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Bruno di Marco made his first appearance on 29 January 1998. He is portrayed by Leon Lissek .


Bruno was born 1 August 1927.


Bruno and his wife Luisa first appear at the funeral of their son, Giuseppe. They had been doting parents to Giuseppe and are devastated by his death. They live with Giuseppe's wife, Rosa, and her family. They are very proud of their Italian ancestry but they actually know very little about their homeland, as they had been raised in London and lived there most of her life.

Bruno like his father before him had been the owner of an Italian restaurant in London's Soho, which he later gave to Giuseppe as a wedding present. The restaurant began to struggle financially, and when Giuseppe died in 1998, the di Marcos were forced to close it down. Giuseppe's friend George Palmer who had bailed the restaurant out of debt several times in the past recruits the di Marcos to run his new Italian restaurant in Walford, which he names Giuseppe's. Bruno and Luisa's family refer to them as Nonno and Nonna, which is Italian for grandfather and grandmother.

Bruno is stricken with bronchitis due to years of heavy smoking, which means that he is unable to work or help out in the restaurant. He likes to drink, play cards and hold family meetings at his favourite table.

List of appearances[]


  1. 29 January 1998
  2. 19 February 1998
  3. 12 March 1998
  4. 20 April 1998
  5. 21 April 1998
  6. 11 May 1998
  7. 14 May 1998
  8. 28 May 1998
  9. 2 July 1998
  10. 21 July 1998
  11. 31 August 1998
  12. 14 December 1998
  13. 17 December 1998