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Apostolos Papadopolus made his first appearance on the 8 January 2018. He is portrayed by Tarrick Benham.


On 1 February 2016 its said that Andonis is no longer in charge of the Launderette - his son, Apostolos, is. Dot Branning tells Tamwar Masood he's in Greece, attending his uncle's funeral.

He was also mentioned on an episode dated 15 August 2016 when Dot mentioned that he will making a visit to the laundrette.


On the 9 January 2018, he made his first appearance, giving Karen Taylor a job at the Launderette. On 12 April 2021, he has to let her go but offers her money but she thinks he is asking her to sleep with him, when in fact he was offering her redundancy money but after her outburst in public she apologies, unfortunately he says it's too late.

He makes a statement after Karen breaks some of the Launderette machines by striking them with a sledgehammer due to her job loss. When the community tells Apostolos that she was scaring off vandals, he doesn't believe them but offers Karen her job back when the community say that they will boycott the Launderette.

List of appearances[]


  1. 8 January 2018
  2. 9 January 2018
  3. 12 January 2018


  1. 12 April 2021 - Part 1
  2. 12 April 2021 - Part 2
  3. 7 May 2021

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