Callum "Halfway" Highway (also Mitchell) is the son of Jonno Highway, the brother of Stuart Highway and the husband of Ben Mitchell.


Callum Highway sends his friend, Mick Carter, a text message saying he is coming to his area. Halfway later shoots Mick when he is robbing a van that Halfway is in, not realising it was Mick under a mask. However, Halfway recognises Mick and tries to help him by accompanying him to his home, The Queen Victoria public house, with his wife, Linda, and mother, Shirley. It emerges Halfway knows Mick and Linda because he was friends with their son, Lee, as a teenager. The following day, he offers his assistance in The Queen Vic as an apology, although he annoys the family when he accidentally orders too much alcohol and breaks glasses. Tiffany Butcher sets Halfway up to spend time with her sister, Whitney Dean. Halfway offers to buy Whitney some food and makes her laugh, so she considers meeting him again. They arrange to meet for a drink in The Queen Vic, and Whitney turns up in casual clothes and wearing no makeup, but Halfway has prepared for a date, giving her a rose and having candles. He asks if she fancies him and then pulls a ring from his pocket, to which Whitney says she will not marry him, but he says he only wants her to be his girlfriend. She turns him down and leaves, and he follows, leaving the ring behind. Mick finds the ring and has it valued at £20,000, telling Halfway that he could use the money to buy back The Queen Vic, and Halfway agrees, revealing that he found the ring during the robbery. When the ring turns out to be worth £200,000, Halfway tells Mick to save his pub as long as there will always be a room for Halfway if he needs it.

Whitney is touched when Halfway recalls how his grandfather brought him up to treat women with respect. When Halfway leaves for army duty, Whitney apologises to him, and they share a sweet goodbye. After leaving his bag behind, he returns and passionately kisses Whitney, before leaving again. Halfway and Whitney stay in contact via video calls. When Halfway returns, he is hiding a wound from his abdomen but later tells Whitney that he was injured by shrapnel in an explosion. He and Whitney have sex for the first time. Halfway reveals that he saved a child's life in the explosion and he is hailed a hero by the Carters, who throw him a party, but Halfway dislikes the attention. Halfway's brother, Stuart arrives and realises Halfway is lying about his injury. Halfway tells Mick that when he saved the child, his friend lost his legs and the child's mother was killed, but Mick says Halfway was not to blame. Halfway and Mick later assist Stuart in his work exposing paedophiles. Hoping to prove himself to Stuart, Halfway confronts Fred Lewis, but lets him go when Mick threatens him with violence. When Linda finds out, she warns Halfway and Mick that they could get hurt. Regardless, Halfway tells Stuart that he wants to confront Fred again; Stuart confronts him instead and posts a video online about it.

After discovering that Stuart attacked Mick's aunt, Tina, when they were younger, the Carter family reject Stuart and warn Halfway to do the same. Stuart manipulates Halfway into leaving the Carters and moving into his apartment; Halfway tells the Carters that Stuart needs someone to believe him. Whitney visits Halfway, who tells her that Tina attacked Stuart. After Whitney visits Stuart, he tells Halfway that Whitney tried to kiss him; Halfway ends their relationship. When Stuart confesses that he lied, Halfway disowns him and leaves. After receiving a silent voicemail from Stuart, Halfway panics that he is suicidal; he and Shirley visit Stuart's flat where she finds a defaced photo of Halfway. With Shirley's help, Halfway and Whitney reunite. Halfway meets Stuart and they argue. Stuart later asks for Halfway's support, and he protects Stuart from the Carters, claiming that he is in Dublin, as Stuart burns photos of Halfway with the Carters. Stuart is later shot in The Queen Vic by an unknown assailant with Halfway and the Carters being interviewed by the police. Shirley argues with Halfway when she accuses him of shooting Stuart, which he denies. Stuart admits to Halfway that he shot himself, before claiming that Mick shot him; Mick is arrested and Halfway, and the Carters vow to prove his innocence. Mick is later released, and Halfway rejects Stuart.

