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Number 41 Albert Square is a house in Albert Square, Walford. It is currently owned by Masood Ahmed but he is currently letting it out.


In between 1985 and 1993 the residents of this house were never seen or mentioned.

Frank Butcher bought the house in 1993 and lived here with his wife Pat and daughter Janine until 1994 when he ran away because of the Car Lot fire. Pat's son David moved here in December 1993 and lived here until autumn 1996 when he moved into 3C with son Joe. Ricky Butcher lived at 41 on and off in the mid 1990s and his sister Diane stayed briefly in 1994 when visiting from France. In 1995, Pat started dating and later married Roy Evans and he came to live with Pat along with his son, Barry. Natalie came to live with and marry Barry in 1999. Roy Evans died of a heart attack in the house in 2003 and shortly afterwards, Barry threw Pat out as he blamed her for Roys death. Barry remained at no.41 until his death at the hands of Janine in early 2004. Janine took advantage of Barry's grief over Roy's death and pretended to be in love with him and came to live with him. After Barry died, Janine inherited the house but was arrested a few months later for Laura Beale's death.

The next tenants were the Moon family - Alfie, Spencer, Nana, Jake and Danny. Nana Moon died in the house Christmas 2005. Shortly afterwards, Alfie leaves Walford with Kat Slater.

In 2006, Ruby Allen, Sean and Stacey Slater and Bradley Branning briefly live here.

The Masood family move in in 2007.

In September 2016 Masood Ahmed leaves for a around the world trip and lets his house out. In October 2016 Carmel Kazemi signs a lease to rent the house out. In 2018, Masood moves his Aunty Mariam Ahmed and Uncle Arshad Ahmed in and lives with them. When Masood travels, Mariam and Arshad are joined by Habiba Ahmed and Iqra Ahmed. Mariam and Arshad later leave the square for Pakistan, and Iqra moves in her girlfriend Ash Panesar. Tina Carter moves in during lockdown 2020, however she is kicked out by Ash in November 2020. Habiba leaves the square in October 2020 after Iqra fails to choose between her and Ash. In 2021 Iqra moves in her new girlfriend Mila Marwa, who are soon joined by her sister Kioni Marwa when their mother is sent to prison.

In January 2022 Iqra manages to get her dream job. However it's located in Bristol which means she has to move. A few weeks later, when Mila and Iqra gain full custody of Kioni, both Mila and Kioni head to Bristol to join Iqra, leaving 41 empty.

In August 2022, Kheerat Panesar begins renting the property for him, Ash, and Vinny Panesar, so they can get away from their mother, Suki Panesar. Vinny's girlfriend Dotty Cotton also moves in with the siblings, however Vinny evicts her when they break up in September, and Dotty later leaves in December. When their father, Nish Panesar, is released from his 20 year prison stretch, his moves in to Number 41. Nish insists that the family should all be under one roof, so instructs his estranged wife, Suki, to move in. She complies, and moves into Number 41 in October. In November, she is arrested for the murder of Ranveer Gulati however, aware that his mum wouldn't cope in prison, Kheerat confesses to the murder and is arrested, leaving the Square for prison.

In 2023, Ash is offered her dream job in Canada, and accepts this time, moving out of the property again. In May 2023, Davinder "Nugget" Gulati mentions that he smells of wet paint because the house is being repainted, referring to a refurbishment of the Panesar residence.


There has been one death within this residence.




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