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Behind The Scenes on EastEnders (2007)

25th Anniversary live episode (2010)

Ian's Restaurant - The construction (2013)

Daniel Coonan's first week on EastEnders! (2013)

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Stacey and Jean reunited (2014)


Behind The Scenes on EastEnders (2007)


BBC One - Behind The Scenes on EastEnders

25th Anniversary (2010)


EastEnders - Behind The Scenes

Queen Vic Fire (2010)

Shooting EastEnders Teenage Kicks (2013)

35th Anniversary (2020)


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1. A lot of Dot Cotton's clothes are bought from charity shops, she usually always wear the same dress each Christmas Day.

2. Peggy Mitchell has currently had the most money spent on her wardrobe, than any other character.

3. Pat Evans Owned over 125 pairs of earring and was sent some by fans to wear on screen.

4. The interior of the Queen Vic is not connected to the exterior but instead located in studio one.

5. Eastenders is filmed in advance and because of this fakes leafs are added to trees along with plastic daffodils in the ground to make it look more like spring than winter.

6. The drinks in the Queen Vic are not real, water replaces Vodka, water with burnt sugar is used as Whisky and apple juice watered down looks like white wine.

7. The railing of Albert Square are made of plastic and are very week.

8. Large funeral scenes are filmed in North Watford Cemetery, smaller cemetery scenes are filmed on a patch of grass in the studio’s backlot.

9.The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have visited the Eastenders set but is not much of a fan compared to Camilla.

10. The interior scenes are filmed in Studio C at Elstree Studios, which was once the filming studio of Top of The Pops.