Halfway and Whitney panic when she tells him that she may be pregnant. Whitney turns out to not be pregnant, but they decide they would like a baby and they agree to try for one. Halfway later tells Whitney they should put the baby on hold and save up to buy a flat instead. Halfway is called up to the army again and his doctor, Dr Cosslett, deems him fit to return. Upset by the result of the assessment, Halfway tries to harm himself, which is witnessed by Ben Mitchell. Jay Brown is impressed with Halfway when he gets one of his clients, Mrs Coombes, to upgrade her husband's funeral plan and offers him a job as an undertaker at the funeral parlour. Halfway and Whitney also move into the flat above the parlour.

Halfway angrily confronts Ben overselling him a stolen van and it leads to a charged moment between the pair. Ben accuses Halfway of being attracted to men as well as women, but he denies it. Ben tells Halfway he should not hide who he is and they end up kissing. Still confused about his sexuality, Halfway proposes to Whitney, who happily accepts. Halfway later contacts his estranged father, Jonno, and he comes to Walford. Jonno berates Halfway for his lifestyle, and they fall out. Afterwards, Ben comforts Halfway and kisses him, which Stuart witnesses. Stuart confronts Halfway about the kiss, so Halfway confesses; Stuart then attacks Ben.

The guilt over cheating on Whitney eats away at Halfway. Not wanting to begin their life together with a secret hanging over them, Halfway confesses to Whitney he cheated on her with Ben. Whitney is devastated, but she still decides to go through with the wedding. However, Whitney changes her mind and jilts Halfway at the altar, telling him she loves him too much to let him live a lie. Later on, Hunter Owen holds the pub hostage, shooting Ben in the process. Halfway decides to be open with everyone in his life; he tells Stuart he is gay and is accepted by him. Later at the hospital, Ben awakens and asks Halfway on a date, to which he accepts.

On the day of the date, Callum sees Bobby Beale looking out of it after taking drugs and heading towards the train tracks. He follows Bobby, who is hallucinating his dead sister Lucy Beale and manages to grab him in a tunnel before he is hit by a train. In doing so, he misses the date, leaving Ben thinking he decided against it last minute until Ian receives a phone call from Callum telling him what happened to Bobby. Bobby and Callum talk about what happened, with Callum referencing his own experience with 'shell shock' from the army. Callum tells Ben that they should delay the date for Ben to be there for his family.

Whitney comes back from the honeymoon holiday to move her things from their apartment, and return the key. Callum apologises again, with Whitney telling him that he shouldn't let it be in vain. Callum admits to her that he doesn't feel he deserves to move on, and Whitney reassures him that she had a fling while on holiday and that they should go on their planning date. After a warning from Sonia to stay away from Whitney, Callum gets drunk. When Jay shows up, they briefly talk about Callum's mixed feelings to Whitney having moved on, and he says he will never forgive himself for cheating on her, to which Jay responds that Ben also holds the blame. Drunkenly, he decides to go and see Ben have a go and gets angry when Ben makes light of the situation. He claims he only came out because Ben got in his head. He breaks down, trying to kiss Ben, but Ben pushes him off, saying he only kisses him when he's drunk. Callum interprets this as full rejection, but Ben reassures him they'll work through it when Callum is sober.

Eventually, Callum and Ben go on a date at the Prince Albert, but unbeknownst to Callum, Stuart has warned Ben that he will be putting Callum at risk like he did Paul, so Ben acts up to put Callum off. After inviting Jay and Lola along to their date, Ben ignores Callum's questions, mocking the date, and then makes out with another guy in the bar, claiming he and Callum were never 'exclusive', prompting Callum to leave.

