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55 Victoria Road ("Pytchley") is a house on Victoria Road, Walford. The house backs onto Albert Square. The house is currently owned by Kat Mitchell after Phil Mitchell signed everything over to her before going to prison for life but moved her and her family out again when she split with Phil. It wasn't until 1989 that a family was featured as living here in the series.


No 55 Victoria Road was built in about 1890 as Walford expanded as did the rest of suburban London.


From the show's inception it was never shown who was living here until June 1989, when it was mentioned that an old woman owned it, but had died, and had left the house to her granddaughter, Julie Cooper.


In June 1989 the Karim family (who had just bought First Til Last newsagents on Bridge Street) bought the house from Julie Cooper. They moved in and lived there until June 1990, when they moved to Bristol.

It was later bought by Rachel Kominski in 1990. Michelle Fowler lodged with her daughter, Vicki between 1991-95, as did Michelle's friend from university, Shelley Lewis in 1993-94, and Sharon Watts stayed for a while in May and June of 1995. She later became a tenant once again two decades later.

Michelle's brother Mark bought the house from Rachel in 1995. Mark then lived here with his wife Ruth, although they rented the property to Huw Edwards and Lenny Wallace from 1996-1997 to earn some extra money. During Huw and Lenny's tenancy, Alan Jackson stayed in the house, as did the singer Frankie Pierre. Mark and Ruth returned to the premises in 1997. Their foster daughter Jessie Moore lived with them for a brief period and after Mark and Ruth's marriage broke down Mark moved out and Louise Raymond lodged here with Ruth and so did Mark's cousin Conor Flaherty. Ruth moved to Scotland in February 1999 after having an affair with Conor and becoming pregnant by him.

In March 1999, Mark still felt unable to move back into the house because of the bad memories with Ruth so he allowed Huw, Lenny, Matthew and Robbie to stay there as they had just lost access to the squat at 47A Albert Square. Lisa Shaw moved in later in the year, followed by Sonia Jackson and her mother Carol.

Mark eventually moved back in to live with Lisa in March 2000. Garry Hobbs and his fiancée Lynne stayed for a while. Lisa and Phil's daughter Louise also lived with Mark and Lisa until Lisa got back with Phil. Mark went travelling in February 2003, so the house was left empty for a while.

The Ferreira family moved in, in 2003, but the house was repossessed and they were forced to move out a year later.

In 2006, the house was lived in by Ian Beale with wife Jane and children Lucy, Peter and Bobby Beale, along with their dog Chips. Ian's younger brother Ben stayed here when Ian brought him back from South Africa after his mother and stepfather were supposedly killed, but he later decided to live with his father, Phil at the Queen Vic. After Pauline Fowler died, Ian, Jane and the children moved into her house at 45 Albert Square, and the house was rented to Danny and Jess Fuller. The Fullers have since left Walford to be nearer their daughter's school, leaving the property empty. Denise and Kevin Wicks approached Ian about buying number 55, but Kevin died and Denise left, so doubtless that the arrangement has fallen through.

For a time, the occupants were unknown, although on 27 February 2009, Ian revealed he was renting the property again. In November 2010, Phil Mitchell bought the house and is now living there. In 2012, Ben was sent to prison for the murder of Heather Trott, Jay Brown was kicked out by Phil, and Shirley Carter left to spend time with her daughter, leaving Phil living there on his own. He then discovers that Lexi Pearce, Lola's daughter, is also his granddaughter and when social services take Lexi away, Phil applies to foster her and successfully wins, so she comes and lives with Phil. In May 2013, Lola wins full custody of Lexi, so she leaves Phil's house. In September 2013, Phil's cousin Ronnie Mitchell is released from prison and moves in with Phil while he recovers from his crash. When Shirley returns to Walford with her sister Tina Carter, Phil allows them to stay, but later tells them to leave. Roxy Mitchell moves back in with her daughter Amy Mitchell after Alfie Moon ends their short marriage - but they later move back out. In 2015, Ben's girlfriend Abi moves in. Sharon and Dennis moved into Ronnie's in April 2016, as she and Phil had split up. Abi moved to Dot's in April because she and Ben split up. Louise Mitchell moved in with Phil in April as well because her mum, Lisa kicked her out. Phil kicked Jay out in after he was wrongly convicted of being a paedophile. Sharon and Phil reunited in May and she and Dennis moved back in. Roxy moved back into the house in June 2016 after giving the lease up on her flat. After Jay returned to Walford after being left homeless for several weeks, Sharon invited him to move back in. In January 2017, Roxy dies at Ronnie and Jack's Wedding and later in January, Michelle Fowler moves in the house. In February, Phil and Sharon decide to take an extended holiday in Italy. Sharon soon returns to Walford, but Phil remains in Italy. Ben and Jay move into 18 Albert Square in March. Phil eventually returns in August 2017 and moves back into the house and in April 2018, Michelle leaves Walford.

During 2019, Louise’s boyfriend Keanu Taylor moves in although they later move out to live with her mum Lisa Fowler. And after the discovery of Sharon’s affair with Keanu, Phil throws her out. Ben, Lola Pearce and Lexi later move in, although Dennis is killed in a boat accident in February 2020. Sharon briefly moves back until her and Phil split up again in June. In September 2020, Ben's boyfriend Callum Highway moves in. In May 2021, after their wedding, Ben and Callum move out when Ben chooses Callum over Phil. Billy Mitchell also moves in after becoming homeless. In September 2021, a devastating fire occurs at the house after Janine Butcher has a row with Tommy Moon and Scarlett Butcher which ends in Janine throwing Scarlett's jumper on to the burners in the kitchen. Scarlett escapes the fire safely but Janine and Tommy were trapped in the house. Right before Janine lowers Tommy to safety out of the window, a massive explosion occurs leaving Tommy dangling on the window sill. Tommy eventually loses his grip and falls to the ground.

In November 2021, the house is repaired after the fire and Kat Slater is allowed to decide on the new decorations in the house as she will move in with Phil when it is complete. When the house was completed, the rest of the Slaters later move in with Phil after they were evicted offscreen by their landlord Suki Panesar. Stacey, Eve, Jean and the kids move back to No.31 in 2022 though, with Kat and her kids joining them briefly. When Phil is away in late 2022, Alfie Moon moves in temporarily but later leaves when Phil returns.

In 2023, Phil invites Will Mitchell and Janet Mitchell stay there to give Lola some space while she lives out her last days.




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