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Aubrey Valentine made his first appearance on 17 October 2006. He is portrayed by Joseph Marcell.


Aubrey was once a member of a band called The Five Hectors, along with Patrick Trueman, Cedric Lucas and two other men named Dwight and Earl.


Aubrey first appears in Walford for Cedric's funeral. Patrick reveals to Aubrey that local resident Denise Fox knows that her father was in The Five Hectors, but she does not know his name. On realising that he could possibly be Denise's father, Aubrey leaves the funeral reception.

He later returns and attends a dinner party at Patrick and Yolande's house, with Denise, her boyfriend Kevin Wicks, and children Chelsea and Libby. He agrees to take a paternity test for Denise, and stays with her at Pat Evans' house. He later moves in with Patrick and Yolande when he finds out that Patrick and Pat had previously had an affair. He then gets Yolande drunk and they share a passionate kiss.

When Yolande wakes up, she cannot remember anything beyond the kiss, but Aubrey implies that they had sex together. She decides to throw Aubrey out of her house, and whilst packing his bag for him, finds that he hasn't sent off the paternity test. She confronts Aubrey, who tells her that he knows he isn't Denise's father, but didn't send off the test because he didn't want Patrick to have a daughter when he doesn't. He also reveals that he isn't rich as he had previously stated, and the car he drives is not his, but hired. Aubrey also confesses that he lied about having sex with Yolande, as he is jealous of Patrick having a wife.

Aubrey carries on pretending that he is awaiting the test results, until he makes a speech during another dinner party at Pat's house, where he refers to Denise and her daughters as "family", and Yolande exposes him as a fraud. He subsequently tells Patrick that he and Yolande had kissed. As he drives away, he tells Patrick that things have not changed, and he always gets Patrick's girls.

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  1. 17 October 2006
  2. 20 October 2006
  3. 23 October 2006
  4. 24 October 2006
  5. 26 October 2006
  6. 27 October 2006
  7. 30 October 2006