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Dr. Briony Campbell made her first appearance on 28 April 2006. She is portrayed by Rae Hendrie.


Briony Campbell is a paediatrician who looks after Freddie Mitchell when he is injured and has blood on the brain.


She interviews Oliver Cousins, Walford's GP and boyfriend of Freddie's mother, Little Mo Mitchell. Oliver tells her that Mo had once nearly hit Freddie. Briony then informs the police and social services, who investigate Mo. When Mo finds out that Oliver had told Briony, she ends their relationship. After more extensive tests, Freddie is found to have a low platelet count, and Mo is cleared of all allegations. Mo later thinks that Briony and Oliver are a couple, but Briony informs her that Oliver still likes her.

List of appearances[]


  1. 28 April 2006
  2. 1 May 2006
  3. 2 May 2006
  4. 5 May 2006
  5. [[11 May 2006]
  6. 12 May 2006
  7. 15 May 2006
  8. 16 May 2006