Callum and Stuart's dad, Jonno, shows up again, claiming to want to see the newly marries coupling, not knowing that Cal and Whit have split up. Jonna gives Callum some lingerie for Whitney, which Callum quickly realises is stolen. Under the advice of Lola, Callum refuses to give up on him and Ben. He shows up at the Queen Vic, where Jay and Ben are having a drink, and tells Ben that they are going on another date and that Jay needs to start helping with the paperwork at Coker and Mitchell. Ben initially refuses again, saying that Callum couldn't be with him in public. He tells Callum that if he can kiss him in front of everyone, completely sober, that he'll go out with him again. Then, Jonno shows up with Whitney and Stuart, demanding to know why the wedding was called off. Callum comes out to his father, who responds poorly and calls him slurs, at which point Phil Mitchell steps in and punches Jonno. Callum then kisses Ben outside the Vic, and Ben agrees to go on a date with him again, with Callum joking that he doesn't want another date after that kiss, before leaving.

Over the next few months, Callum and Ben are seen on multiple dates, several of which are interrupted by Callum's concern for Whitney as she is on a date with Leo King. However, she is currently not aware of his real identity as the son of the man who sexually abused her as a child. Initially, Ben tries to tell Callum that Whitney isn't in danger, but Callum insists it'll be his fault if Whitney is hurt, so goes over to talk to Whitney and check on her because she's drunk, and Leo is interrogating her about Tony. Whitney tries to kiss him when Callum dodges, she leaves with Tony, and Callum joins Ben in the Vic. Tony is seen going through Callum's FaceBook, trying to find dirt on him.

Callum walks into the Beale residence, to find Ben dancing with Lexi. He and Jay leave to deal with a funeral; they later realise that the man is the man who killed Jay's father in 2008. Callum calls Ben to help with refusing the funeral, but Jay shows up when he is talking to the widow and accepts the funeral. Callum leaves, and allows Whitney to scrub her stall clean of graffiti, they hug, which Leo sees.

Callum apologises to Leo, who instantly invites him for a drink, he tries to leave to cook for Ben. Leo begins interrogating Callum about drunk nights in the army, which he claims Whitney told him about when Whitney and Lola walk in on. He accidentally lets slip that he's cooking Whitney's chicken pasta for Ben. Claiming to want to talk about her legal options regarding her stall, Leo takes Whitney to a different table, where she sees a file on his laptop marked 'Callum Highway'. When opened, a video of his army days plays, where he doesn't help a drunk girl who his army mates are trying to undress. Callum says she woke up and nothing had happened to her, but Whitney asks him what would have happened if she hadn't woken up. In the video, Callum argues with his friends, but doesn't stop them nor leave. It is implied Callum didn't intervene because he thought it might've outed him, but it is never addressed again, leading to viewer criticism surrounding the use of a girl's sexual assault for shock value. Lola also sees the video and appears shocked and disappointed by Callum, but this is also never brought up again. Callum is told to make dinner for Ben, but Ben doesn't show up due to issues with Martin and the police. In the morning, Ben points out that the video was purposefully shown by Leo to 'warn off the competition'.

The next day, Callum sees Whitney in the market, who's smile drops and she walks away. Callum goes to E20 and confronts Leo about what happened, and questions how he found the video as the man who posted the video is not even listed on any of Callum's social media. He realises Leo actively tried to hurt Whitney by destroying her growing friendship with Callum. Callum discovers that Leo has been somewhat stalking Whitney, following her home and working with her friends, and even moving into the square.

On November 7th, Jay and Lola invite Ben and Callum out for a drink to the Prince Albert, surprising Ben with the return of Paul's grandmother Pam Coker. Ben starts acting out of character, introducing Callum as his 'friend', and denies having moved on from Paul due to guilt. Pam reveals that she's heard all about Callum, however also says it has been from Jay rather than from Ben, relating to his job in the funeral directors. Callum leaves the event early after Pam begins asking questions about him and Whitney. He appears hurt that Ben is denying their relationship, and refuses to let Ben pay for the drinks when Callum's card gets declined due to the strain of paying for the apartment he shared with Whitney by himself. Ben attempts to stop him leaving, and Pam notices their fight when Callum goes off to the Vic, and talks to Mick about Ben.

Ben and Pam go to find Mick at the Vic, where Ben is prompted by a now filled-in Pam to apologise to Callum and calls him his boyfriend for the first time.

