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Amy Christina Margaret Mitchell (previously Slater) is the daughter of Roxy Mitchell and Jack Branning, conceived after a one night stand. Although for the first month of her life, she was raised as Sean Slater's daughter as he was unaware Roxy had had an affair. She is the half-sister of Penny and James and Ricky Branning. She was born on 14 November 2008 and made her first appearance on 17 November 2008.


2008-2016: Early life[]

Amy's mother Roxy Mitchell starts dating Sean Slater, but Roxy's sister Ronnie Mitchell tries to break them up when she discovers Sean is a drug dealer as Roxy was once addicted to cocaine. After arguing with Ronnie, Roxy gets extraordinarily drunk and has sex with Jack Branning, who is Ronnie's partner. This causes Amy to be conceived; however, Roxy still believes that she is Sean's child, not Jack's, even though there is a high chance she could be Jack's. Roxy later discovers she is pregnant and tells Sean that he is the father, while she and Ronnie plan to return to Ibiza. They leave, but Ronnie soon returns looking for Roxy, revealing that after they argued in Ibiza, she disappeared. It transpires Roxy is staying with their father Archie Mitchell in Weymouth, to Ronnie's horror. Roxy is adamant she will live with Archie, but Sean persuades her to return to Walford, telling her he loves her. They move in together upon their return and later marry. On 13 November 2008, when Roxy goes into premature labour, Archie pretends to call Sean but doesn't so he misses the birth. Amy is named after her deceased cousin, now known as Danielle Jones, the abandoned daughter of Ronnie. Roxy initially decided to raise Amy with her friend Christian Clarke, after Sean missed Amy's birth but changed her mind when she and Sean reconciled. Soon after Amy's birth, Jack asked Roxy for a paternity test, aware Amy may be his daughter

On Christmas Day 2008, Sean finds out he isn't Amy's father. Angered by this, also not knowing that in fact, Jack is Amy's father, he kidnaps her, but Sean's younger sister, Stacey Branning, brings Amy back home safely, explaining that they had just taken her out. Sean then pretends to forgive Roxy and asks her and Amy to move away with him. Sean, Roxy and Amy drive into a frozen lake, with Sean revealing he intends to kill them all and if he can't have Amy, nobody can. The car then stops, and Roxy gets Amy to safety, but when she steps back, she and Sean fall through the ice. Jack and Ronnie later track them down, and when Ronnie spots Roxy in the lake, she jumps in to save her sister and Sean walks off slowly into the darkness. At Amy's christening on 7 May 2009, Roxy registers Amy's name as Amy Mitchell, changing it from Amy Slater. When it is revealed that Amy is Jack's daughter, he and Ronnie argue, and the pair split up. Roxy then begins dating local GP Al Jenkins; however, their relationship ends when someone complains that he is seeing his patient.

In November 2011, Jay and Ben Mitchell were asked by Roxy to look after Amy while she went out with Kim Fox and Christian Clarke. But after Amy is put to bed, Ben discovers the key's to Jack's flat next door, so he and Jay go inside to have a look. While Ben and Jay are in Jack's flat, Amy wonders into the bathroom and starts running the bath full to the top. She then goes to, but her doll into the tub and her head slip under the water, making her feet unable to touch the ground and she drowns. Jay and Ben rush back into Roxy's flat after Jack arrives home from work. They realize Amy isn't in her bed and discover that she has drowned in the bath. Jay calls an ambulance while Ben runs for help. Luckily, he spots Denise Fox, who rushes across the street to doctor Yusef Khan's house. Jay stays on the phone to the paramedic and explains that Amy isn't breathing. Yusef arrives at the flat and starts giving Amy mouth to mouth. This is a success and Amy begins breathing and crying. Denise then knocks on Jack's door and tells him that he needs to see Amy. Jack rushes into Roxy's flat and over to Amy as she cries.

