Ashley Chubb made his first appearance on 31 March 2011. He is portrayed by Colin Mace, who had previously played the role of a doctor for two episodes in 1997.


Ashley is the father Fatboy, he is mentioned in the episode broadcast on 14 March 2011 when Fatboy says his parents have split up because Ashley has lost his job. Ashley arrives in Walford two weeks later, needing a place to stay. Fatboy invites him to stay with his friend, Mercy Olubunmi, and her grandmother, Grace Olubunmi, but has to sneak him in so Grace does not find out. Ashley then rents a room at the local bed and breakfast, run by Kim Fox. He asks Fatboy for money, saying he has a job interview out of town but spends it on alcohol, telling Kim that he has done a one-off job for a friend. Fatboy discovers that Ashley is simply drinking away the money he lent him, and Kim leaves, telling Ashley not to stress about the rent. Fatboy tells Ashley that he is in love with Mercy but she has a boyfriend, so in order to help Fatboy, he reports Mercy to the border agency for having an expired visa, which Fatboy told him about. Ashley then leaves Walford and two days later the UK Border Agency talk to Mercy and deport her. Before she leaves, Fatboy proposes.

It was announced on 23 January 2011 that EastEnders producers were planning to expand Fatboy's family due to his popularity, and were in the process of casting his father. The part was cast to Mace, who filmed five episodes. Ashley is said to be a wheeler-dealer like his son. Ashley's arrival is reported to be due to difficulties in his personal life. An EastEnders insider is reported to have said "Fatboy has been a real hit with viewers and the bosses have decided that it's now time to bring in his dad so people can see what Fatboy is really all about." Ashley has been described as "dishevelled". Although Ashley only makes a guest appearance, Norwood expressed a hope for the character to return so the relationship between father and son could be further explored, adding, "There's great chemistry between Ashley and Fatboy". Ashley appeared in episodes between 31 March and 21 April 2011. He returned once again on 31 May 2011.

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