45 Albert Square (Rosedene) is a house on Albert Square, Walford. It is the home of the Beale family and also was once the home of the Fowler family. It is also the scene where Lucy Beale was murdered.


In 1935, newlyweds Albert Beale and Lou Beale moved into No. 45 Albert Square. The previous occupants are unknown. From 1936 to 1945, Lou and Albert had several children. In 1988, Pauline and Arthur Fowler inherited the house from Lou, after she died.

In 2006, after Pauline passed away, Martin inherited the house on the condition that he separates from Sonia. Martin stayed with Sonia so Ian inherited the house. He later moved into the home with his loving 4th wife Jane Beale and his 3 children Peter BealeLucy Beale and Bobby Beale.

Jane left Ian and Peter left Walford. Not long after Lucy left and it was only Bobby and Ian left. One year after Lucy left Walford, Ian fell in love with Mandy Salter and she moved in. In January 2012, Lucy returned to Walford and found out that he was getting married to Mandy. Before their wedding, Ian kicked Lucy out and then Mandy decided to leave. Lucy moved back in and Ian was so devastated that he left Walford without telling anyone.

Lucy was left in charge of all the business, the home and the bills. There was a newcomer into Walford. It was Derek Branning’s estranged son, Joey. He helped out Lucy after what Derek had been doing to him. In the end, Lucy asked Joey to move in.

Ian was found and returned to Walford. Lucy would not let him in and after a couple of weeks of living with the Mitchells, Lucy allowed him to move back in on one condition, that he signed everything over to her. Ian then signed everything over to her on August 14, 2012 (premiered 17/08/2012). Ian took back the ownership of the businesses and the Beales' property empire in 2013. He is the owner of the house.

Births and Deaths


Name Year
Beth Williams August 2014


Name Year Cause
Lou Beale July 1988. She died of natural causes.
Ethel Skinner September 2000 She had terminal cancer and Dot Cotton assisted her suicide by giving her an overdose.
Joe Macer January 2007 He was holding Dot Branning captive, Jim Branning rushes through the door and results in Joe falling back and crashing out of a window.
Lucy Beale April 2014 She was murdered by her 10 year old half-brother, Bobby Beale, when he hit her over the head with her jewellery box. However, Bobby was unaware that he had killed her and her stepmother, Jane, moved her body to Walford Common.


Current Residents

Name Years
Kathy Beale 2015-
Bobby Beale 2007-2016, 2019-
Peter Beale 2007-2015, 2020-

Past Residents

Name Years
Lou Beale Prior to 1985-1988
Pauline Fowler 1945-2006
Pete Beale 1945-prior to 1985
Arthur Fowler Prior to 1985-1996
Mark Fowler 1968-1985
Michelle Fowler 1969-1986
Martin Fowler 1985-2007
Vicki Fowler 1986, 2003,
Sonia Jackson 2006-2007
Rebecca Fowler 2006-2007
Lucy Beale 2007-2014
Mandy Salter 2011-2012
Denise Fox 2013-2014
Patrick Trueman 2014
Beth Williams 2014-2015
Cindy Williams 2013-2015
Steven Beale 2007-2008, 2016-2017
Jane Beale 2007-11, 2014-2017
Lauren Branning 2016-2018
Louie Beale 2016-2018
Sharon Watts 2019-2020
Ian Beale 2007-2020
Ben Mitchell 2019-2020
Lola Pearce 2019-2020
Lexi Pearce 2019-2020



Interior Downstairs

Interior upstairs


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