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Darren Roberts made his first appearance on 28 July 1987. He is portrayed by Gary McDonald.


Darren arrives in Walford on 28 July 1987 in a red, left hand drive Pontiac. Soon after, his son Junior Roberts and young daughter Aisha Roberts arrive, who have different mothers. Darren had fallen out with his wife Darleen Roberts and manages to persuade his sister Carmel Roberts to allow him and his children to move in with her at number 3B Albert Square.

In the past Darren had attended school with Nick Cotton, Graham Clark and Rod Norman, none known for their law-abiding tendencies, and just like his wayward contemporaries, Darren also regularly dabbles on the wrong side of the law. Darren sets up various dodgy deals and soon begins a dispute with Den Watts for selling stolen goods on the latter's patch.

Soon enough Darren gets involved in pornographic video laundering, instigates a counterfeit money ring, starts renting out an abandoned flat to squatters for a weekly fee and holds a 'cultural evening' in the community centre, which is a front for a porn film screening and stripper - Dot Cotton accidentally wanders in and faints.

He gets on the wrong side of Brad Williams, a member of the gangster organisation known as The Firm. Darren wants membership into the gang, but after several attempts to gain favour, Brad warns him off by beating him up.

Darren goes on to con Ian Beale and Barry. Darren provides them with equipment for a mobile disco, but the equipment turns out to be hired and further hire purchase payments are still owed. Soon after, the hire purchase men turn up and take back all the disco gear. When Carmel finds out, she throws Darren out of her flat, after which, he disappears in July 1988, abandoning his two children in the process.

Just days before his departure, Darren is questioned about the torching of The Dagmar following the rape of Kathy Beale and he purposefully implicates Den as the culprit behind the arson incident.

He never returns to Albert Square to claim his children and his whereabouts following this are not revealed. However, in 1989, Darren's accomplice Vince Johnson arrives in Walford. Vince regularly liaises with Darren by phone and both are responsible for conning Frank Butcher in a motor scam.


"Bung this in as well, yeah." (first line - 28 July 1987)

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