Bill Lyons wrote 60 episodes of EastEnders between February 1985 and June 1989 and was appointed story editor in 1988, a position he remained for one consecutive year.

Bill began his career as an actor but has been writing extensively for TV and radio for over fifty years. Excluding EastEnders, he has written for some major BBC tv series - Z Cars, Angels, Doctor Who, Blake's Seven and Juliet Bravo. His ITV work includes Marked Personal and Rooms for Thames TV, Crossroads (ATV) and Emmerdale. He has contributed to Scene, Going to Work and many more BBC schools and continuing education programmes and won the 1973 Writers' Guild Award for his work in that field. He has also written scripts for Waggoners Walk and numerous single plays for BBC radio.

Episodes written by Bill Lyons

1985 (15 episodes)

1986 (16 episodes)

1987 (15 episodes)

1988 (10 episodes)

1989 (4 episodes)

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