Callum and Ben officially become boyfriends

However, things quickly become awkward when Ben offers Callum the managers job at Coker's, only for Callum to say he's been considering becoming a police officer since Ben was shot. Ben runs off in a panic to tell Jay and Lola, who find the turn of events hilarious.

Callum attends the first Beale family lunch, at which Ben implies Callum is not longer considering joining the police. Callum appears annoyed at the assertion, stating he's still considering it, which is mocked by Jay, Lola and Martin, and Callum begins to grow suspicious of Ben's history. Bobby goes to the funeral parlour and sees Callum, with Bobby going to talk to Callum about Ben. He tells Callum he'd make a great copper, as Callum had talked Bobby down on the train tracks, saying that Ben shouldn't stop him from joining the police. Callum goes to see Ben at the arches, to address the fact that Ben got drunk at the family dinner, and wrecked the kitchen. He asks Ben to leave behind the 'dodgy deals', but Ben points out that he'd be marked a snitch if Callum became a policeman,  which would put his life in danger. Callum leaves, saying Ben needs to change. They later meet up at the Queen Vic, and Ben mocks the police, with Callum showing him a website to apply for the police force. Ben asks why he should give up his reputation and businesses, and Callum says he doesn't have the right to tell Ben to change as a person but asks him to go legitimate. He sees Ben and Tubbs exchanging money, and appears disappointed that Ben has ignored his suggestion.

Callum goes on to talk to Jack Branning about the police force, asking for advice. Jack tells him it's more complicated than it used to be and says he will put a recommendation in for Callum. Ben comes in as Jack is leaving, and Jack suggests he should watch out for Ben as to not 'ruin his police career before it has begun'. Callum goes to leave, saying Ben won't change for him even though he changed for Ben. As Callum is leaving Coker and Mitchell's, he hears Ben telling Tubbs that the loan business is his now, and he is going to focus his efforts on the car lot. He tells Callum he better look good in a police uniform, and they kiss. Ben comments he won't be nice to everyone, and Callum makes sure Ben isn't just saying what he wants to hear and is being honest, which Ben assures him he is. Callum walks into the car lot where Ben is warning Tubbs to leave Karen Taylor alone and reveals that he is training for the police assessment. He asks Ben for help with 'roleplay', which involves Ben pretending to be a robber with a gun, and Jay and Lola playing hostages. Ben fake kills Lola. Callum 'disarms' Ben of the banana game when Shirley walks in to talk to Ben about Tubb's spreading the word on Callum's police application. The development means that Shirley is also out of pocket, and is keeping the truth from Phil.

Callum goes to the Vic, and Whitney and Leo leave instantly. Jack asks about Leo, saying he shares Callum's awful feeling about Leo. Callum goes on to talk to Jay about Leo, with Jay saying that Callum is jealous. Jay reveals that Leo came in looking for memorial flowers, which is odd because Leo is not from the area and shouldn't know of anyone buried in the local area. Callum confronts Leo, who threatens to kill him if he doesn't stop asking questions about Leo and Whitney. He goes to Tiffany, trying to warn her about Leo, but she dismisses him as jealous. Callum tells Ben, who offers to deal with it, but Callum tells him he can handle it. Tiffany turns up in a panic, saying that Callum was right about Leo, and they rush to the hotel to get Whitney away from Leo. When they arrive, Leo is nowhere to be found, and Whitney is acting suspiciously calm.

The next day, Callum wakes up early to find Ben downstairs, unable to sleep, unbeknownst to Callum, it's over Phil and Sharon. Callum and Ben are interrupted by a call from Phil. In the shop, Stuart tells Callum that he's having a lunch for Raine's release and that he's starting work at Coker's. Callum appears uncomfortable with the idea. Callum goes to see Whitney, and they talk about Tony and Leo, with Callum offering to take her to the police. Whitney says it's her fault that she let Leo in for posting online, and Callum blames himself as they met on what was supposed to be their honeymoon. Whitney refuses to go to the police. Callum goes to see Gray, saying they have to do something, but they need Whitney to file a report against him to do anything against Leo. Later, Whitney goes to return Callum's phone but instead finds Ben. She warns him not to mess things up with Callum, and that he's a good guy.

