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Beth Kennedy made her first appearance on 12 August 2014. She is portrayed by Jordan Baker.


Beth is a journalist from The London Telegraph who attends a televised appeal for witnesses regarding the murder of Lucy Beale.


In August 2014 She criticises the progress of the investigation and upsets Lucy's father, Ian Beale, by suggesting that Lucy was an habitual user of drugs.

In July 2015 she turns up on Ian's doorstep (45 Albert Square), Ian recognises her and tells her to leave. Before she does, she tells him the police have a new lead in Lucy's murder they have a witness to the murder.

Later in October 2015 Beth turn up in the Café to ask Jane Beale about her thoughts on Max Branning's conviction. Beth mentioned the affair and Jane's son Bobby. Jane asked to leave and Sharon Mitchell told her get out or she'd throw her out.

List of appearances[]


  1. 12 August 2014


  1. 14 July 2015
  2. 5 October 2015