Daran Little

Daran Little is currently one of EastEnders' prominent writers having written 107 episodes since he joined the crew in August 2010.

In his early career, Daran was the official archivist on Coronation Street for eleven years before joining the writing staff in 2000. Daran created, wrote and produced the twenty-part Channel 4 teen drama Hollyoaks: In The City, a spin-off from the soap opera Hollyoaks, of which he was a part of the writing team. He was also hired by ABC Television in the United States of America to be a creative consultant on popular daytime soap All My Children.

Following his return to the UK, Little became apart of the BBC production team and started writing for EastEnders and writing the BBC4 drama The Road to Coronation Street, a telemovie documenting the creation and casting of the show. He also wrote Children in Need's East Street, the first-ever crossover between EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Episodes written by Daran Little

2010 (9 episodes)

2011 (16 episodes)

2012 (5 episodes)

2013 (1 episode)

2014 (16 episodes)

2015 (14 episodes)

2016 (18 episodes)

2017 (21 episodes)

2018 (7 episodes)

2019 (21 episodes)

2020 (6 episodes)

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