Number 55 "Pytchley" is a house along Victoria Road, Walford. The house backs onto Albert Square, Walford. The house is currently owned by Phil Mitchell. It wasn't until 1989 that a family was featured as living here in the series.


No 55 Victoria Road was built in about 1890 as Walford expanded as did the rest of suburban London.


From the show's inception it was never shown who was living here until June 1989, when it was mentioned that an old woman owned it, but had died, and had left the house to her grandaughter, Julie Cooper.


In June 1989 the Karim family (who had just bought First Til Last newsagents on Bridge Street) bought the house from Julie Cooper. They moved in and lived there until June 1990, when they moved to Bristol.

In 2006, the house was lived in by Ian, Jane, Lucy, Peter and Bobby Beale, along with their dog Chips. After Pauline Fowler dies, the Beales move to her house.

Michelle Fowler moves in with Phil Mitchell, Sharon Mitchell, Louise Mitchell, Ben Mitchell, Jay Brown and Dennis Rickman in December 2016 when she returns to the Square. Ben and Jay move to 18 Albert Square. Michelle leaves in April 2018 to see her children. 

In April 2019, Ben, Lola Pearce and Lexi Pearce move in. In September 2019, Louise and Keanu Taylor move to live with Mel Owen and Lisa Fowler. In December 2019, Phil kicks Sharon out of the house after discovering her affair with Keanu. Dennis dies in February 2020. Sharon moves back in, however she moves out again in June. In September 2020, Ben's boyfriend Callum Highway moves in. 

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