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Ava Bourne (Born Olivia Bryan) is a character from E20 Series 3, portrayed by Sophie Colquhoun.


When Olivia (Ava) was younger she and her friends found an empty house with lots of letters stuck through the letterbox and they thought it would be funny to light them on fire. It turned out the house was not empty and an old couple died.

When Olivia went to the young offenders institution everyone knew who she was and looked at her like she was a monster. This caused olivia to change her name from Olivia Bryan to Ava Bourne to avoid her past.


E20 (series 3)[]

Donnie Lester and Ava, on their way to stay in care, are involved in a car accident. They arrive in Walford, where Donnie decides to start squatting at 3 Albert Square. Faith follows, and the three start living together. Ava has a bag belonging to someone named Olivia, but threatens Faith when she asks about it.

Faith, Donnie and Ava attempt to feed themselves by stealing from local business. They see a newspaper saying two people have gone missing following a car crash.

When Janine finds the gang hiding in the property, they lie that they are volunteers for a charity, and they are forced to make their lie true. However, Janine realises they are lying and threatens them with the police. Donnie receives a phone call from a woman saying the police are asking questions. Donnie gets his leg wound seen to at the hospital and reveals to Ava that it was his sister, Riley, who phoned him and is in care. A nurse becomes suspicious about Ava and Donnie's identities and calls the police, and they flee, but are arrested on their return home.

Donnie and Ava are released from the police station without charge. Faith is placed in emergency care by her grandmother, and the three discover their squat is to become their hostel. Their keyworker, Richard, takes a liking to Ava. Zainab complains about the hostel being in her community. Richard gives the gang life books to fill out, which they do not do. Ava meets Riley, who has cuts on her arm. She says she is being bullied in her care home, and wants to be adopted by Donnie. Richard informs Donnie that Ava and Riley have spoken, leading to Donnie becoming angry and causing mayhem across the neighbourhood with Faith.

Ava realises Donnie and Faith have had sex. Zainab discovers the Square has been vandalised and takes photos, showing them to Richard. Richard forces Donnie, Faith and Ava to clean up the mess. Donnie's illiteracy is revealed. Ava confides in Richard, and kisses him after misreading a sign. However, Richard kisses her back.

Richard destroys CCTV footage of him and Ava together, and tells her he is disappointed in her behaviour. The trio are forced to clean The Queen Victoria pub for Phil. Riley is taunted by her bully, Talia. The gang work at the local Indian restaurant, where Ava says she can help Donnie learn to read. Faith overhears this and Donnie is humiliated. Faith offers to help and Donnie accepts. Richard gets a call from the local newspaper, and Faith comments that Ava is Richard's favourite, leading to a fight.

A journalist arrives to report on the trio helping the community. Donnie rejects Faith when she flirts with him, and Fatboy also rejects her. Faith searches the internet for "Olivia Bryan", discovering that Ava was involved in an arson attack when she was younger. Ava invites Richard into her room and they kiss. She tells him to stop but he rapes her. Donnie realises something has happened between Ava and Richard, but Richard gives Donnie a letter of recommendation from Social Services in order to silence him. Faith calls the newspaper to tell them about Olivia Bryan. Ava confides in Faith about the rape, and Donnie overhears this.

Donnie punches Richard, and Richard is arrested. Ava is also taken for questioning. Journalists arrive but Faith tells them she lied and there is no Olivia living there. She ends up soaking their new keyworker, Theresa. Ava tells Donnie about her past. The press camp outside the care home continue to hound Ava. Faith distracts the press by wearing a bikini and confronting them on her doorstep, whilst Donnie and Ava seek out another entrance. Faith performs a solo at the community centre and Riley asks Donnie for help.

Riley confess to Donnie that she has been bullied and that they stole her mobile phone, Riley goes missing. The bullies catch up with Riley but kick Donnie to the ground and Riley stabs the leader with a knife. he gang, Donnie, Ava and Riley run from the scene of the knife attack. Donnie, Ava and Riley hideout in the park. Donnie confess to the stabbing and he is arrest for grievous bodily harm.

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