Alfred "Alfie" Chapman was an unseen character in EastEnders and the violent gangster husband of Rose Chapman, an old friend of Pauline Fowler.


Alfie Chapman was born in about 1945. He went to school at the same time as the Beale and Fowler families but it was Walford's other school. The Chapman's were a big family and a rough lot. Alfie and his siblings were local tearaways. As he got older, Alfie gained a reputation for sheer violence and was a career criminal. He married a woman called Rose Hickey. As Rose had married into the Chapman family, the Chapman's never saw her as a proper Chapman and kept a close eye on her.

By late 1992, Alfie was in prison for armed robbery, his criminal activities had caught up with him.


In January 1993, Rose started dating old schoolfriend Pete Beale. She later revealed that she was married to Alfie Chapman. Frank Butcher told Pete that Alfie was a total headcase.

Alfie's relatives warned Pete off her. In March 1993, Rose sought a divorce from Alfie but found that he was dying of cancer. Alfie was then transferred from prison to a hospital. Rose refused to leave Pete so was beaten up by Alfie's brothers and hospitalised. In May 1993, Alfie's cousin Jackie warned Pete off Rose so Alfie could die in peace. Pete and Rose then fled.

In December 1993, Alfie Chapman died and his death was front page news in the newspapers. Pete and Rose were on their way back home from Leicester but there was a huge car accident, arranged by the Chapman's and Pete and Rose were killed.

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