Ayesha Rana is a family friend of Zainab Masood. Since her father died she was left with a distant mother and uncaring brothers. She made her first appearance 17 December 2012. She is portrayed by Shivani Ghai.


Ayesha is first seen in the café, where Zainab does not recognise her, and accuses her of pushing in the queue ahead of her. Later, Ayesha arrives at Zainab's home while Zainab is wearing a face mask. Zainab is annoyed that she was not ready for Ayesha's visit as she is three weeks early. Ayesha then overhears Zainab telling her son Tamwar Masood that he would be better for her than her suitor, Rashid Kayani. Zainab tries to get Ayesha and Tamwar together, and she thinks it has worked at her New Year's Eve party, but Tamwar is just looking after Ayesha because she is sick after AJ Ahmed spiked the punch. Ayesha then meets Rashid, and thinks he is "alright". However, she soon develops a crush on Masood, which he discovers and does not tell Zainab. He urges her to try with Rashid and she does meet him again. She thinks Rashid is not right for her and it is clear she still wants Masood. She lies to Zainab that she is still seeing Rashid, while telling Masood she loves him. He rejects her advances, and she later confesses her love of Masood to Zainab, saying he feels the same, and then leaves Walford. After Masood and Zainab break up and Zainab moves to Pakistan, Ayesha returns for Masood. She ruins his date with Carol and the next day they kiss. Masood attempts to move away with Ayesha but in the end he rejects her and she leaves alone. Tamwar sees she is back and thinks she is the reason Zainab left.

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