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Clare Butcher is the oldest daughter of Frank and June Butcher, and the older sister of Ricky, Diane and Janine and half-sister of Danny. She made her first appearance on 22 June 1989. She is portrayed by Lucy Foxell (in 1989) and Caroline O'Neill (in 2002).

It is believed that she lives in Australia, with her husband and two daughters. She was last seen on screen in 2002.


1989: Arrival for Frank Butcher's wedding[]

Clare is the eldest child of Frank Butcher. She is only seen twice in Walford. She is married and has children but neither her husband or her children have been seen.

She first appears for her father's wedding to Pat Wicks in 1989 and leaves her sister Janine Butcher with Frank. She has been looking after Janine for most of Janine's childhood until she got promoted at work and moved to Manchester, deciding to leave Janine with Frank as he has settled with Pat.

1996-1999: Looking after Janine Butcher[]

After Frank abandons Janine and leaves Walford in 1996, Janine becomes hostile towards Pat so she is sent to Manchester with Clare off-screen. Clare also looks after her other sister Diane Butcher's son Jacques Butcher, also off-screen, when Diane abandons him in 1997.

Janine returns to Walford in 1999 and gets out of control over the years, getting involved with drugs and prostitution.

2002: Return and final departure[]

When Clare briefly returns to Walford in 2002 she is shocked that Janine has fallen so far, and upon leaving a few days later she gives Janine some money to get back on her feet.

2008: Life in Australia[]

On 1 April 2008, shortly before Frank's funeral, Dot Branning asks Clare's sister Diane of her whereabouts, and Diane says that Clare has already said goodbye to her father after visiting him when he was ill, and is now living in Australia with her family.

2022: Mentions from Janine[]

In March 2022, Janine went to stay with Clare. She also takes Scarlett to visit her in June 2022. Months later in December 2022, Janine mentions to Sonia Fowler that Clare and Diane were unable to make it to her wedding to Mick Carter

List of appearances[]


  1. 22 June 1989


  1. 28 May 2002
  2. 30 May 2002
  3. 31 May 2002

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