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Beppe di Marco is the son of Giuseppe and Rosa di Marco the brother of Gianni, Teresa and Nicky di Marco and the father of Joe di Marco.


1998-1999: Arrival and feud with Grant Mitchell[]

Beppe di Marco first appeared in January 1998 on the day his late father, Giuseppe, is laid to rest at his funeral; during the service he meets his father's old friend George Palmer and fellow attendee Peggy Mitchell. Afterwards, Beppe moves to Albert Square in February 1998 along with the rest of his family, mother Rosa, brother Gianni and sisters Teresa and Nicky di Marco. It soon transpires that while his family have come to Walford to open a successful Italian restaurant, Beppe has built himself a successful career in the police force; he has been progressing through the ranks to the Vice squad.

It later emerges that Beppe had an ex-wife named Sandra and that she conceived their little son, Joe. More to the point, Beppe is a single father as Sandra has abandoned him and Joe when their child was 10 months old - driven away by Beppe's interfering family, who never forgave her for not being Italian.

Upon his arrival, Beppe instantly clashes with the square's local hardmen - that being Peggy's thuggish sons Phil and Grant Mitchell; the situation is Phil and Grant are known to dabble on the wrong side of the law and Beppe, being a police officer himself, sees them as trouble makers. While his dispute with Phil often appears less occasional from time to time, Beppe's animosity towards Grant continues to increase to the point where the two become sworn enemies. Beppe's feud with Grant escalates when he forms a close friendship with Grant's mistreated wife Tiffany Mitchell. It isn't long before Beppe falls in love with Tiffany and urges her to leave Grant for him. Beppe confronts Grant in The Queen Victoria public house over his cruelty towards Tiffany and the pair brawl. Tiffany decides to leave Grant after she finds out that Grant has slept with her mother Louise Raymond and she packs her bags ready to flee Walford with her and Grant's daughter, Courtney.

However, just as Tiffany is about to leave, she falls down the stairs - leading everyone to suspect that Grant had pushed her. Beppe is furious and has Grant arrested for attempted murder. He also pressures Tiffany, who is recovering in hospital, to agree that Grant had pushed her in order to keep him locked up. Tiffany does, but her conscience gets the better of her and she later writes a letter exonerating her husband of any wrongdoing and instructs her best friend, Bianca Butcher, to hand it to the police after she has left Walford. However, before she leaves, Tiffany is killed in a car accident driven by Bianca's father-in-law Frank Butcher; she had been trying to reclaim her child from Grant, who has been released on bail the same day, and ended up running into Frank's car by accident.

The follow-up of Tiffany's death sees Beppe mourn her passing. Because she had been on the verge of leaving her husband to elope with Beppe, he never forgives Grant for the events that caused her death. So much so that when he gets the letter that exonerates his nemesis, Beppe burns it rather than see Grant cleared. But this backfires when Grant is cleared of all charges and Beppe is subsequently kicked off the force for withholding evidence and police misconduct. When Grant finds out about the letter and what Beppe did to it, he punches Beppe and vows revenge on him.

Now out of work, Beppe gets a job as a cab driver working for local businessman Barry Evans. He later embarks on a stormy relationship with Grant's little sister, Sam Mitchell. Sam takes the relationship more seriously than Beppe, and becomes extremely jealous of his platonic friendship with his flatmate Nina Harris. Not long afterwards, Sam dumps Beppe when Grant tells her about what he did to the letter that proved Grant didn't push Tiffany down the stairs.

2000-2002: Corruption and relationship Problems[]

Before the year 2000 emerged, Beppe had formed a somewhat close friendship with Phil and Grant's enemy Steve Owen. The two soon establish a business partnership when Steve offers Beppe to take on management at his nightclub, The E20. This works well despite some certain issues between the pair, and Beppe's police contacts come in handy at one stage when drugs are found in the club and he manages to persuade them to turn a blind eye.

