Over the years some actors have made small appearances in EastEnders then went on to become famous.

  • List by Year of appearance

Peter Purves (1987)

Peter played Martin Hunter from 13 October to 20 October 1987.

Martin Hunter and Angie Watts

Emma Bunton (1992)

Emma played a mugger and was given the role of "Second girl" in 18 August 1992. Emma also auditioned for the part of Bianca Butcher but was unsuccessful.

Emma Bunton (18 August 1992)

Jonny Lee Miller (1993)

Jonny played Jonathan Hewitt in two episodes, 28 April to 14 May 1992.

Jonathan Hewitt 2 (Jonny Lee Miller)

Amanda Holden (1994)

Amanda played Carmen in an episode that aired 15 February to 22 March 1994.

Amanda Holden (15 February 1994)

Robbie Williams (1995)

Robbie was seen in The Queen Victoria in the background using the telephone in 26 September 1995.

Robbie Williams (26 September 1995)

Hugh Bonneville (1995)

Hugh played a headteacher 14 December 1995.

Hugh Bonneville (14 December 1995)

Craig Charles (2002)

Craig played Vince a character from the spin-off Ricky & Bianca in 13+20 May 2002.

Vince 2 (Ricky & Bianca)

Bill Ward (2003)

Bill played Mike Parker afrom the brewery that gave Alfie Moon an award for the East End Pub of the year award on 13 January 2003.

No Image Available (Widescreen)

David Walliams (2003)

David played Ray a fake registrar at the wedding of Kat Slater and Alfie Moon on the Christmas Day 2003 episode.

Ray Promo 2

Andi Osho (2003-2007)

Andi play three different roles Nurse (8+9 September 2003-12 August 2005), Midwife (13+15 November 2007) and Helen (14 December 2007).

No Image Available (Widescreen)

Dave Lamb (2004)

Dave played a Bailiff in two episodes of the show in 1+3 June 2004 .

No Image Available (Widescreen)

Una Stubbs (2006)

Una played Caroline Bishop 18 July to 9 November 2006 in six episodes.

Caroline Bishop (Una Stubbs)

Tom Ellis (2006)

Tom played Dr Oliver Cousins for 29 episodes in 2006.

Tom Ellis (2003)
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