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Belinda Peacock (née Slater), is the sister of Kat, Lynne and Little Mo and daughter of Viv and Charlie Slater. She is portrayed Leanne Lakey in her initial stint from 2001 to 2003 and Carli Norris in 2016, who had also previously played the role of Alice McMahon in 1998.


Belinda is the only Slater sister to reject her working class roots, as she likes to think she is superior to her sisters, but she is not as classy as she makes out. Belinda is married to Neville Peacock who is wealthy and she frequently brags about this to her sisters. Belinda usually turns up in Albert Square when she is having marriage problems.



She wears a blonde wig and speaks in an exaggerated accent, but reveals her true self at Lynne's hen night under the influence of alcohol. She has brief flings with Jamie Mitchell and her brother-in-law Garry Hobbs during her brief appearances.

Although Belinda resides in Kent, within driving distance of Walford, she makes great use of her villa in Lanzarote. She often holidays there and her grandmother Mo Harris frequently visits, although Belinda often lets down her father Charlie.

Belinda is mentioned 2008 when she promises Charlie that she is returning to spend some time with him, only then to cancel, leaving Charlie very upset.

Belinda also makes a small cameo appearance in Slaters in Detention where she has been arrested after Charlie says she was the only normal daughter he has, but sees Belinda at the station and withdraws the remark.

She is also mentioned in December 2012 by Kat, when Mo and Jean take Tommy to visit her, and in February 2014 when Kat tells her husband Alfie Moon that she was with Belinda while she was actually trying to track down Stacey Slater. 


Belinda returns in January 2016 after Charlie dies of a heart attack, and accuses Kat of killing him as she was arguing with him when he died. An explosive argument then ensues between Belinda and Kat over Charlie and Mo, which leads to Kat revealing that she had another son when she gave birth to Zoe, and that Mo knew about him. Belinda believes that Kat is just making excuses and leaves with Mo.

Belinda returns later in January for Charlie's funeral, and eventually manages to make amends with Kat. However, when she makes a thoughtless comment about Stacey, who is suffering from postpartum psychosis, Kat throws a drink over Belinda and then storms off. Belinda catches up with her, and recalls the time when she, Viv, Little Mo and Zoe visited Ireland and saw Viv visit a couple with a boy; Kat realises that was in fact her son. When Stacey is discharged from the mother and baby unit, she arranges a family lunch and invites Belinda, Jean and Jean's husband Ollie Walters. Belinda learns that her cousin Kyle Slater is transgender and when Jean is convinced Kyle is lying, Belinda encourages Stacey to stand up to her. Belinda then tells Stacey and Martin they will have to move out as Kat and Alfie promised to pay their rent for a year, which has now ended.

Belinda visits Stacey and Buster Briggs realises she is wealthy. He gets her address by offering a fish delivery and later goes with his grandson Lee Carter to her house to steal her koi carp. Lee tells his father Mick Carter where they are, so Mick stops them and returns the fish as Belinda returns home and sees him through her window. The next day, Belinda visits the Carters and invites Mick and his wife Linda Carter to her house for dinner; when they get there, Neville makes it clear to Mick that the couple are into swinging and will not allow Mick to refuse because they have CCTV footage of him in their garden. Mick tells Linda this, so she confronts Neville, accusing him of not having real intimacy in his relationship and wanting power over women. Belinda realises this is true so leaves with Mick and Linda, revealing Neville's CCTV cameras are fake. Neville follows them to Walford, where Belinda ends their relationship because she does not feel loved. He insults her and Mick punches him, forcing him to leave. Belinda then moves in with Stacey, Martin and Kyle. Neville gives Belinda £50,000 as a divorce settlement and she uses the money to open a beauty salon.

In August 2016, Belinda flirts with Grant Mitchell, much to the annoyance of his daughter Courtney Mitchell. They meet again and they later head to Belinda's flat to have sex, but are interrupted by her family. Stacey later discovers that Belinda's new beauty business, Elysium, is severely struggling financially after all of Neville's money was used to set it up. Due to Belinda's money being relied on to pay the rent monthly, Stacey's husband Martin Fowler rages at Belinda, ordering her to find the money. Belinda resorts to attempting to prostitute herself to wealthier men, however after joining forces with Lauren Branning to help her reduce costs and advertise through social media, Belinda eventually manages to find the rent money. Belinda begins a relationship with Masood Ahmed, although he initially fears she is after his money and they have sex. However the relationship doesn't last when Belinda asks Masood to call his ex-wife Zainab Khan who is in the process of a divorce. Belinda finds an old card from her schoolfriend Maggie O'Shea who has recently been through a divorce and contacts her. They both come to a conclusion they should start a new life with their newfound freedom by travelling around Italy and they both leave Walford together.

Resident history[]

Address Years
23 Albert Square 2001-2003; occasionally
3C Albert Square 2016
31 Albert Square 2016
Italy 2016-present

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