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Dr. Delia Forde made her first appearance on 22 January 2016 . She is portrayed by Carolyn Pickles.


Delia is a psychiatrist who assesses Stacey Branning when her boyfriend Martin Fowler convinces her to go to Walford General Hospital. She and her colleague, Eve Igwe, inform Martin that there are no mother and baby unit places, and when Martin says Stacey will not want to stay she explains that Stacey would likely be sectioned. After this is done, Dr. Forde attempts to get Stacey to describe her visions of God. Stacey tells her that the delusions only started after the birth of her son Arthur, and Dr. Forde concludes that Stacey is suffering from postpartum psychosis. Despite Stacey's pleas to her to see Arthur, Dr. Forde sends Martin home to take care of him.

She later was seen assessing whether it was best for Stacey to stay in hospital or go home.

List of appearances[]


  1. 22 January 2016
  2. 25 January 2016
  3. 19 February 2016
  4. 22 February 2016