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45 Albert Square (Rosedene) is a semi-detached house on Albert Square, Walford. It is the home of the Beale family and also was once the home of the Fowler family (a branch of the Beale family tree). It is where Lucy Beale was murdered. The house has an excellent vantage point being on the corner of Albert Square and Bridge Street with the front entrance in the former and the rear in the latter. Next to the house on the Bridge Street side is the Cafe and across the road is the Queen Victoria, with the Beale Fruit and Veg stall outside.

No 45 is architecturally interesting; unlike the other houses of the same style on the Square, the staircase leads from a doorway in the back room and up to the front of the house, rather than from the hallway pointing backwards. No 43 was also like this at the beginning of the series (but the staircase was exposed rather than behind a wall and accessed by a doorway).

In the 1980s, the house still retained its "outside privy" which was accessed by the back (kitchen) door.

A loft conversion was completed in 2015 creating further bedroom space and then later the two downstairs rooms were knocked through to create a larger reception space.

When EastEnders returned following the first 2020 Lockdown, a mural had been painted on the Bridge Street side of No 45 in tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.


In 1935, newlyweds Albert Beale and Lou Beale moved into No. 45 Albert Square. The previous occupants are unknown. From 1936 to 1945, Lou and Albert had several children. In 1988, Pauline and Arthur Fowler inherited the house from Lou, after she died.

In 2006, after Pauline passed away, Martin inherited the house on the condition that he separated from Sonia. Martin stayed with Sonia so Ian inherited the house who moved in with his 4th wife Jane Beale and his 3 children Peter BealeLucy Beale and Bobby Beale.

Jane left Ian and Peter left Walford. Not long after Lucy left and it was only Bobby and Ian left. One year after Lucy left Walford, Ian fell in love with Mandy Salter and she moved in. In January 2012, Lucy returned to Walford and found out that he was getting married to Mandy. Before their wedding, Ian kicked Lucy out and then Mandy decided to leave. Lucy moved back in and Ian was so devastated that he left Walford without telling anyone.

Lucy was left in charge of all the business, the home and the bills. There was a newcomer into Walford. It was Derek Branning’s estranged son, Joey. He helped out Lucy after what Derek had been doing to him. In the end, Lucy asked Joey to move in.

Ian was found and returned to Walford. Lucy would not let him in and after a couple of weeks of living with the Mitchells, Lucy allowed him to move back in on one condition, that he signed everything over to her. Ian then signed everything over to her on August 14, 2012 (premiered 17/08/2012). Ian took back the ownership of the businesses and the Beales' property empire in 2013. He is the owner of the house. He begins a short-lived relationship with Denise Fox and she moves into the house, along with Patrick Trueman after he suffers a stroke. The two later go their separate ways. Ian's stepdaughter Cindy Williams Jr also moves back to Walford, and Ian allows her to stay with him.

Jane returns to the Square in 2014, and her and Ian reconcile their relationship. However later in the year, Lucy is murdered by Bobby, causing a breakdown of the family. Peter leaves the Square with his girlfriend Lauren Branning and their son Louie Beale, as well as Cindy who moves to Germany with Liam Butcher. Ian's mum, Kathy Beale is revealed to be alive when she returns to the Square in 2015. Ian allows Kathy to stay with him after learning the reasons as to why she faked her death.

In 2016, Bobby is finally arrested for murdering Lucy, so he leaves the Square. As well as this, Ian's estranged stepson Steven returns along with his girlfriend (and his brother Peters ex) Lauren and her son Louie. they all move in to 45. Jane and Ian separate in 2017, and Jane leaves the Square. Steven dies in late 2017, and Lauren and Louie once again leave, making Ian and Kathy the only residents in 45.

Ian's brother Ben Mitchell returns to the Square in 2019 with his daughter Lexi Pearce, and her mother Lola, and Ian and Kathy allow them to stay. Bobby is released from prison and Ian allows him back into the house upon seeing how much he has changed. Ben and his family move in with his father Phil, after Phil's wife Sharon Watts cheats on him. Ian, being Sharon's best friend, allows her to move in with him, as Phil has kicked her out. Peter moves back in to Number 45 in 2020.

In June 2020, Ian buys The Queen Victoria for him and Sharon, and they move there, along with Sharon's son Albie. Ian later runs away from the Square after numerous things come out about him.

In 2021, Bobby's girlfriend Dana Monroe briefly moves in to get away from her father and brother. Kathy's boyfriend Tom Cotton also moves in, however Kathy chucks him out when she finds out he was faking his identity. The two reconcile in 2022, and Tom moves back in. Peter also leaves the Square again, after falling out with Kathy. Later in the year, Tom's niece Dotty Cotton moves in when Sonia evicts her. However after failing to inherit 25 Albert Square in her grandma, Dot Cotton's will, she leaves to Square. In 2023, Freddie Slater briefly moves in when there is a carbon monoxide leak at 31 Albert Square.

In June 2023, Tom and Kathy take in Tom’s old parrot, Jasper and he moves into the property. After Cindy Beale returns from the dead with Ian and Peter, Ian tells Kathy she doesn’t get to decide who lives there as it’s his house, and that Cindy is staying wether she likes it or not. Kathy refuses to live in the same house as her, so her, Tom, Bobby and Jasper move into 25 Albert Square, and Peter and Cindy move in with Ian. Months later, Cindy, Ian and Kathy bury the hatchet and everyone moves into the house together. In December, Tom is arrested for arson on Kathy’s cafe and moves out, leaving Jasper behind.

In January 2024, Louie Beale returns to the square with Penny Branning, however, his mother Lauren is arrested after Penny places drugs she had to move in Lauren’s bag. Because of this, Louie stays at the house with Peter.

Births and Deaths[]


Name Year
Beth Williams August 2014


Name Year Cause
Lou Beale July 1988. She died of natural causes.
Ethel Skinner September 2000 She had terminal cancer and Dot Cotton assisted her suicide by giving her an overdose.
Joe Macer January 2007 He was holding Dot Branning captive, Jim Branning rushes through the door and results in Joe falling back and crashing out of a window.
Lucy Beale April 2014 She was murdered by her 10 year old half-brother, Bobby Beale, when he hit her over the head with her jewellery box. However, Bobby was unaware that he had killed her and her stepmother, Jane, moved her body to Walford Common.




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