lucas tells her that if she has done it she must confess. Denise and the other women discover that the café floor boards are being dug up because of a leak, Denise prepares to hand herself in but is told by Suki that the café floor boards are no longer being dug up, however the women face a new problem when Keanu's mother Karen returns looking for Keanu, although the ladies manage to convince Karen to leave Walford, saying that they hadn’t saw anything.

Denise starts hallucinating and seeing Keanu haunting her, in mirrors and sitting on chairs beside her. After some time, Denise pays more visits to Lucas and even tries to seek help in God via The Bible. Stacey also visits Denise to try and see what is up, and Denise opens up, saying she can see Keanu. Stacey relates back to the past and tells Denise to get professional help. When Linda informs The Six ladies that her son, Johnny Carter, knows about the murder, Denise spirals down further and begins branding Johnny as ‘The Devil’ despite this, they are faced with another triumph when the murder weapon goes missing. Denise, severly becoming unstable, turns her house upside down looking for it - knowing that she hadn’t actually taken it.

Denise continues to lash out at her family and reads The Bible endlessly, after ‘Keanu’ demands her to. Lucas is shocked to see Denise visit him once again, but this time, she appears much more agitated and psychotic. Lucas becomes quite concerned. Later that day, Denise tells herself she isn’t safe from Johnny, or ‘The Devil’ and packs her bag and leaves with Amy. Out in the woods, Denise notices Amy is making a phone call and chucks it out of the window, claiming that ‘The Devil’ will find them. Panicked, Denise walks off into the unknown, abandoning Amy and tightly gripping The Bible. Jack is disturbed by a phone call from Lucas who informs him that Denise is truly unwell and needs support from her husband. Jack and Stacey rush out to the forest. A unknown man offers to help Denise, although she hallucinates and sees Johnny’s face, she shouts out words from The Bible and runs away.

Denise runs away although Jack finds her and brings her home to Chelsea. Mental Health Services arrive and section Denise for showing signs of Psychosis. Denise states it’s for the better to go into hospital and that leaves calmly. In the ward, Denise recovers and allows Stacey to visit her. Stacey admits to Denise that she’d told Jack about the truth behind Nish’s attack. Denise becomes anxious although later discharges herself the next week and tells The Six that they’re done and to cut contact. Denise tries to live her life as normal, with her family becoming less concerned. Some time later, Jack and Stacey’s long-lasting affair is revealed by Martin and things turn physical. Chelsea supports Denise and allows her to stay at 1 Albert Square. Denise later decides to divorce Jack and move in with Chelsea full time.

Denise makes a pledge to cut all contact with The Six, and states that she never wants to deal with the situation ever again - and is determined to repair her mental health.

As the dust settles, Sharon returns after almost 3 months away and attempts to dispose of the weapon but fails. Not long after, the floor caves in at the cafe, so Denise and Stacey make the decision to retrieve Denise’s necklace before the builders find it. Jack gets suspicious and sneaks into the cafe and catches them with the hole dug up and demands to know what’s in there. Denise reveals it’s Keanu and has to plead with Jack to not go to the police - he then tells them to leave whilst he deals with it. Bernadette and Alfie then enter and see the hole and a body, thankfully, Jack retrieves the necklace, undetected. The police to arrive to the scene and The Six are quickly put under pressure. Things go from bad to worse as they identify the body as Keanu.

Denise panics and is fearful that she will have another episode of psychosis. However, the police look in Sharon's direction and Denise is in the clear. The Six are desperate for a plan so they frame Dean, especially after discovering he had tampered with daughter, Jade Masood's medication and his rape to Linda in 2014. The plan goes successfully as they plant evidence and Dean is charged, and Sharon is free. Denise eventually moves out of Chelsea's and goes to Phil's so that Raymond can have a better relationship with his father and better family stability - this initially goes well.

Meanwhile, Keanu's funeral happens a few weeks after the body discovery. Denise gets agitated when Kim gossips about Karen. Denise chooses to not attend the funeral and leaves the guilt in the past. Some time later, Denise discovers that Yolande is struggling whilst attending Jordan's baptism. Denise checks in with Yolande, though she struggles to open up - and tries to continue. Despite this resilience, things go from bad to worse when Yolande runs away and goes missing. Denise searches for her with family although Yolande returns independently. She then decides to be honest with her family and reveal that she was sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton. Denise is angered by this and attempts to go after the Pastor, however Yolande stops her and wants the police to deal with it. Therefore, Denise stands by Yolande when she needs support and dealing with the police.

Denise also notices a decline in Phil's moods and when he snaps at Raymond repeatedly, Denise moves out and takes Raymond away, not guaranteeing any visits for Phil. Phil pleads with her but she doesn't allow him to and insists that he goes and be miserable on his own.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Manager at Minute Mart 2011-2014
Cleaner at The Queen Victoria 2015-2016
Temporary Assistant at Minute Mart 2015-2017
Hairdresser/Manager at Fox & Hair 2022 to present


Address Years
89 George Street 2006
31 Albert Square 2006-2008
18 Albert Square 2008-2013, 2014-2016
20 Albert Square 2018-2013, 2014-2016, 2016-2020, 2021, 2023-2024
25 Albert Square 2010
3B Albert Square 2012
45 Albert Square 2013-2014
1 Albert Square 2016, 2024
29B Albert Square 2017-2018
55 Victoria Road 2024 to present

Kill count[]

Connected murders and deaths[]

  1. Vincent Hubbard (20 April 2018) - After Phil Mitchell showed her a video of Vincent being shot dead, Denise agreed not to tell anyone if Phil brought her The Salon.
  2. Keanu Taylor (25 December 2023) (association) - When Keanu is killed by Linda Carter in defence of Sharon Watts. Denise helped cover up the crime by helping move his body to underneath the floor boards in the café.

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Nish Panesar (25 December 2023) (defence) - Smashed a glass bottle across Nish’s head in defence of Suki Panesar after Nish attempted to drag her back to the Panesar home.

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