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Beale’s Eels is a pie and mash shop located on Turpin Road. It opened in November 2023.

Upon opening, Gina Knight vandalised the shops opening by spray painting the word "Rapist" on the front in big red letters after finding out what happened to Linda Carter. In December, they host a Christmas Grotto where Bobby Beale is Santa.




Name Duration
Cindy Beale 2023-
Dean Wicks
Ian Beale



Name Duration Role
Ian Beale 2023- Owner/Chef/Cashier


Name Duration Role
Dean Wicks 2023-2024 Owner/Cashier/Waiter
Jade Masood 2024 Cashier (part time)

Previous uses[]

Mamas Pizza (1990's - 2006)[]

Mamas Pizza was a pizza parlour that sold and delivered pizzas.

Robbie Jackson was employed as a pizza delivery boy in March 1996. He began to unknowingly deliver drugs for Tony Hills' thinking they were music tapes that Tony had handed him. The police eventually pulled him over to search his bike, but luckily Robbie had already delivered the drugs. Nevertheless, Robbie was still sacked for not being able to deliver the pizzas to the customers on time.

In July 1996, Mamas Pizza goes into new management and rehires Robbie as a delivery boy. He continues to work there until October 1997.

On The Spot Cash (2006-2023)[]

In 2021, Gray Atkins sells his deceased wife’s wedding ring to them. In September 2023, the owners decide to sell the property, and Cindy Beale and Ian Beale decide to buy it in a partnership with Dean Wicks.

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