Callum arrives late to Stuart's party, having forgotten. No one, including Raine, turned up, and Callum re-assures Stuart that he is happy they're going to be working together.

Callum continues training for the police test, telling Ben he'll 'smash' the bleep test. He reveals that Ben has been kicking him all night, and asks what is wrong. Ben pokes fun at the situation, mentioning that Stuart and Raine had an incredibly noisy reunion, to change the subject. Callum bumps into Whitney who has been avoiding him and asks again about her reporting Leo. He says he wishes he hadn't been right about Leo, and she leaves insisting she needs to move on from it all.

He goes with Ben, Jay, Lola and Lexi to the 'winter wonderland', winning elf ears that they make Ben wear. He goes and takes Lexi to see the reindeer, and buys her a teddy. Callum talks to Jay and Lola, asking for help with what to buy Ben for Christmas, but they are of little use. Jay gives Callum some time off work to look for something, and Callum settles on a wallet with a picture of him and Lexi inside.

Lola tells Callum that Ben is lucky to have him and that he's changed with Callum around. She also comments that it's the first time she's not worried him bringing up Lexi. Ben comes to Callum's apartment late on, talking about how stressful the day has been. They talk about the day briefly, with Ben not knowing Callum saw him earlier carrying an injured Jack through the square after Phil beat him up in the Arches, thinking he had been having an affair with Sharon. Ben avoids any further questions, instead changed the topic to Christmas songs.

Callum spots blood on Ben's shirt, while Ben pretends there's nothing other than work going on

Lola tells Callum that Ben is lucky to have him and that he's changed with Callum around. She also comments that it's the first time she's not worried him bringing up Lexi. Ben comes to Callum's apartment late on, talking about how stressful the day has been. They talk about the day briefly, with Ben not knowing Callum saw him earlier carrying an injured Jack through the square after Phil beat him up in the Arches, thinking he had been having an affair with Callum spots blood on Ben's shirt. He goes to ask about the blood, but decides against it, instead choosing to suggest they order a takeaway.

The next morning, Callum tells Ben that he saw him with Jack Branning, and the blood on his shirt, as he was hoping Ben would say to him of his own accord. Ben warns him that his family is his own business and that Callum should stay out of it. Stuart and Raine start working with Jay and Callum at the funeral parlour, with Stuart seeming excited about the new job when talking with Callum. Callum is concerned as to whether Stuart can trust her, and he responds that love forgives everything and that her past is irrelevant, making Callum consider the Ben situation. They meet at the Vic, and Callum questions whether they are 'on track'. Ben confesses that Phil, not Ben hurt Jack, and Ben was trying to get him out. Ben says he didn't tell Callum sooner because he was 'giving him evils'. When asked if they're alright, Callum responds that they're 'getting there', and Ben buys him a drink. Callum goes and asks Jack about what happened, who lies saying a drunk did it. Jack reminds Callum that he was going to get a job in the police, saying nothing has changed for Callum nor Ben, saying that the Mitchell's don't change and that they are 'like father like son,' with Sharon. Ben avoids any further questions, instead of changing the topic to Christmas songs.

Ben and Callum meet at Callum's apartment, where Callum confronts him about the situation again, saying he doesn't believe it was all Phil when Ben asks him to accept him. Ben says he is protecting him, and Callum reminds him that he was a soldier. Ben explains that what they have is good and that he wants to keep it separate from Phil. Callum says he can handle whatever it is Ben is doing, and that he wants to know, Ben says it's irrelevant. Callum confesses that he's in love with Ben, who asks him why he had to do that, before leaving. Callum follows him to the square and says he needs to protect Callum from Ben's world. He then breaks up with him, despite Callum asking him not to, with Ben claiming they aren't well suited. Ben denies loving Callum and tells him to find someone else to love because they're done.

