Anthony Trueman
Anthony Trueman
Portrayed by Nick Bailey
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 11 December 2000
Last Appearance 22 July 2014
Status Alive
Age 48
Date of Birth 19th February 1970
Occupation Doctor
Classification Former; reglaur

Indeed, Anthony eventually became the meat in a Slater girls sandwich. He embarked on a relationship with Zoe Slater, but it all fell apart when he realised he was still in love with Kat, who he'd previously dated.

He and Kat briefly got back together, but Kat wasn't built to be a doctor's wife and it all ended in heartbreak.

Anthony was the brains of an otherwise dysfunctional family. His dodgy-dealing half-brother Paul always felt under his shadow.

Anthony left the Square in 2003 to go travelling and work abroad. He visited the Square for father Patrick's wedding to Yolande in 2004 and brother Paul's funeral in 2005.


Anthony is the younger son of Patrick and Audrey Trueman and the brother of Paul Trueman. He is the brains of an otherwise dysfunctional family, and his dodgy-dealing brother Paul always feels under his shadow. Anthony works as a doctor in the Square. Audrey becomes deeply involved with his life, whilst ignoring Paul. She disapproves of Anthony dating Kat Slater and tries to interfere many times, leading to Anthony rebelling against his mother. When Audrey dies, Anthony's long lost father, Patrick, arrives for Audrey's funeral, reuniting with his two sons after decades apart. After a period of adjustment, the Trueman brothers accept Patrick; however, Paul grows suspicious of him and secretly performs a DNA test, where it is revealed that although Anthony is Patrick's biological son, Paul is not.

After Kat breaks up with Anthony, he and Kat's teenage daughter Zoe Slater begin an affair. Zoe disowns Kat for disapproving of their relationship, and later runs away when Anthony reveals that he is still in love with Kat. Anthony and Kat's relationship resumes, but she fails to impress his colleagues and breaks up with him as he is about to propose. Kat discovers she is pregnant by him and decides to have an abortion. Her boss Alfie Moon persuades her not to, but she suffers a miscarriage while on her way to tell Anthony of the pregnancy. Kat then breaks up with Anthony again after realising he is not who she wants. In 2003, when Anthony causes the death of a pregnant patient, he leaves the Square to go travelling, but returns for Patrick's wedding to Yolande Duke and Paul's funeral. After living in Cambodia for several years, Anthony returns to the UK and settles in Glasgow, marries a woman named Sophie and has children.

In 2013, Patrick falls from a ladder and considers staying with Anthony but decides not to. In 2014, Anthony is featured in a medical journal, in an article about his work in Cambodia, a copy of which Patrick buys. Later it is vandalised. 

On 22 July 2014 he made a brief appearance after Patrick's stroke


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