Daniel Alan Cook was the boyfriend of Jean Slater. He made his first appearance on 25 June 2019. He was portrayed by Adrian Edmondson.


Daniel is seen at Walford General, being difficult with the nurses and he is seen by Jean Slater and her daughter, Stacey Fowler. He later approaches Jean and attempts to initiate a conversation, but accidentally makes an offensive comment which causes Jean to throw her cup of water over him. Stacey later confronts him about making Jean angry. Daniel continues to be seen each time Jean makes a visit to the hospital and they start to grow close. In September 2019, Daniel reveals that his cancer has returned and is now terminal, and Jean promises to care for him. As her feelings for Daniel begin to blossom, and she gets excited about introducing him to Stacey, Jean receives a call from Daniel's neighbour saying that Daniel has died, having been discovered at his home. Jean attends his memorial alongside Kush Kazemi, but it is revealed that Daniel faked his own death because he felt that he was getting too emotionally involved with Jean and did not want to put her through the pain of watching him die slowly.

Two months later, Kush visits the hospital to give some magazines on Jean’s behalf and bumps into Daniel. He persuades him to come back to Walford and tell Jean the truth but he refuses. Kush gives up and says goodbye.


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