Jack accuses Roxy of neglect then attempts to gain custody of Amy; he is awarded this temporarily after a DNA test is carried out between Jack and Amy as Sean is still the legal father on Amy's birth certificate. Jack then stops Roxy having any contact with Amy and tells her that she will never get Amy back. Jack then tells Roxy he is taking her to court for full custody of Amy, leaving Roxy distraught as she believes he will win. When Amy falls over in the park and hurts her head, Roxy is furious at Jack for getting distracted. Roxy hires a solicitor, Jimmie Broome, who suggests she discredit Jack. The hate harms Amy, so Roxy and Jack agree not to argue in front of her. They momentarily soften towards each other, which leads to them having sex. Still, after Roxy discovers Jack has forged her signature to get Amy a passport, she believes he intends to flee the country with their daughter. She threatens to report this, and Jack withdraws his bid for custody and at the court hearing, and it is later revealed that Roxy has won back custody of Amy and Jack will have to hand her over - leaving him heartbroken.

On New Year's Day, Amy went away to Ibiza with Ronnie and Roxy. Amy returned weeks later with Roxy and lived with her until Dean Wicks raped Roxy. Roxy felt like she needed a break, so handed her over to Jack. Jack and Amy went to live in France for a while but soon came back to live with Ronnie and her son Matthew, once they got back together and were later joined by Jack's son Ricky after his mother left him in Jack's care and returned to her life in Portugal. Ronnie nearly adopts Amy after she and Jack got engaged, but the arrangements were never finalized, and Amy goes back to living with her Mum.

2017-2019: Roxy's death[]

On Jack and Ronnie's wedding day, Ronnie and Roxy mess around in the hotel swimming pool. Roxy jumps in, and her dress gets caught, therefore Ronnie goes in to save her, but her dress also gets stuck, and the pair drown. Their bodies were never discovered until the next day. Jack then breaks the news to Amy and Ricky, who are left heartbroken. Amy's behaviour then wholly changes and becomes unsettling, such as refusing to speak. This begins to get worse when Matthew goes to live in Ireland with his biological father, Charlie Cotton. She starts becoming disruptive at school and does not want Jack to be her dad anymore. Amy cheers up a bit and makes Jack a Father's Day card. On the day of their funeral, a song is played in the church, which was Ronnie and Roxy's favourite - leaving Amy happy as she hugs her dad. Everyone lights up their glow sticks and dance to the song. Jack then hires a nanny, Ingrid, to look after the children. Amy and Ricky spray her with a water gun, and later Ricky accidentally gets gum in Amy's hair, but the nanny gets it out with peanut butter.

When Jack starts dating Mel Owen in 2018, he goes on a date with her to Mel's ex-husband, Ian Beale's restaurant. However, Ian only invited Mel as he hopes to tell her that he still has feelings, but instead, Ian is left to look after a hyper Amy while Jack and Mel go on their date. Amy is then left with Mel while Jack goes to pick up Ricky from his football class as he has twisted his ankle. Mel and Amy do each other's makeup, and Amy tells Mel that her dad doesn't like her wearing makeup. Mel replies, telling Amy that her dad doesn't know girls, and Amy laughs. Amy then tells Mel that her mother used to do her makeup before she died. Mel then starts to get uncomfortable when Amy asks her if she loves her dad as her Ronnie did, Mel is left speechless when Amy then asks her if she is going to be her new mum. Mel then stops playing with Amy and tells her that her dad is right; she's too young for makeup. When Jack returns with Ricky to pick up Amy, he can tell that something is not right with Mel and asks her if Amy has been misbehaving, but Mel tells Jack to take the children home as Ricky needs to rest his foot.

In September 2018, Amy caught Jack kissing her uncle Max's wife Rainie and records them on her tablet. Later that day, a social worker arrives at the house to speak to the family about Max and Rainie getting custody of Max's granddaughter Abi. The social worker asks to talk to Amy and Ricky alone and asks the children how they would feel about Abi coming to live with them and what they know about babies. The children tell him what they know, and Amy points out the fact that you need to love babies just like girls love her fathers and love to kiss him. She then carries on saying that her Rainie loves to kiss as well. However, the social worker assumes that Amy means that Max and Rainie kiss all the time and tells her that this is a very loving house. Once the social worker goes home, Jack tells Amy she did an excellent job, and he is proud of her. Later that night, Amy gets out her tablet and watches the video of Jack and Rainie kissing with an evil grin on her face - just like her mum would've done.

