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Andy Jones made his first appearance 16 January 2009. He is portrayed by Aneirin Hughes.


Andy is the adoptive father of established character Danielle Jones. He is mentioned frequently when Danielle arrives in Albert Square in August 2008 to locate her birth mother Ronnie Mitchell and makes his first on-screen appearance on 16 January 2009 after Ronnie phones him after Danielle confesses to her about her pregnancy.


Andy asks Danielle to return to their hometown Telford as her brother, Gareth, is getting married. He also says that they will support her through her pregnancy but she says she wants to stay in London. After he leaves, Danielle tells Ronnie that her father has said she should have an abortion and later that evening, books one at the hospital. Andy is mentioned a month later when Danielle visits him and Gareth after her bond with Ronnie begins falling apart. However, she soon misses Ronnie and Walford. Andy is upset and angry when Danielle tells him about her abortion and how she searched for her biological mother. Danielle decides to return to Walford because of this.

Two months later, Danielle finally reveals her true identity to Ronnie, but is accidentally knocked down by Janine Butcher and dies. Andy returns and talks to Danielle's friend Stacey Slater about the life Danielle had in Walford. When he meets Ronnie again, he realises that she is the woman who gave Danielle up for adoption and blames her for Danielle's death. He returns for Danielle's funeral and does not allow Ronnie to attend but makes amends later at the house by telling her about Danielle's childhood and life up till she came to Walford. He gives Ronnie Danielle's childhood teddy bear and at first she declines, knowing Danielle means more to him than her, but later accepts for the sake of Danielle. As Ronnie leaves, he talks about Danielle's good nature, saying she must have got it from her Adoptive mother Liz. He then calls Ronnie back into the house before she leaves and gives her all of Danielle's photos. He tells her he was wrong to blame her for her death, and that he realises it was her father Archie Mitchell's fault she died.

Seven years later, a bedridden Andy is visited in hospital by his son Andy Flynn, who tells his father he is getting closer to Ronnie, who does not know his true identity. In August, Andy Jr brings Ronnie's son Matthew Mitchell-Cotton, along with her partner, Jack Branning's children, Amy Mitchell and Ricky Mitchell to see Andy Sr, and notes that Matthew looks like Danielle. Andy Jr is then revealed to be Gareth, when Andy Sr calls him such.

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  1. 16 January 2009
  2. 3 April 2009
  3. 14 April 2009
  4. 16 April 2009


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