Afia Masood
Afia Masood
Portrayed by Meryl Fernandes
Introduced by Diedrick Santer
Gender Female Female
First Appearance 29 December 2009
Last Appearance 7 June 2012
Duration 2009-2012
Status Alive
Occupation Co-owned and ran The Argee Bhajee
Classification Regular Character

Afia knew what she wanted - and how to get it. Which is how she and Tamwar got together. And ultimately how their marriage fell apart. 

If Afia had been the shy and retiring type, she'd still be waiting for Tamwar to make a move. They married in secret, then had a second traditional family wedding.

But outside forces rocked their relationship. Her father Yusef drove a wedge through Tamwar's family, and nearly destroyed his mother. Yusef died in a fire, in which Tamwar received serious burns.

Tamwar and Afia's relationship never quite recovered. Ultimately, they realised that they wanted different things from life - Afia left on her moped for travel and adventure, Tamwar stayed at home with his mum.

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