In late April 2019, Jack asks Stacey to pick Amy and Ricky up from school. However, everyone is left confused as Amy has gone missing. It turns out Sean had returned to Walford to see Roxy and Amy. Sean tells Amy that Roxy had sent him. When Amy asks Sean who he is, he tells her that he is a friend of her mother's. Amy asks Sean questions about Roxy, and Sean tells Amy that she looks exactly like her, unknown to Sean that Roxy had died two years previously. When Amy demands to go home, Sean tells her that he lost a little girl who would have been Amy's age, unknown to Amy, that the little girl Sean lost was her. He then goes on to tell her that she can't let anyone tell her what to do in life. After a while, Sean returns Amy home as she runs to Jack. Jack tells Amy to go and see Max at the car lot while he talks to Sean. Jack then punches Sean and tells him to stay away from his daughter. Sean demands Jack to take him to Roxy. Jack then realizes that Sean doesn't know she is dead and takes him to her grave. The pair fight, as Jack explains about Ronnie and Roxy's death. Sean tells Jack he would never hurt Amy as he once raised her as his daughter.

2020-2021: Preteen Troubles[]

in September 2020 Amy starts developing a crush on Walford Primary School teacher Isaac Baptiste. Denise Fox realises this when Amy repeatedly comes round to her house to 'help' her. She confronts Isaac about this but he brushes this off, saying that it's natural. However Denise disagrees and makes Isaac stop giving Amy extra lessons. Amy is annoyed at this, so she accuses Isaac of using drugs, leading to him being suspended. Jack confronts Isaac, however Amy eventually tells Jack that she lied about him taking illegal drugs.

On 8 February 2021, Amy accidentally knocks Max Branning's phone out of his hand whilst getting used to her new glasses. The phone screen ends up being smashed, and Max gets angry at her, calling her a spoilt brat. This is because it had photos of Abi Branning on it.

On 17 May 2021 Amy is seen stealing and lies to Denise about joining the school chess club. Denise gets suspicious and follows Amy down to Walford Allotments, where she overhears Amy talking and giving food to a missing Bailey Baker. Bailey is then reunited with her family.

On 15 June 2021, Amy bullies Lily Slater for having nits and tells her that she doesn't have any friends whilst showing her around Walford High School. Ruby Allen, Lily's step mum finds out about this and confronts her about this. She then tells Jack about this and he tells Ruby that Amy did this because she was embarrassed about having them previously.

2022 to present: Meeting Denzel and Davinder, body consciousness and self harm[]

