Number 5 is a set of flats in Walford. It was redeveloped into flats by Jack Branning after his brother, Max Branning, was wrongly convicted of the murder of Lucy Beale.  


No 5 Albert Square was built in about 1890 along with the rest of Albert Square and suffered damage as a result of a bomb being dropped nearby. The house was vacated and propped up by supports for the next 50 years.

1985-1994 (squatted)

In 1985 the house had been vacant and derelict for 40 years. By January 1988 some drug users were squatting in the basement flat and were evicted by police in a dawn raid. In 1989, Donna Ludlow squatted there, but later dies at Dot's house after overdosing on Heroin and choking to death on her vomit. In late 1993, the teenage couple Aidan Brosnan and Mandy Salter squatted No. 5 for several months. Mandy and Aidan were later evicted and both left Walford separately after breaking up.


In January 1994, Richard Cole aka "Tricky Dicky" showed an interest in the old squat and over the coming months he had the house converted into flats, ending a 50 year period of the house being empty and occasionally inhabited by squatters. In June 1994, Sanjay Kapoor stayed in one of the flats but Cole did a bodged renovation as the flats had rats. Sanjay jokingly was compared to former Walford resident homeless Mandy Salter. After his past caught up with him in July 1994, Tricky fled the area never to be seen again. He later sold No. 5.

The house was then owned by Phil Mitchell who lived there with his wife Kathy and their son Ben. Kathy left for Africa and Phil then shared the housed with Jamie Mitchell and later Lisa Fowler.

When Phil moved into the The Queen Victoria with Sharon Rickman, Steve Owen became the new owner of No.5, later his wife Melanie Owen also moved in to live with him. It was then left unoccupied until Den Watts decided to buy it as his family home. When Den's family fell apart, Johnny Allen bought the property and lived there untill his death. His daughter Ruby inherited the house and later leased it to Max & Tanya Branning.

Jack Branning later bought the property and continued to lease it to Max & Tanya and and children Abi, Lauren and Oscar. Due to marital problems, Tanya moved out and took Oscar. It was only Max, Abi and Lauren who still lived there. Joey Branning, Cora Cross and Dexter Hartman occasionally stayed there.

In early 2014 Max bought the house off Jack and lived alone. Abi and Lauren moved to 1B Albert Square to live with Cora Cross and Dexter Hartman. As of July 2014 Abi and Lauren moved back into 5 Albert Square. Later in 2015 Abi moved to 55 Victoria Road with Ben Mitchell, Lauren went to New Zealand and Max later went to prison. Max fell behind on mortgage payments and lost the house.

2015-present (converted into flats)

In September 2015 the house is on the market and is being sold by Duncan Roe Estates. On 5 April 2016 it was sold at auction by Sheltons Auctioneers to Jack Branning for £575,000. It was redeveloped into flats.

In November 2016, Lee and Whitney Carter move into 5B. After Lee and Whitney's marriage breaks down Lee moves to Dover and Whitney moves back in to The Vic, leaving the flat empty. In August 2017 local high school teacher Gethin Pryce moves into 5B, but he moves out in November after his kiss with Bex Fowler is revealed. In January 2018 Jack shows new tenants round 5B and offers the flat to Masood Ahmed however he can't afford the deposit and moves into Number 41 with his family.

After Ruby Allen is raped, Stacey manages to get Jack to rent Ruby one of the flats in the house

In July 2019 after Rainie Branning stole £75,000 from Jack Branning's bank account. Jack offers 5C to be sold to Adam Bateman. Adam buys Jack's flat, £395,000.

Honey, Adam, Will and Janet move into the flat together, but Honey kicks Adam out after exposing his cheating ways. However, she soon moves out as well, since Adam owns the flat.

Suki , Kheerat , Vinny and Jags Panesar move into the basement flat after their plans to move into No. 31 fall through

In June 2020 Ruby Allen moves out to another location on the Square. During lockdown, Tiffany Butcher-Baker and Keegan Butcher-Baker move into 5B. In October 2020, Jags is sent to prison, therefore moving out of the flat.

In January 2021, Chelsea Fox convinces Jack to let her dad, Lucas Johnson, move into one of his flats so she can keep an eye on him. Lucas moves into 5D.





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