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Betty made her first appearance on 31 August 2004 and last appears in 2007.


Betty was found in a bag by Bruce and Gus Smith. After Gus' attempts to convince his brother Juley Smith to keep her as a sister for Wellard fail, Gus tries to give her to Patrick and Yolande Trueman. They initially decide to keep Betty, but give her back to Gus when she chews on his shoe. Gus then tries to convince Adi Ferreira to keep her, which fails. Just when Gus has given up, she is spotted by Pauline Fowler, who decides to keep her and name her after her deceased dog, Betty. After Pauline dies, Dot Branning looks after her. Martin, Sonia and Rebecca Fowler take Betty with them when they move out of Walford in 2007.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • Betty is a Cairn Terrier and her colour is described as red brindle. Betty was born 12 August 2004.
  • In the show, Betty was named after Pauline's aunt Betty. Actress Wendy Richard named her after Betty Slocombe from Are You Being Served!
  • Betty was besotted with Wendy Richard who plays her on-screen owner. The feeling was mutual, as Wendy was the patron of the Cairn Terrier Relief Association of Great Britain. She lives with four other dogs, five cats, tortoises, chickens, geese, ducks and ponies. Betty likes to chew everything she can get her teeth into!