Amy meets Denzel

On 9 August 2022, Amy and Lily are teasing Tommy over his football skills when Martin comes over to give Lily some sunglasses for her holiday, and Lily is sad he isn't coming, but Martin says it's because he can't find cover for the stall and then hugs her, embarrassing Lily. Kim Fox and Howie Danes then come over, and the three agree that whatever Kim wants they're not doing, but when Amy sees that Kim wants the three to hang out with Denzel, Amy takes an interest, feeling attracted to him. Kim says that Howie and Denzel have been playing games too much so she needs Amy to play with Denzel for a bit, and Howie says she means hang out. The two then leave the kids and Lily says they're going to get it on, and Denzel is disgusted and asks if she had to make him picture that, making Amy force a laugh. Lily then suggests to Amy that she knows she fancies Denzel. Later at the playground, Denzel says that Walford is boring and Amy agrees with him, and then asks why he's here and Denzel tells her it's because his mum went to Ibiza with her “saddo” mates, and Amy tells her that her mum went there all the time. Lily then says they're going on holidays this afternoon and that Stacey keeps texting her to come and pack. Denzel then suggest getting something to eat, and when the kids put their money together they can't afford anything. Amy says she knows somewhere they can get all the food they want for free and asks the others if they’re in, and they all agree. The teens then go to Walford East, and Lily asks if it'll work, and Amy says if she's going to be a baby she can go home. Amy says it's a victimless crime as Bobby Beale can just cook more for the people that ordered, but Tommy says he isn't stealing and Denzel tells him to keep lookout. Amy then phones the delivery driver asking him to add ketchup to the order they're stealing, and then Amy, Lily and Denzel steal the burgers from the bike and are chased by Bobby, but they outrun him. Amy later shows Denzel a picture of where Lily is staying, and Denzel says he's gone to a caravan park before and that it had an arcade. Amy's father, Jack, then comes over and critiques Amy's shorts, asking her if she thinks it's ok to strut around the square with “half her bum hanging out.” Kim says she looks sensational and like Amy other thirteen year old girl, but Jack says she has more flesh on display than a butchers window, making Denzel laugh. Kim then says Jack needs to come with her for lunch. Davinder Gulati then approaches Amy and Denzel, saying he thinks Amy's shorts are sick, and Amy asks who he is, and Davinder introduces himself, saying his mates call him Nugget. Denzel asks why they call him Nugget, and he replies by saying he's twenty four Karat Gold. Denzel laughs but Amy is annoyed and doesn't find it funny. Denzel then invites Amy and Davinder back to his place after going to the shop, and Denzel says Davinder's nickname has nothing to do with twenty four karat gold, and Amy asks if he just loves eating chicken nuggets, and Davinder says that everyone likes eating nuggets, with Denzel replying “so much that they names you after one” making Amy laugh. Davinder asks if she found it funny, and Amy replies by saying Denzel made her laugh. Davinder asks Amy what her name is, and makes fun of it, calling her “Lame-y” and Denzel then takes it too far, calling her “Lay-me.” Denzel says he was just joking and they won't call her that, and tells her to find them some glasses for their drink, and when she does Denzel takes a photo of Amy's legs. Amy notices the boys laughing and asks what they're doing, and Denzel says that if she's wearing those shorts she wants people to take pictures. Denzel then shows Davinder the photo and says that Amy’s legs are hairy. Amy tells the two to shut up and delete it, and attempts to take Denzel's phone but is unsuccessful. Denzel says they were just messing and that Amy looks good, and then invites Davinder to watch the football match. Denzel then shows Davinder the photo and says that Amy's legs are hairy. Amy tells the two to shut up and delete it, and attempts to take Denzel's phone but is unsuccessful. Denzel says they were just messing and that Amy looks good, and then invites Davinder to watch the football match. Denzel then posts the photo on social media, and Amy comes down to ask him to delete it, and Denzel says it was just a joke, but Amy says it's not funny. Davinder says it got twenty likes, and Denzel says that means it's funny. Amy politely asks Denzel to take it down, but he refuses, and Amy storms off. When Amy gets home, Jack asks her where she's been, and asks if she went to her orthodontist appointment, which she says yes to. Jack asks her what the problem is, and Amy says he is for being hypocritical about her wearing shorts yet he washes his car when he’s not got a shirt on at all, and says he's embarrassing.

Later, at the Cafe, Amy is sitting alone when her step sister, Chelsea Fox, walks in. Chelsea asks Amy if she's crying over a boy, and offers to get Amy a milkshake but Amy declines the offer. Chelsea then sits next to Amy, reminding her they are step-sisters and that means Chelsea won't tell her off like a parent. Chelsea gets Amy to laugh by saying she knows Amy thinks she's ancient as she was born in the nineties, then corrects herself by saying the eighties, and admitting she is ancient, but not out of touch. Amy then tells Chelsea about the picture online, and Chelsea asks her if she asked them to take it down, and Amy says they won’t and that it's going to be screenshotted and shared around. Amy then shows Chelsea the photo, and Chelsea recognises Denzel's Instagram. Chelsea then goes to no.20 and uses her old key to get in and confronts the boys when they're playing games. Chelsea greets them and Davinder asks who she is, and she replies by saying she's someone who needs their full attention before unplugging the games console. Chelsea then says Denzel has made himself quite at home and that it's quite nice he's made friends as the last thing he wants to do is make enemy's when he's moved somewhere new, and says it applies to Davinder as well. Davinder says he's done nothing, but Chelsea says it's not true as Amy has said that two grubby little boys have taken an inappropriate photo of an underage school girl and blasted it all over social media. Chelsea asks Denzel if Amy asked him to take it down, and he says yes, and Chelsea forces him to delete it in front of her, telling the boys not to mess with her sister again. Meanwhile, Amy is with Denise at the shop, who tells Amy that Jack is just being a dinosaur. Amy says it's fine as she's seen Denzel delete the photo, but the damage has already been done and Amy steals some razors from the shop to shave her legs with, and Denise doesn't notice.

