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Dan Sullivan made his first appearance 7 June 1999 before departing on 16 August 2001 and was portrayed Craig Fairbrass.

He was the hunky ex-lover of Carol Jackson who previously had a romantic fling with her daughter Bianca Butcher; he resumed his affair with Bianca until both her husband Ricky Butcher and Carol found out respectively.

Soon Dan embarked on an intense feud with his arch-nemesis Phil Mitchell; however they started out as friends and business partners when Dan bought The Vic for a fiver off Phil, but then he set him up and the two became sworn enemies. At the same time Dan had a relationship with Mel Healy, which lasted until he found out that she unwittingly helped Phil reclaim the pub from him; Dan then threatened Mel and made an enemy out of her would-be husband Steve Owen.

Later on when Phil is shot in 2001, Dan is a suspect but is proven innocent. Phil then frames Dan for the crime and Steve collaborates in Phil's plan to get Dan convicted. However, Dan is found not guilty and he takes revenge on both Phil and Steve by kidnapping Mel for a £200,000 ransom. This works successfully and Dan flees the square, considerably richer than ever before.


The character Dan Sullivan was born on the 28 November 1966, he had a sister. He gained a reputation as a petty crook. One time he had a brief affair with Bianca Jackson.


Dan arrives in Albert Square as Carol Jackson's latest boyfriend in 1999 and they plan to marry on discovering she is expecting his child. Carol's daughter Bianca is stunned to see him, as they had had a fling when she was a teenager on holiday, many years before. Dan and Bianca begin an affair, which is discovered, leading Carol to have an abortion and leave Walford. Bianca also leaves Walford. Dan stays in the Square and buys Grant Mitchell's share of The Queen Victoria public house from his brother Phil Mitchell for only £5, as Phil wanted to sell it for that measly price to spite his estranged mother Peggy Butcher. Dan and Phil become good friends but Phil and his mother call a truce. Phil then feels Dan took advantage of him when he was not thinking straight, and demands the pub back, but Dan knows about Phil's dodgy deals so Phil backs off. Dan then discovers that Phil, Roy Evans and Frank Butcher are running a dodgy scam involving the car lot, so he informs the police. He later tells Melanie Healy about this and she tells Lisa Shaw, leading to Phil finding out. Phil feels betrayed by his friend and is angry. Phil plots to win back his share of the pub and arranges a card game. When Phil wins the share back and smugly refunds Dan's £5, Dan vows revenge. He threatens Mel with phone calls and begins stalking her because she had told Phil about him informing the police and she was in on Phil's plan to throw him out of the pub. Mel is saved when her fiance Steve Owen rescues her, threatening to kill him by holding a gun to his head, unless he leaves the Square and Dan leaves Walford in July 2000.

Six months after he is last seen, he returns, wanting revenge against Phil. When Phil is shot on Steve and Mel's wedding day, Dan is a suspect, but Phil's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Shaw is responsible. Phil forgives her and decides to frame Dan instead. Dan is arrested and in court, the jury rightly find him not guilty, and he gets revenge by kidnapping Mel - thinking Steve had shot Phil. Dan gets £200,000 ransom, and leaves Walford in August 2001, considerably richer than when he first arrived and has not been seen since - although he leaves flowers on Steve Owen's grave, bearing the message "Gotcha!".

In 2003, Phil's cousin Billy hears news that Dan is back in town to settle a few scores, although this is off-screen. This is later revealed to be a hoax by the police to connect Phil to the alleged murder of Lisa. Dan is last heard to be living in Spain, but having many brushes with the law, just like he did in the square.

Kill count[]

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Phil Mitchell (16 August 2001) Plans to shoot Phil when Phil gets out of an elevator but Phil managed to disarm Dan.