Stuart and Callum talk about Ben, with Stuart saying Ben isn't loyal and is probably getting off with someone else already. Callum leaves and goes to see Whitney. He apologises for talking about Ben but says he has no one else to talk to, and they go on a walk together as friends. They go to the park, and Callum tells her about Ben trying to change and going back on it. She tells him that maybe Ben isn't right for him and that he can do better. They are interrupted as Leo arrives, and Whitney asks to go in a panic. Gray stops Leo from following them. At the Vic, Whitney tells him that Leo can't be prosecuted because she technically went with him out of his own free will. Phil shows up, ordering a whiskey, and is stopped when Ben comes, downing the drink, not acknowledging Callum's presence, which Callum points out to Whitney. Gray tells them that Leo is still in the square.

Callum looks to Ben, taking a drink, and attacks Leo in the street, stopped by Jack and another officer, who detain him. Whitney and Callum talk about the attack the next day, with her assuming it was about Ben. She tells him she's going to take a stand. On the 24th, Callum decides to leave Walford, asking Ben if he should bother coming back or not. Ben responds that he shouldn't do so on his account, and Callum goes to stay with a friend from the army for Christmas to clear his head. He gives Ben the present he bought for him, telling him to open it on Christmas. Lexi hands it to him the next day, telling him that Callum would come back if he asked him to.

On the 13th of January, Callum returns to Walford, showing up to the car lot. Ben whips the desk clean, and they have sex, but when they start talking after Ben says it was a mistake. Callum admits to missing Ben but still wants to know what happened over Christmas. Ben refuses to give him an answer and tells him he should leave. Ben jokes about Callum being a copper and tells him Callum is too good for him when asked about Sharon and Keanu. Callum eventually leaves.

Callum has breakfast with Stuart and Raine, telling Callum that she's going to set him up as he can 'do better than Ben Mitchell'. Raine asks about what type of men Callum is into in the Vic, as Ben has a drink. Ben later sees Callum in the Cafe with another man, and intervenes with the 'date', insulting the man, only to be told he was helping Callum with his police application, and it was not, in fact, a date. Callum tells Ben to destroy his own life, but leave his alone. Callum comes and confronts him at the Mitchell household, where Ben apologises, clearly drunk and upset. Callum assures him that he's not scared of a few 'dodgy cars' and deals, but Ben points out that it's more than that. Ben brakes and tells Callum that he ordered the kill on Keanu, saying that Callum couldn't love him if he knew about how much more than a few 'dodgy deals' the situation involved. Callum leaves in a hurry.

After the police show up at the house, Ben confronts Callum about what he said, but Callum hadn't snitched. He tells Ben that if that's all he came for, then he can get out of the flat, as Ben attempts to apologise. Raine continues to try and set Callum up, but Callum is resistant initially. Callum agrees to go on a date at the Albert, but the guy realises that Callum isn't interested, and tells him that he won't be offended if Callum has left by the time he gets back from the toilets. When the date returns, Callum is gone and has left him a drink. On his way out, he stops to watch Ben and Lexi, as Sharon tells him he's free of the Mitchells and should stay that way for his good.

Ben tells Callum that he's leaving and that it was Keanu he had killed. He and Callum talk and Callum insists that they can work through it, but Ben goes for the Arches, so he follows. Callum stops Phil from attacking Sharon, then Ben and Phil are arrested due to Sharon informing the police about their supposed relation to Keanu's appearance. They're released from custody due to the lack of evidence. Callum and Stuart argue over Ben, with Callum saying people need to forgive Ben for his past mistakes.

Callum and Ben talk about Ben leaving again, with Callum saying he loves Ben, and asking for him to stay for him and Lexi. He denies this, but in the car looks at the wallet Callum gave him, and returns to the square, telling Callum that he makes him want to be better. They kiss in the square and go off with Lexi and Lola.

