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Danielle "Dani" Jones (born Amy Mitchell-Reynolds) was the daughter of Ronnie Mitchell and Joel Reynolds . She was taken away by Ronnie's father, Archie Mitchell after Ronnie had gave birth to her and was put up for adoption. She was then later adopted by Andy Jones and was called Danielle. Years later, she went to Walford to look for her biological mother which ended up in her death after being ran over by Janine Butcher.


1989-2009: Backstory[]

Ronnie gave birth to Danielle when she was just 14. Her malevolent father, Archie, forced Ronnie to give her up, and convinced her that she was dead. When Danielle was at school, she played Jan in the stage production Grease.

2008-2009: The Secret Daughter[]

Danielle goes to Walford to find her birth mother, Ronnie Mitchell, in 2008. At first, she befriends local resident Stacey Branning as she was too nervous to approach Ronnie, in fear of being rejected. Timid, and scared of rejection, Danielle didn't show many signs of being a Mitchell. She constantly looked to best friend Stacey for guidance, but all she ever wanted was to be accepted and loved by her mother.

Stacey and Danielle become close friends, and Danielle began dating Callum Monks, however Callum was only dating her to try and make Stacey jealous as she had a poor relationship with her husband, Bradley Branning at the time. Danielle begins working on Stacey’s stall, and rents her old bedroom off Charlie Slater. Danielle brings her cat, Musty, with her, however when Charlie discovers he’s allergic, Charlie rehouses her and gives her to Abi Branning.

When Bradley takes Stacey away for a few days, she leaves Danielle in charge of the stall. Callum attempts to talk to her, but Danielle pushes him away, despite a clothes line breaking. Danielle soon discovers she bit off more than she can chew when a delivery arrives that she wasn’t expecting, Callum and Mo watch on as she struggles when a customer wants to buy something but Danielle doesn’t have the correct change so can’t sell them the product. Mo attempts to convince Callum to help her by saying that “dippy Danielle” hasn’t got a clue. Danielle struggles again when a customer asks for their change, saying they gave her a twenty when they gave her a ten. Danielle tells the customer she’s only taking exact change till she gets enough, but the customer is angry and tells Danielle that if she doesn’t give her change she’ll have to take stuff up to the value that she scammed off her. Danielle asks her to stop, but the customer doesn’t. Mo then tells her to stop and she attempts to flee, but Callum Perseus her u til she drops the clothes. Danielle admits she can’t do it, but Mo says she just needs more experience and asks how much she’s earned this morning, and she says only the £10, but Mo examines the note and sees it’s a fake. Mo offers to help Danielle for the day, but she declines, but Mo doesn’t take no for an answer. Mo later helps Danielle earn more money for the rest of the day.

Callum later attempts to get closer to Danielle, and finds her a job to help her afford tickets to see her family. Danielle applies for the cleaner role at the queen vic. Danielle then thanks Callum as Peggy is giving her a trial the following day. Danielle is ten minutes late on her first day, and plans to visit Stacey as she just got back from holiday. Callum agrees to watch her stall for her while she’s at work. Danielle has trouble opening the soap dispensers, so it takes her an hour to finish the bathrooms. Peggy gives Danielle the job after being impressed by her dedication. Danielle later visits Stacey and asks about the birth control she has found a few days ago. She asks why she didn’t tell her, then asks if Bradley knows, and Stacey says she’ll tell him. Stacey tells Danielle that her and Bradley want different things, and that she doesn’t feel like she belongs with Bradley. Danielle says Bradley would be a great dad, but Stacey says he wouldn’t be with her. Danielle asks what Stacey will do, and Stacey says she’s going to tell him. The next day at work, Ronnie asks Danielle to get her post form upstairs. When she gets them, she is caught by Archie. Archie is keeping the post from Ronnie but later gives it to her after Danielle is caught, but he keeps one letter back. Danielle later finds what Archie kept back in the bin and gives it to her. It is an invite to a school reunion.

Danielle tells Ronnie that she's pregnant and Ronnie advises her to get an abortion, unaware that's her grandchild. An unplanned pregnancy and abortion helped her grow close to Ronnie. She set out to reveal her true identity at evil grandfather Archie's wedding.

In April 2009, she finally tells Ronnie the truth at her grandfather and great-aunt Peggy’s wedding. At first, Ronnie disbelieved Danielle and threw her out of the pub. However, Ronnie finds the locket that she left to her baby when she gave her up. Realising Danielle was telling the truth and she is indeed her daughter, Ronnie rushes out to find Danielle and finds her in the street. Before they can embrace, Danielle is accidentally run over by Janine and is critically injured. Ronnie holds Danielle in her arms, and apologises for not being there for her, and states now she is in her life, she can now be the mother Danielle always wanted. Danielle happily whispers “Mum” to Ronnie, before she then dies in Ronnie’s arms. A devastated Ronnie clutches Danielle in her arms and cries in the street. Ronnie later plunged into a deep depression after her death, blaming herself for not being there for Danielle.

Background information[]

  • Despite receiving mixed rDanielle’s storyline was a ratings success for EastEnders. The episode which was the culmination of the storyline and Danielle’s death on 3 April 2009 saw 11 million viewers and caused a notable power surge on the National Grid.

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