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Carol Hanley (née Stretton) made her first appearance on 28 June 1990. She was the biological mother of Sharon Watts, as well as the mother of Kristopher Hanley, Jonathan Hanley and Diane Hanley. She died off-screen in January 2015. She was the grandmother of Denny (deceased) and Albie.


Carol first appears in 1990 after she'd been tracked down by Sharon. Sharon's best friend Michelle Fowler visits Carol, who is heavily pregnant with her daughter; fathered by her husband Ron. Michelle speaks to them about contacting Sharon after years of absence. Sharon later visits Carol after her baby is born. Carol and Sharon get on well, but Carol is anxious about introducing Sharon to her two half-brothers; Kristopher and Jonathan. After Carol's confession that she only thinks of her as a good friend, Sharon realises there will never be a parental bond between them and stops seeing her.

Carol sends Sharon a letter in January 2015. After a few weeks of hesitation, Sharon decides to go to her house to visit her, accompanied by her friend Linda Carter, only to be greeted by Kristopher, who informs her that Carol has died and her funeral is taking place. Kristopher invites Sharon inside to the wake and she tells him that she was a friend of his mother. Sharon signs a condolence book for Carol and leaves.

List of appearances[]


  1. 28 June 1990
  2. 5 July 1990
  3. 26 July 1990
  4. 7 August 1990
  5. 9 August 1990
  6. 4 October 1990
  7. 11 October 1990
  8. 23 October 1990
  9. 30 October 1990
  10. 1 November 1990