Andy O'Brien made his first appearance 21 March 1985. He is portrayed by Ross Davidson.


Andy O'Brien was born in 1949 in Scotland, his father's family originating from Ireland (Probably Northern Ireland).


Nurse Andy O'Brien moves to Albert Square in March 1985 along with his girlfriend Debbie Wilkins. Andy and Debbie are decidedly 'middle class', in contrast to the working class locals who inhabit the Square. Andy and Debbie have a rocky relationship. Andy wants to settle down and start a family but Debbie is not so keen and she soon attracts the attention of policeman Roy Quick. Debbie obviously enjoys being pursued by Roy so they agree to have an open relationship. The pair continue to live together, which is not ideal for Andy, as he still has feelings for Debbie and regularly gets jealous when he sees her with other men.

Andy wants to make a difference in Walford, so he occupies himself with altruistic activities, like campaigning against the demolition of the Square, and racism. When he discovers Mary Smith is illiterate, he starts teaching her to read. This backfires when Mary decides that she is in love with him, forcing him to reject her advances. Mary is not impressed at all, and ends her reading lessons.

Andy later begins an affair with the alcoholic landlady of The Queen Victoria public house, Angie Watts. However, Angie's husband, Den Watts, catches them in bed together, and furiously chases a half-naked Andy into the street, which prompts a feud between the pair. It soon emerges that Angie is using Andy to make Den jealous, so their affair is short-lived and Andy soon regrets getting involved in their volatile relationship. Upon seeing that Andy is in such demand with the ladies, Debbie has a change of heart and she and Andy get back together and are soon engaged. Their happiness is short-lived as in 1986, 37-year-old Andy is mowed down by a lorry after running into the road to save a child from being hit. He is killed instantly. True to form, Andy is even altruistic in death, as his organ donor card ensures that someone gets his kidneys. Shortly before his death he has had an argument with Debbie which she finishes by telling him to "drop dead", which ironically, he does.

First and last lines

"Bloody hell!" (First line, after seeing Naima's shop has been vandalised)


"Oh don't be ridiculous! Look, if I wanna lend him money love I shall do. Nag, nag, nag. We're not married yet, you know?" (Final line)

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