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Andonis Papadopolous known commonly as Mr. Papadopolous (Junior). He made his first appearance 19 May 1992. He is portrayed by Lee Warner and later in 2009 by an uncredited actor.


Andonis is the owner of the Launderette on Bridge Street. Andonis was not the original owner of the launderette. From the show's inception until May 1992 the property was owned by his father, until he died while holidaying in his native Athens.

The character is of Greek descent, but the Papadopouloses were apparently based in Walthamstow, East London.

Despite being referred to regularly throughout the entire serial, the Papadopolouses have not been seen often on-screen. Andonis made his first appearance in May 1992, when he came to Walford to assess the business following his father's death. Dot noticed him taking a keen interest in the launderette and feared he was a murderer. She spent several days in a terrified state until Andonis made a formal introduction the following episode, revealing his first name. He made several alterations to the way the business was managed, much to Dot's dismay.

Over the next two years he showed up in Walford occasionally. He was featured in the programme's 1,000th episode on 12 July 1994, where he discovered that his employee, Carol Jackson, was faking an illness in order to get out of work. Carol was actually attending the wedding of Nigel and Debbie Bates, which Andonis witnessed. The following day he fired Carol as well as long-time employee, Pauline Fowler, who had been covering up for her. He employed a relative to work in their place, but the launderette fell into chaos, so both were eventually offered their jobs back. Pauline made him grovel before accepting and managed to get a 75 pence per hour pay rise. This was Mr. Papadpolous' last appearance to date, though he is still mentioned often in the programme.

He returned on 10 August 2009, although his face was not seen on screen, he did not speak and he was not named in the credits. He arrived at the launderette looking for Dot, and later found her at her house, giving her a parcel.

On 1 February 2016 it is mention by Dot Branning that Andonis has passed the Launderette business over to his son Apostolos.

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  1. 12 July 1994
  2. 14 July 1994
  3. 16 August 1994


  1. 10 August 2009