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Danielle "Dani" Jones (born Amy Mitchell-Reynolds) was the daughter of Ronnie Mitchell and Joel Reynolds . She was taken away by Ronnie's father, Archie Mitchell after Ronnie had gave birth to her and was put up for adoption. She was then later adopted by Andy Jones and was called Danielle. Years later, she went to Walford to look for her biological mother which ended up in her death after being ran over by Janine Butcher.


1989-2009: Backstory

Ronnie gave birth to Danielle when she was just 14. Her malevolent father, Archie, forced Ronnie to give her up, and convinced her that she was dead. When Danielle was at school, she played Jan in the stage production Grease.

2008-2009: The Secret Daughter

Danielle goes to Walford to find her birth mother, Ronnie Mitchell, in 2008. At first, she befriends local resident Stacey Branning as she was too nervous to approach Ronnie, in fear of being rejected. Timid, and scared of rejection, Danielle didn't show many signs of being a Mitchell. She constantly looked to best friend Stacey for guidance, but all she ever wanted was to be accepted and loved by her mother.

Danielle tells Ronnie that she's pregnant and Ronnie advises her to get an abortion, unaware that's her grandchild. An unplanned pregnancy and abortion helped her grow close to Ronnie. She set out to reveal her true identity at evil grandfather Archie's wedding. Unfortunately, Danielle met a sudden end in 2009 under the wheels of Janine Butcher's car, shortly after Ronnie discovered her secret. She died in her mother's arms.

In April 2009, she finally tells Ronnie the truth at her grandfather and great-aunt Peggy’s wedding. At first, Ronnie disbelieved and threw out of the pub but later, Ronnie found out the truth through finding Danielle's locket. Ronnie ran after her to tell her that she is in fact her daughter but Danielle unexpectedly died in her Ronnie's arms after being run over by a speeding Janine behind the wheel.

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