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Bev Williams (also known as Lucy) made her first appearance on 12 October 1989. She is first portrayed by an uncredited actress and then later by Diane Langton.


During the 1980s, Lucy owns a hat stall on Turpin Road market, which Cindy runs with her in 1988. Lucy and her husband then move to Devon and her pitch on the market is taken over by Laurie Bates in 1989.


Lucy remains unseen until October 1989, when they attend the wedding of Cindy and her fiance Ian Beale. After they get married, they go with Ian's family to 14B Walford Towers, however they all decide to leave early due to rising tension between Ian and Cindy. They are seen again in February 1990, when she and her husband attend their grandson Steven Beale's christening. At the end of 1990, Cindy, Simon Wicks and Steven move away from London to stay with Lucy in Devon.

Bev is not seen again until November 1998, when Cindy's former husband, Ian Beale meets her at the coroner's office following Cindy's death. She had been estranged from her daughter until a few months before she died, when Cindy contacted her asking for money. She could not give Cindy any money however, as her husband, Tom, had left her that year. Ian gives her a lift to the hospital to see Cindy's newborn baby, Cindy, and she tries to get him to take the child in as his own, threatening to put the baby into care. However, custody of the baby is eventually given to Bev's other daughter Gina Williams, who lives with her mother in Devon. Bev appears at Cindy's funeral, and later in August 1999 when Ian visits her and Gina to watch the eclipse. She persuades Melanie Healy to propose to Ian, as Gina is trying to split them up.

In 2007, Gina and Cindy Jr appear without Bev. In August 2010, her granddaughter Lucy Beale moves to Devon to live with Bev. Four months later, her grandson Peter Beale goes to live with her. Lucy and Peter return to Walford in January 2012 and June 2013 respectively, with Cindy following in August 2013. On 8 February 2024 it was confirmed that Bev is dead.

Background information[]

  • Bev was originally known as 'Lucy', with Cindy even naming Lucy Beale after her. However when she returned in 1998, she was referred to as Bev.

List of appearances[]


  1. 12 October 1989


  1. 20 February 1990


  1. 9 November 1998
  2. 10 November 1998
  3. 12 November 1998


  1. 10 August 1999

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