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Chatham Taylor is the son of Karen Taylor, brother of Riley and half-brother of Keanu, Keegan, Chantelle and Bernadette. He made his first appearance on 15 June 2017 and his last appearance on 28 November 2023. He is portrayed by Alfie Jacobs.


Chatham and his brother Riley suffer from learning difficulties. They are the sons of Karen Taylor and her ex-boyfriend. We don’t know much about the boy’s father but he has always played a role in their life and upbringing, with the boys usually staying with him or spending camping trips away with him. Karen explains that the only reason she didn’t give the boys their father’s last name was because she couldn’t spell or pronounce it. Although, their father has never been seen, he is mentioned quite a few times when the boys are with him. During the Lockdown, Riley and Chatham went to live with their father.


2017-2020: Arriving in Walford[]

Chatham and Riley arrive at their new flat on Albert Square after spending time with their sister, Chantelle. They settle in nicely to the new flat with mum Karen Taylor and half-siblings Keanu, Bernadette and Keegan. Karen shows the boys their new pegs where they can hang their bag and coat and Keanu explains that he has just put up their new bunk beds.

After Bernadette suffers a miscarriage, Riley and Chatham return home from their father's and they ask questions about the baby. When Bernadette complains about not having a good phone, Riley takes Stacey Fowler's phone from her car and gives it to Bernadette.

During Halloween, Riley goes missing with Janet and Amy Mitchell, but is found in the gardens.

Karen panics when Riley and Chatham are not at school to pick up and she finds them at a home with a loan shark, who insults Riley and Chatham's learning difficulties. Chatham and Riley attempt to sell Stacey's phone but eventually return it to her when Karen finds out.

In 2020, Karen sends the boys to live with their dad during lock down and agrees to joint custody, however the boys decide to stay with him and as of 2023, he rarely lets Karen see them.

2023: Return with Riley[]

In November 2023, Chatham returns alongside his brother, Riley, during Karen’s party arranged by Mitch Baker, Karen is very excited to see them both. The two spend the day in the Vic celebrating with the famil before returning home.

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