The next day, Amy speaks to Denise and Chelsea on the bench in the square gardens, and shows the two the cuts on her legs from trying to shave them. Denise says she's seen worse, and tells Amy that she had a lady in the salon the other day who had spelt wax in “a place far too delicate to mention.” Amy says she feels like an idiot, and Chelsea asks if Denzel had apologised yet, to which Amy replies to with no. Denise tells Amy that she can't think of anything more difficult than being a thirteen year old girl and says that if she needs to talk then she can come to her and Chelsea. Amy asks Denise if she can show her how to shave her legs properly, and Denise tells Amy to come to the salon after closing and she'll show Amy how to wax them. Amy thanks her and leaves, but Denise tells her that Jack still wants Amy to apologise to Bobby for the burgers. Later at the salon, Chelsea, Denise and Amy wax their legs, but when Denise is about to take the pad off Amy's leg, she gets a text from Denzel apologising for the photo. Jack then walks in when they wax Amy's leg, and Denise convinces him to let them be.

The Teens (22 August 2022)

Amy and her friends go to see Denise

On 22 August 2022, Lily, Denzel, Amy and Davinder meet up and plan to do something. The four don’t have any money, so Amy asks Denise for some money. At the salon, Lily notices some drugs Jada Lennox had dropped after being given them by Stuart Highway after he decided he didn’t need them, and Lily steals them while Denise isn’t looking. The four then go up to Walford allotments and discuss taking them, with Amy being the only one brave enough. Amy takes half of a pill and is ok at first, but she later collapses and the others call an ambulance with Jack arriving at the allotments as she does. Martin is also present at the time and accuses Denzel of providing the drugs, but Lily doesn’t correct him. At the hospital, Jack asks Amy who gave her the drugs, saying Martin said it was Denzel. Amy says she doesn’t remember to keep Denzel safe.

On 25 August 2022, Denzel sees Amy leaving the tube station when he’s walking past. The two ask Jack for a minute to talk but he doesn’t let them. Stuart later confesses to Jack that it was his drugs Amy took, Stuart tries to make things right, but Jack doesn’t listen. Linda is walking past and hears that it was Stuart who gave Jada the pills, and Jack says that Max was right for taking Abi away as Stuart is a waste of space.

On 6 September 2022, Amy is in class with Denzel, Davinder and Esme when Davinder and Denzel start mocking her sign language she is using to communicate with her new teaching assistant, Frankie Lewis. Frankie notices this, and speaks to them after class, where Amy apologises but the boys remain silent. Frankie then drops her books, with Denzel and Davinder laughing with Davinder taking photos of Frankie bending down. Amy tries to get them to stop, but they don’t listen. Esme later shows Frankie the photos that Davinder has posted, calling her lots of names, such as a sket. On 14 September 2022, Denzel and Davinder teasingly touch Amy on her bottom, which is seen by Frankie. Later in the Cafe, Frankie finds Amy and asks to talk to her, saying she saw what the boys did to her, saying she should’ve stepped up. Jack asks what happened, and Amy says it was nothing, but Frankie says it wasn’t nothing, saying that the next day she’ll step up and that it’s about time to break the cycle.