After finding a goodbye note, Kathy confronts Ben at the carlot, asking Callum for reassurance that Ben was not responsible for Keanu, as she believes Ben would only lie to her. Callum lies, saying Ben had nothing to with it. He encourages Ben to comfort Kathy. Jack and Mick talk about Callum joining the police again, when Bernie Taylor appears, asking Callum if he knows anything about Keanu from Ben. He lies once more, claiming he's not heard anything and leaves the Vic to go practice for his police test.

Callum is seen being watched by Keanu as he leaves the funeral parlour. He goes to the launderette to get his suit cleaned for the assessment, where Stuart comes in, telling him to bring their grandfather's medal for luck. He asks Callum to meet him in the Vic afterwards, but Callum and Ben have made plans, to which Stuart tells him not to bring Ben up at the assessment as it may harm his chances due to Ben's reputation. Callum decides against the assessment after what Stuart has said until Ben finds him at the apartment and encourages him to take the assessment. After Ben leaves, there is a buzz at the door, which Callum assumes is Ben, so lets him in. Instead, he is met with Keanu, who knocks him out and locks him in a car boot.

Keanu holds Callum for ransom, but Ben can't get the money in time. Throughout his capture, Keanu sends Ben images and videos of Callum as evidence that he's alive, but also as a threat. Keanu discovers that Callum knew about the hit that Ben ordered on him, and didn't tell anyone. As the deadline approaches for Ben to get the money, Callum is almost able to talk Keanu into letting him go, until Ben calls with the threat that he is holding a pregnant Sharon at gunpoint.

To meet Ben on the boat, Keanu leaves Callum, who can get out of his restraints but ends up falling from a height into a pile of rubble. Keanu tells Phil the location he is holding Callum, but Shirley is unable to find him as he has moved from the spot he had been left. Phil tries to kill Keanu, but Ben stops him by pointing a gun to his head, stating that he would shoot his father for Callum. The boat crashes, and Ben and Keanu end up in the water before they can find out where Callum is. On the dock, Keanu tells Ben that Callum is being held at the warehouse, but Ben had hit his head, losing the hearing in both his ears, making him unable to hear him. Ben continues to look for Callum, involving Jay, Lola and Stuart, and they search the warehouse.

At the warehouse, Ben spots the medal and can find Callum. He ends up in hospital on a drip, and Stuart brings him to the Beale house after a day, when he is told Ben can no longer hear. Ben insists Callum break up with him, but Callum draws 'I love you' onto his back, and they make up. Callum begins using his phone to type out what he wants to say to Ben, and they go to have sex. Ben gets them some beers but has a breakdown when he realises he can't hear the slam of the drawer, and Callum finds him in the kitchen bashing pans together.

Callum joins in with the houses movie night and flinches as Lexi jumps on him, with his ribs still injured. Lexi reminds him to put the subtitles on. After Lola's drunken night, he comes downstairs and loudly greets Lola and Lexi, much to Lola's hungover annoyance. Callum and Stuart talk about how to cheer up Rainie, with Callum suggesting he has to do better if he wants to impress her.

Callum continues to train for the police and struggles to communicate with Ben. He suggests that they take BSL courses together, but Ben is insistent that he'll get his hearing back soon with the cochlear implant. Callum sees Ben and Danny Hardcastle talking, and is worried for Ben's safety. He is concerned when Ben reacts poorly to his intervention, believing that he might attempt to get involved again with old 'colleagues'. After discovering that Ben had hired out Ruby's bar for a few hours, and had another heated encounter with Stuart, Callum interrupts his meeting with Danny Hardcastle, pretending to be his assistant to interpret for Ben. From one of his informants, Hardcastle learns that Callum is about to take his police assessment, and so threatens them both until Ben has to confess that he's now deaf. Ben and Callum fight, with Ben placing the blame entirely on Callum, before storming out. Callum takes his police assessment, then learns from Kathy Beale that Ben has been arrested. On his way to see Ben, he passes Jack, with whom he talks about his future, and Jack warns him to break up with Ben if he wants to succeed in the force. He goes to break things off, claiming he can't handle it anymore, but stays when Ben apologises and breaks down in a panic attack.

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