At one point, though, Beppe's family are unhappy when Teresa has a relationship with Steve's former employee Matthew Rose in the midst of the latter and Steve being trialled for the murder of Steve's ex-girlfriend Saskia Duncan - whom Steve had murdered in self-defence on the E20's opening night before he later framed Matthew for the crime. When Steve is exonerated and becomes the square's public enemy due to what he did to Matthew in the end, Beppe is one of the few people to stand by him. He later warns Teresa when she begins dating Steve's love rival Dan Sullivan, but this is partly due to Beppe and Dan each having romantic interests in Steve's eventual wife Mel Healy.

In 2000, Beppe is unhappy when his estranged wife Sandra arrives on the square - hoping to gain access to their son, Joe. Although she is met with hostility at first, she and Beppe soon grow closer and eventually rekindle their romance; this comes at the disgust of his family. Because of his ties, he also decides to stay in Walford when the rest of his family move to Leicester. Beppe is still in love with Sandra and soon begins pressurising her to have more children. The suggestion is met with hostility and she flatly refuses.

Not long afterwards, Beppe gets reacquainted with his old vice-squad partner Jack Robbins. It soon turns out though that Robbins is actually looking for Sandra, and it steadily transpires that she had been romantically involved with Robbins for years before she came back to Walford; their secret relationship broke down after Sandra had suffered a miscarriage that left her unable to have children. Sandra tries to deny her feelings for Robbins, but eventually admits she to still being in love with him. It then becomes clear that Sandra had only reconciled with Beppe in order to get custody of their son. She and Robbins reignite their romance and they make plans to flee Walford with Joe. But when they're about to leave, however, Beppe catches them at it and discovers their plan; he thereupon attacks Robbins, takes Joe back, and denies Sandra any access to their son.

Sandra and Robbins subsequently threaten to take Beppe to court for custody of Joe. Fearing that they win the case and unwilling to lose his son, Beppe retaliates by using his police contacts to plant drugs on Robbins. This works successfully and Robbins ends up getting sacked from the force. By then, however, the constant rowing is having a negative effect on Joe and he finds it difficult to choose between his warring parents. This culminates in Joe telling his father that he hates him and wants to be with his mother. Beppe refuses to accept his wishes, so Joe later runs onto a road to be with his mother. But then as Beppe demands his son to come back to him, Joe ends up running into a car and gets hit by it. Beppe and Sandra are horrified when their son is immediately hospitalized; they are relieved to learn that Joe is not seriously hurt, but the accident makes his parents rethink their behaviour. Beppe eventually allows Sandra visitation rights and makes amends with Robbins; soon afterwards, Sandra and Robbins leave Walford.

By this point in 2001, Beppe has developed a romantic crush on Joe's babysitter Lynne Slater. She soon grows romantically close to him despite being engaged to her fiancé Garry Hobbs. What subsequently follows is a love triangle between Beppe and Garry as the former tries to win over Lynne before her wedding to the latter takes place. This continues when Lynne later comforts Beppe over his womanising ways, as he had contracted a minor STD due to having sex with anonymous women before dumping them after getting bored. When the day of her wedding to Garry eventually happens in December that year, Beppe resolves to stop her from marrying Garry and pleads with her to choose him over her would-be husband; Lynne is tempted with Beppe's offer, but he is left devastated when she chooses Garry and ends up marrying the latter.

In 2002, Beppe buys out Steve's co-ownership of the E20 on the day the latter is supposed to leave Walford with Mel; that same day, however, Steve gets killed in a car crash following a high-speed vehicle chase with Phil at the climax of their longstanding rivalry. Following Steve's death and funeral, Mel is shocked to learn that her husband had sold the E20 to Beppe when he informs her about this - as Mel had been led to believe that she would be the club's sole owner.

In June 2002, Beppe decides to leave Walford after learning that his mother has died of a heart attack and that their family are expecting his support; he sells the club to Phil and Grant's former lover, Sharon Watts, and wishes Lynne all the best before he eventually departs the square to tend to his grieving family.

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