On 20 September 2022, Davinder and Tommy Moon throw leaves at Amy. Denzel tells them to stop, but Davinder says if he’s worried about what Frankie said, it doesn’t matter as she’s just a teacher. Denzel later meets up with Amy and gives her some sweets he saw her buying, Amy asks why he got them, and Denzel says it’s to say sorry, and the two share a smile, with Davinder watching on. Davinder later catches up with Denzel, asking what he was doing earlier. Denzel lies, saying he was at the park, and Davinder calls him out on his lie, saying he saw him with Amy and asking if he fancies her. Denzel panics, saying he doesn’t fancy her, calling her a dirty little sket and storming off. The three’s dad later get a call from the school, saying there was a fight that could lead to expulsion. It’s revealed that Amy tore Davinder’s jacket after he grabbed her bag. The two get into an argument in the corridor of the school, and Denzel tries to calm it down, just as the parents arrive. The six go into the office and have a meeting with a teacher, during which Denzel takes the blame to protect Amy and Davinder from expulsion. Denzel says that hun and Davinder had an argument and that Amy’s bag was damaged as the two knocked it over while fighting. It is then revealed Denzel and Davinder received a final warning from the school after Davinder has a go at a teacher and Denzel backs him up. Denzel later finds Amy in the cafe, apologising for calling her a skank, saying he didn’t mean it and he doesn’t know why he said it, and that when he’s with Davinder he says stupid things all the time. Amy asks if that’s why he said he caused the fight, and Denzel says it is. Amy says she’s going to the park, and invites Denzel.

The following day, Amy stands outside while Jack collects an order from a delivery driver delivering stuff for her art assignment. Denise and Martin joke about Jack giving the delivery driver his life story, and Amy says that Martin’s attempt to flirt with the driver was tragic. Martin jokingly asks Amy about her love life, and Jack says she doesn’t have time to think about boys. Amy then sees Denzel leaving for school, and the two run off, leaving Jack locked out the house with no shoes on. Amy and Denzel later hold hands while waking down George Street, and are seen by Martin Fowler. Amy’s father, Jack, later finds Mr Morden in the cafe and asks how Amy has been, and he says she’s a bright student when she’s with the right people, and Jack interprets this as him saying Amy should stay away from Denzel and Davinder. Later in the Vic, Martin later tells Jack that he saw Amy and Denzel holding hands.

On 29 September 2022, Kim and Howie call Jack round to their house to fix their blocked pipe. Amy and Denzel them come downstairs, ready to go to Davinder’s birthday party, and Kim and Howie compliment them and Howie gives them some money and Kim takes their picture. Jack gets angry that Kim didn’t tell him Amy was there and that the two of them were alone upstairs together. Kim and Howie joke about the two getting a smoothie with two straws, but Jack lashes out, saying they shouldn’t be spending time together as they’re in enough trouble already. Amy tells him to calm down, and Jack refuses to, saying he’s protecting Amy from Denzel. Howie and Jack have an argument, with Howie saying kids make mistakes, but Jack says Amy never did until Denzel showed up and calls Howie a part-time dad at best. Denise then arrives and attempts to defuse the situation, but to little success. Denzel then snaps, saying Amy is one of the best friends he’s ever had and says that they were upstairs together and Amy was helping him choose an outfit for Davinder’s party and that Ravi is there if he wants to speak to him, but Denise says it won’t be necessary. Amy and Denzel later sit on the stairs, sharing a kiss as Amy says it was good cover. Amy and Denzel then arrive at the restaurant and Davinder takes them over to another table. The two apologises for being late saying their dads had a fight.

