Christopher Reich is a British actor who appeared as David Samuels in EastEnders from 1988 to 1989.

Reich was born in 1945 in Manchester and debuted his acting career in 1975 in the television series Survivors appearing as Andrew Taylor. Although, most people know Reich for his television roles in productions Never Say Never Again, EastEnders and Jesus of Nazareth, he has had many other roles in many other productions. In '78, he appeared in the high-profile series Z-Cars, '84, he appeared in Cold Warrior and '87 he appeared in Casualty. However, that is only a selected few of his roles, altogether Reich has appeared (as a credited character) in twenty-seven productions, and his last known contribution to television was in 2004 in Doctors in which he appeared as Martin Haynes.

He married actress Lisabeth Miles in 1972 and the pair bear one child.

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