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Aaron Monroe made his first appearance on 21 October 2021. He is portrayed by Charlie Wernham. He is the son of Harvey Monroe and brother of Dana Monroe.

Aaron is a part of a Terrorist far right group who target people of different race/religion. So far the group/Aaron have shown that they are white supremacists who claim to be "protecting" English traditions. Aaron and his associates have been antagonistic, confrontational, have committed violence on-screen or have been seen with bleeding knuckles/blood on clothes.


Aaron is Harvey’s criminally violent and racist son, who initially seemed confident and that he liked to get his own way. Very quickly it was clear that Aaron is a bully and a bigot. He’s close to his dad who raised him alone but as soon as Aaron landed a city job in finance, he left home and didn’t look back. Harvey knew about Aaron's violence and racism but believed he had put all that behind him - later Aaron brags to an associate that he had tricked his father into thinking this. Things between Aaron and his sister Dana are strained and she often feels shut out by him. Aaron is clearly angered by Dana's relationship with Bobby Beale as Bobby is a muslim. Though Aaron is fiercely loyal, his arrogance often becomes his biggest asset and downfall in equal measure. When he waltzes into Walford to check out his family’s new set up, a few things catch his eye and he decides to hang around.


Aaron begins dating Tiffany Butcher but he misses two of their dates on one occasion he turns up at his flat with blood on his shirt, It is revealed weeks later that Aaron is a member of a Terrorist organisation who target people of different race/Religion and that the blood on his shirt is from an attack on a person of colour by Aaron and his group which leaves him with a punctured lung, Broken ribs and possible blindness.

Aaron begs his Dad for an alibi after a witness spotted the attack, Harvey agrees to help Aaron as long as he never sees the far right group again but later Aaron is revealed as a main member of the Group he then spray paints a Nazi swastika on the old Argee Bhajee restaurant which is the proposed site of a new Mosque.

Attempted murder victims

  1. Mr Hussain (October 2021) - Attacked by Aaron and his Far fight group in a racial hate crime, This person only just survives and is left with broken ribs, A punctured lung and possible blindness in one eye.
  2. Keegan Baker (December 2021) (Instigated) - Orders his far right group to attack Keegan, They do so and leave him for dead.

Note: It was confirmed in dialogue between Harvey and Aaron that Aaron and his group have attacked multiple people of different race/religion

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