On 10 October 2022, Amy and Denzel sneakily walk to school together, however they change out of their uniforms and hide them in their bags and put them next to the bin behind the cafe before sneaking off towards the tube station. The two layer go back to No.27, where they are caught kissing by Chelsea, who has come to use the washing machine. Amy asks her not to tell Jack, before ordering her out and having a private word with Denzel. Chelsea reminds him what she said about messing with her sister, and Denzel promises he isn’t. He tells Chelsea that He likes her and wants to make her happy, and wants to treat her right. Jack then gets back, and Amy begs Chelsea not to tell him. Chelsea covers for them, saying Amy is there, but napping as she’s on her period. Amy mays down on the sofa, while Denzel sneaks out while Jack is distracted. Jack asks if Amy is okay to go back to school, and she says yes before leaving. Denzel later goes home where Patrick is, and he asks why Denzel isn’t at school. He lies and says he has a study period, but Patrick days he needs a better excuse than that, and Denzel tells him he was with a girl, and Patrick gives him advice on how to become official with Amy, saying girls can’t resist a hat, and he tries Patrick’s on but says it isn’t his vibe. Patrick tells him to get her a good gift, and Denzel takes bus advice. On the way back from school, Denzel gives Amy a phone case, and says he wants to be official. Before Amy can give him an answer, they’re interrupted by Davinder, Lily and Tommy. When they ask what the phone case is about, Amy tells them it’s because they’re official. Lily insults it, and Amy walks off with them, making Denzel think she doesn’t like it. Jack later sees Amy’s new phone case and she lies, saying she got with with her pocket money. At the park, Amy talks to Lily about Denzel leaving her on read, saying it’s probably about the phone case as she was rude about it, but Amy tells Lily she was the one that was rude. Lily says that she’ll probably have to sleep with Denzel now. On the way back from school, Denzel asks why Amy avoided him all day, with her saying it’s as he left her on read. Denzel asks if it’s about the phone case, with Amy saying she did like it and it was Lily being an idiot about it. Tommy, Lily and Davinder then start coming towards them, so Amy pulls Denzel away.

While getting ready for school, Amy texts Denzel she can’t wait to see him. After this, Ricky steals Denise’s toast, and Denise and Jack start dancing round the kitchen, Much to Amy and Ricky’s dismay. Denzel, Davinder and Lily go to the shop, and Amy follows them. Davinder says that Lisa Rogers' parents have gone away, and her boyfriend Digger is there every night and the two are having sex. Denzel is shocked, and Lily says it’s only because she’s scared he’s going to dump her. After this, they notice Amy and she comes over. Davinder says that Sanj and Johnny Pearson are having sex and that Denzel needs to get to it. Denzel asks if Amy is ok, and Jack comes over, asking if they’re skiving before telling them to get on their way. At lunch, Lily and Amy head back to the square to get chips, and Amy says she’s considering having sex with Denzel. Lily is shocked, and Amy says she was the one that suggested it, but Lily says she was joking. Lily says that Lisa Rogers isn’t actually doing it and it’s all lies. Amy says it isn’t about her, and she doesn’t want Denzel to dump her. Lily says she can talk to him about it, before Amy excuses herself to get back to school, telling Lily not to make a big deal about it. Amy heads to the pharmacy to get condoms, with Lily following. She asks if they ask for your age, and Lily says she doesn’t know. Lily says she doesn’t have to do it, and Amy says they’ll be fine without it, Lily says no and Amy assures her there’s other ways of not getting Pregnant before walking out with Lily following her. The two start walking home, where Lily says she can get pregnant even if it’s her first time, with Amy saying she’s not an Idiot with Jack sneaking up and saying she does a great impression of one. He says he’s going out tonight with Denise and to be in bed by ten. Amy takes advantage of this and says they’ll do it tonight, she just needs to get rid of Ricky. Amy Finds Denzel when he’s getting home and invites him round, with him accepting and apologies for leaving her on read. At home, Jack says he’s going to be checking Amy’s homework, and him and Denise leave. Amy convinces Ricky to leave by giving him ten pounds, and he leaves. Amy then opens the back door to let Denzel in. The two sit on the sofa, and Amy goes to suggest they go upstairs, but Denzel interrupts her, asking if she has any crisps. Amy ignores him and suggests going downstairs, and a reluctant Denzel agrees. Amy and Denzel sit together on the bed, and Amy attempts to kiss him. Denzel asks if she has protection, and when Amy says no he says they can take it slow and the two share a kiss as Jack walks in. Jack lashes out and grabs Denzel and pins him against the wall, screaming at him that Amy is thirteen. Amy yells at Jack as Denzel begs him to let him go.

Background information[]

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Student at Walford Primary School 2012-2017, 2017-2020
Student at a Primary School in Essex 2017
Student at Walford High School 2020 to present

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