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Brenda Flaherty made her first appearance on 22 September 1997. She is portrayed by Janet Behan.


Brenda is Maggie's daughter-in-law, married to her son Eamonn, and mother to his children, Colette, Eamonn Jnr and Kylie Flaherty.

She is sent to collect Pauline Fowler and her family and takes them to meet Maggie.

She is lazy and smelly; Mary Flaherty says she needs a bath. She is too lazy to collect her son, Eamonn Jnr, from choir practice, and sends Martin Fowler and Colette to get him.

List of appearances[]


  1. 22 September 1997
  2. 23 September 1997
  3. 25 September 1997